3 Key Things to Keep in Mind before Going Wireless

With the rate at which people are starting to use the wireless internet every day, and with the kind of comfort it provides it can be a pretty smart decision to start using it yourself. The wireless internet sure has a lot of strong points, but it is also very important to be clear about some of the dangers that can come with using it.

Obviously, you can take some steps to make your wireless network even secure, but you need to realize the problems that come with using it first, and this article will be listing 3 of them.

There can be Speed and Latency Problems

The first problem you might experience as a wireless internet user is latency problems. Latency is like the time it takes for your data to be delivered to the intended server. In other words, your computer might be able to download files at a very large rate, but how long does it take to deliver information to another server? With a good internet connection it will be instantly. I’m not trying to say every wireless internet has latency problems, but since wireless networks can be affected by a lot of things such as the location, the frequency and a lot more, it is important to realize that it is more prone to latency problems. The solution in this case will be to look for a way to get closer to the server, or to use a proxy server that can help you solve the problem.

Your Network and Computer is Vulnerable to Hacking Attempts

Another danger that comes with connecting to the internet wirelessly is that your network and computer is vulnerable to hacking attempts. There are a lot of hackers online waiting for the next computer to test their skills on, but they won’t be able to do that unless they discover that computer. This kind of problem can easily be avoided with the cable internet or with any other form of wired internet connection due to the fact that there is no way to access your computer besides using it directly, but the wireless network makes your network and computer available to everyone.

You can prevent this kind of problem from happening by installing a firewall, and by restricting your network signals so that not just anybody will be able to connect to it.

There Can be Constant Signal Problems and Instability

The final problem you might experience with your wireless network is in relation to network signals and stability. Wireless signals can be affected by almost anything these days; ranging from a very heavy wind to the block of buildings standing in your way, and in most cases it can be very difficult to solve problems like this. The key to help you solve this kind of problem is by getting closer to the wireless router, or by looking for a way to boost your wireless signal.

This guest article is written by Paul T, an expert that believes in the importance of choosing the right wireless internet plans.[/tip]