Arduino Tinkering

I spent the extra long weekend tinkering with my Arduino modules, getting myself satisfaction now and then, and disappointments sometimes. One of the modules that got me busy was the PIR sensor. I got 5 pcs of it online some time ago. Only lately did I have time to tinker with it. As with a… Continue reading Arduino Tinkering

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2020 Post

It’s been a year, probably even more, from my last lone post last year. It’s time to break off the ice and the lethargic energy around this blog and get it going once again. A few plugins had to go as it has caused a few headaches during the transitions from one version to another… Continue reading 2020 Post

2019 Post

So, this is just a little post I coughed up after updating my wordpress to the latest version. Nothing special. Just a few surprises here. I found that wordpress has come a long way since my last sortie in it. New features. Faster? Ummm… I can’t decide yet. Gotta do some exploring first. Right now,… Continue reading 2019 Post

Smule Sing! System Gaming Rant

This is just my rant, a way to let off some steam, regarding the way smule is gamed by smulers desperate for empty recognition of their singing skills.