3 Ways I work on Improving my Coupon Blog

Improvement is one thing everybody talks of, in business, education and everything you can literally think of. As a blogger, working on improvement surrounds a lot of things. Starting from page loading time to search engine optimization and giving your users quality on your blog, you have a lot to work and improve on. Today’s article is not going to be talking about the SEO, SERPs and monetization aspect of blogging. Rather, it’s going to be talking about some basic ways I made improvements to my coupon blog where I feature weight watchers discounts and diet to go coupons.

Following are ways I make improvements to my coupon blog and I hope you learn something useful from it.

By Providing Helpful and Interesting Articles

As a blogger you always strive to get articles published on your blog repeatedly and on a consistent pace. And that’s the soul of entrepreneurship. Many bloggers post as much as 5 to 10 articles on their blogs every day. That’s not a bad thing. If you can write good quality articles and can write up to ten of them every day, by all means publish them on your blog.

But the side effect of doing this is that many of these articles lose their quality. While you may not be able to judge the quality of articles one writes based off the quantity the person does daily, it’s easy to write crappy articles when struggling to produce too many articles at once.

But then, there are bloggers that publish close to 12 articles on their blogs daily without the quality suffering. What I focus on when writing my blog posts is the value it provides to those reading them.

By Using My Coupon Blog to Promote the Right Products

If you are blogging and you are marketing the wrong products to your audience, I bet you can still make use of working to improve on that. There are often some occasions when I notice that the products I’m marketing to my readers might not do well in sales, and then I’d work towards getting the right products to them.

What are your audience looking for on your blog? What are the things you advocate on your blog? Are they getting what they want you to feature on your blog from you? If you answered “no” to any of these questions, you can work on improving your blog by getting them the right products.

Engaging With my Readers

Another way I always work on improving my coupon blog is by engaging with my readers. Readers engagement is very crucial in blogger, and your blog could succeed or lose its readers based on how engaged you are with your readers. You can always keep your readers engaged by replying to comments, by asking trivial questions just to make them feel among.

You should also allow your readers give suggestions – like what title should you next blog post be, on what theme could you blog about and so on. This way, your readers will know you value them.

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