How to Install Pagepeel in WordPress Update

An update to an earlier article called “How to Install PagePeel in WordPress”. This time, it details the installation of a different pagepeel plugin.

In an earlier post called “How to Install PagePeel in WordPress“, I presented a detailed elaboration on the procedures for installing Pagepeel in wordpress. I also noted that I’m still tweaking the codes further because I am not satisfied with the current setup in my test site (i.e. I don’t want the page to peel automatically on loading).

Well, I was about to give the pagepeel codes a go at tweaking again, when I stumbled upon another set of codes similar to pagepeel. This one needs fewer code modifications and works the way it should, at least for me. That is, it has no automatic onLoad opening feature. I found this in another one of my ‘how to install pagepeel in wordpress’ sorties in google. Again, let me lay out the steps I took to make it work. Please find the download links of the ‘peel’ plugin below.

After the usual unzipping procedures, I editted the following lines in the peel.js file:

  • jaaspeel.ad_url = escape(‘http://localhost/wpflexir/?page_id=2’);
  • jaaspeel.small_path = ‘http://localhost/wpflexir/peel/small.swf’;
  • jaaspeel.small_image = escape(‘http://localhost/wpflexir/peel/small.jpg’);
  • jaaspeel.big_path = ‘http://localhost/wpflexir/peel/large.swf’;
  • jaaspeel.big_image = escape(‘http://localhost/wpflexir/peel/large.jpg’);

The jaaspeel.ad_url variable functions the same ways as the jumpTo variable in the the previous ‘How to Install PagePeel in WordPress‘ article. Replace the “http://localhost/wpflexir” portions with your site’s url. Please note that the small.jpg and large.jpg included in the download are blank image files. You need to paste into it the images you want to appear in your peel feature.

Once the peel.js editting is done, create a ‘peel’ folder in your site’s root directory and upload the files (large.jpg, large.swf, peel.js, small.jpg, small.swf) into it.

Then, access your wordpress admin page and edit the theme’s header.php file to reflect the following lines just before the <body> tag.

<script src="http://localhost/wpflexir/peel/peel.js" 

Again, replace “http://localhost/wpflexir” with your site’s url. And that’s it.

Please download the peel files here. The peel author at also offerred a ‘troubleshoot‘ version as well as the flash source files for download.

Now, this would have been perfect for me. However I noticed that the animation is kinda choppy. And there seems to be no code to tweak in the peel.js file regarding the speed of the animation. I concluded that perhaps it’s in the .fla files. This time I may have to venture into flash code editting to really get the effect I wanted. Now, if I’m still in first grade in PHP, where am I in Flash? Kindergarten?

A Mother’s Musings About Laughter

A mother contemplates on laughter and how laughter should be a responsibility and not just a privilege.

I recall the past years, especially the past few years prior to my retirement, when I lived by myself because all my children are all married and lived somewhere else with their families.

Contributor: Erlinda O. Moralde

There’s my small room where I contemplated my rather boring life after I’m done with my office work. Inspite of that uninteresting part of my life, there was a feeling of contentment and peace in me. However, when I hear mirthful laughter in the adjacent rooms, I realized that I must be missing a lot in my life.

  • The human race has only one really effective weapon and that is laughter” – Mark Twain.
  • Laughter is the best medicine“.
  • The most wasted of all days is one without laughter” – E.E. Cummings.
  • At the height of laughter, the universe is flung into a kaleidoscope of new possibilities” – Jean Houston.
  • Mirth is God’s medicine. Everybody ought to bathe in it” – Henry Ward Beecher.
  • Laughter is an instant vacation” – Milton Berle.

These sayings floated playfully around me as I continued my musing. I could not remember the last time I laughed out loudly and without reserve with my family. Of course, I do laugh mirthfully in the office. I make sure that everyone gets a dose of laughter everyday by cracking out jokes. Laughter takes the boredom and stress away from the work place. It lightens up the office like a light bulb. I missed those days now that I’m retired.

I realized that although I have a happy family, we are not the kind who laugh together often. I realized that I should have made family laughter a regular and serious undertaking. I should have made my family a family who LOL (laugh out loud) together everyday.

Well, it’s not too late. As a full-time grandmother, I get to see and take care of 8 chortling, twittering, giggly grandchildren who make my golden age literally golden. Even now as I am writing this, a smile begins to form in my face as I recall the kids. Given the chance, I’d build a big place for them where we can play and laugh together to our hearts’ content. And I am going to make sure that we will never be wanting in laughter together everyday.

For me, laughter is not a privilege, it’s a responsibility.

How to Install PagePeel in WordPress

The pagepeel or sometimes called peel away or some other name, is that interesting feature you see usually located in the upper right corner of a webpage in a lot of websites. This serves usually as a clickable link to an advertised product.

The moment I saw those pageears in some leading websites, I immediately reacted with “I want those in my site too”. I immediately searched out for codes or plugins related to this. I found a lot of commercial ones but I also found some free versions which are as good as the commercial ones. When I started tinkering with it, I have to search out in google the “how to install pagepeel in wordpress” phrase because the instructions in the download page were still fuzzy to me. In the end, after collecting several tips from all over, I sat down to experiment with it myself.

The pagepeel as it appears on
The pagepeel as it appears on

First, I just simply followed the instructions which came with the downloaded zip file. Eventually I had to resort to trial and error to get the thing to work.

How to Install PagePeel In WordPress: The Procedures

  1. After downloading the pagepeel (also known as pageear or peel away) zip file, I unzipped it into my harddisk. (Note: The download link is given at the end of this article).
  2. Since I was just in the testing phase, I left the 2 image files as they are. That is, I used them uneditted. The images remained uneditted to this day in the test site i put them in.
  3. I editted the pageear.js file using wordpad. I could have used Dreamweaver to make things easier and quicker, but I was in the mood for taking the long hard way at the moment. The following lines were the ones changed into its present form:
    • var pagearSmallImg = ‘’;
    • var pagearSmallSwf = ‘’;
    • var pagearBigImg = ‘’;
    • var pagearBigSwf = ‘’;
    • var jumpTo = ‘’;
    • var openOnLoad = 1;
    • var closeOnLoad = 1;
    • var setDirection = ‘lt’;

    The first 4 variables are just references to the necessary files. The jumpTo variable points to the page you want the visitor to go after clicking on the pagepeel. The ‘1’ in openOnLoad tells it to automatically open pagepeel 1 second after loading, and closeOnLoad closes it 1 second afterwards. This way, the visitor can’t help but notice it, yet it happens just long enough not to annoy him/her. The setDirection’s ‘lt’ value is something you don’t see very often. Most websites set this to ‘rt’ to install pagepeel in the usual upper-right most corner of the page. Just for the heck of it, I placed it in the upper-left most corner.

  4. I then uploaded pageear.js, AC_OETags.js and the 2 image files into the test subdomain I created just for this, under a folder I called ‘pagepeel’. Thus the files are now located in ‘’.
  5. Then I accessed my test site’s wordpress admin page and editted the theme’s header.php and footer.php (e.g. click on the ‘Editor’ link under the ‘Appearance’ box and click on ‘Header(header.php) to display its code).In the header.php file, I located the <body> tag and inserted the following code lines right before it:

    <script src="">
    <script src="" 

    In the footer.php file, I located the closing </body> tag and inserted the following codes right before it:

    <script type="text/javascript">

That’s it!

Now, why is this pagepeel feature not installed in this site? I had installed it in my test subdomain, obviously for testing purposes and I have not installed it here because I have yet to make further tweakings to make it work the way I want it to. Perhaps some knowledgeable folks out there can help me here. I tried “openOnLoad = ‘false’;”, no joy; “openOnLoad = ‘off’;”, doesn’t work either. The present setup opens and closes automatically in the onLoad event. But I prefer to not let it do that because I believe this only looks impressive for first time visitors but irritating to returning or frequent visitors. The solution is probably very simple. But as I’m not so well-versed in PHP, it might take some time for me to figure this out, but I will.

Although this particular article is not as good as I want it to be, this is the kind of article format and content I would have wanted to see when I first searched for “how to install pagepeel in wordpress”. Like I said, being not so php savvy, I need to be given all the steps to take, not just given clues like I’m some algebra freshman.

Get the pagepeel files here.

Getting My EON Card and My Paypal Verification

How I got my very own eon card and my paypal account verified. We have our share of easy and smooth application processes. This however doesn’t happen all the time.

Getting my EON card

I just went to the nearest Unionbank and applied for an EON Card. The requirements for eon card application are just 2 valid IDs. Thus I photocopied my Civil Engineering Licence ID and my Driver’s ID and attached it to the application form. On handing the papers back to the unionbank employee, I asked her how long it would take to have my EON card processed. She said getting my EON card would take around 2 weeks and that I need to just call every now and then to check if it is ready for pickup.

About 9 days later, my wife called Unionbank to check on my EON card. It’s ready for pickup! Wow, in less than 2 weeks, I got my card in my hand! After paying the EON card fee to the teller and depositing a few bucks (only the card fee is required, the deposit is in preparation for my Paypal verification), I was handed my card. I literally kissed the card on its lips when I got ahold of it the first time. Lips? Ok, ok, I took a second look and I discovered it’s actually an eye (that background picture over which the card numbers are written). Anyway, thing is, I never thought getting my EON card could make me this ecstatic.

I proudly waved my hot new EON card to everyone back at the office. I think everyone felt happy for me except for one young lady who reacted with angry fumes spurting out her nose and ears. Turns out she had applied for an EON card a month and a half ago and couldn’t get it even up to now. Frequent calls and visits proved ‘no joy’ as the Unionbank employee told her it probably is still being processed. One even told her that she has “no choice but to wait”. As to how getting my EON card was a breeze while hers was a storm, I have no clue. She is now researching for other banks that could provide her with a surefire paypal verification solution.

The Paypal Verification

So, the next thing I did was to enroll for a Unionbank’s online account so that I could access information about my EON, card such as remaining balance and transactions made, online. Afterwards, I accessed my paypal account and started the paypal verification process. Paypal responded with an email telling me to access my EON card online account to check out the 4-digit paypal code after 3 to 5 days. I am supposed to enter this 4-digit paypal code later to be finally verified.

The online EON account is supposed to take effect after 24 hours, but even after the 5th day, I still couldn’t access my account. It keeps telling me to ‘enter a valid user ID or number’, or something. I gave it another couple of days. Still the same thing happened. So I emailed unionbank support about my problem. I emailed them 5 times in a span of three weeks. All I got are auto-responses and some neutral and inconclusive replies from their support staff. Finally I called them up by phone. Again, it took 2 phone calls to finally get some proper answer to my problem. Turns out that the only problem is that my username is a bit too long (about 20 letters), and that 4-digit paypal code is actually just the expuse number. Actually I knew about the expuse number but Paypal’s email said about a “4-digit paypal code for the charge” they made to my account. The charge was that $1.95 temporary withdrawal they made from my account. So I thought Paypal must have upgraded from expuse number to this 4-digit paypal charge code. Silly me.

Paypal Code for Verifying EON Card

paypal verification for eon card

Once you have enrolled with an EON online account, (after 2 days) you can access it. You’ll find your expuse number or code like the one shown above. That’s the number you input for your verfication with paypal.

Thus, the planned birth of my very first website/blog was postponed by about a month because I needed the card and paypal verification to purchase my domain name and webhosting.

And everything ran smoothly ever after.

Abused Women

All around the world a lot of abused women suffer a sad fate. Most of them keep their ordeals a secret. Why?

My wife used to work under the Gender and Development Department at the City Hall before she moved to the Assessor’s Office. Every now and then, I visit her at her office and sometimes get to see complainants, abused women, seeking assistance, emotionally voicing out their sad stories while my wife took notes and sympathetically coaching them to tell all. Sometimes, the bruises on their faces requires no further explanation.

Aside from entertaining complainants in their office, they also schedule trips to remote places to hold seminars geared to inform everyone that there is help, through a government program, for victims of abuse, be they wives, husbands, or children. It is surprising that there just are some people who simply choose to endure and be silent about their ordeal even though they know they can seek assistance and security outside.

A Safe Place, a multi-faceted organization committed to providing help to abused women and children, provides the following US statistics in their website:

  • 7% of women are physically abused by their partners; while a whooping 37% are verbally or emotionally abused.
  • A woman is physically abused by her husband every 9 seconds.
  • 7% to 26% of pregnant women are abused.
  • 42% of murdered women are killed by their intimate partners.

And this shows only the reported and recorded ones. There is a possibility that the unreported cases are greater than the reported ones.

Why are there unreported cases? Let’s take one common pattern. A woman comes complaining about abuses she experienced very recently, accusing her husband of physically and emotionally hurting her. So, the government office concerned promptly prepares her case for filing and processing. A day or two later, the complainant retracts her statements and cancels the filed complaint. She says she and her husband have patched things up and are in good terms now. She says she loves her husband and her husband has promised not to do it again.

Love conquers all. Abused women who do not report their ordeals are either so in love (believing that they or some miracle could somehow cause their partners to change in the future), or more likely, are trapped in fear. Fear of further physical injury, fear of an uncertain future without their husbands. Shame also plays into the picture, feeling like it’s their fault they got into this kind of marriage. These factors block them from seeking help or assistance.

This link tells of a story about an Asian woman, who speaks little English, who married an American and was brought to America, and became trapped.

Hard to believe it may seem but this area is not necessarily monopolized by women. Not very often, a male subject comes in asking for help and filing a case against his wife for battering him. Emotional and verbal abuse, I don’t have trouble believing immediately, but when he says his wife made him some sort of a human punching and kicking bag, I can almost see the thought cloud on top of everyone’s head that says ‘unbelievable’… but it happens. Even my wife who has entertained cases such as these (men seeking assistance) cannot help but suppress a smile of disbelief every time she interviews this kind of ‘victim’.

For a list of help resources, please refer to SAFE’s website. Here you’ll see links for assistance on these matters whether you’re in Ireland, The Philippines, or wherever your country may be. And these covers everyone… abused women, children, men, straight, gay.
Several stories of abused women,,181942_654729,00.html
On a slightly different node: Wives who killed their husbands

Webhost for my first website: Lunarpages

It’s my first website/blog ever. I need a webhost that can meet my expectations. I don’t want to make mistakes. After all, webhosting is a per-year affair. Which webhosts should I choose among the thousands out there?

Just as I was very thorough in researching for a domain registrar, I similarly did quite a load of research into my choice of webhost for my first website. Like I always say, I don’t want to make a hurried choice which might lead to stupid regrets later. Thus, off I dived into the ocean of information, or should I say a huge haystack of information. This time, the haystack has several needles in it and my goal is to search for the best needle that would serve me best for my weaving.

Yes, I took notes, I made a list with 2 additional columns for pros and cons, and acted out the whole regimen of exercises that one does when one is faced with a lot of choices and options. Of course the final page of the bunch of notes resulting from my research contained the final conclusion: “Webhost for my first website: Lunarpages”.

Even though I had seen and analyzed a lot of webhosting companies earlier, my first cursory scanning of Lunarpages’ offerings alone kept me glued there and made me forget about the rest. You know why?lunarpagesimg While the majority of webhosts are trying to keep you confined within specific space and bandwidth limits designed to maximize their profits, Lunarpages gives you total freedom. Unlimited space. Unlimited bandwidth. Who can top that? Not only that. They give you all that for a crazy low price of $4.95/month!

The question arises: How can a company afford to give unlimited space and bandwidth? Well, if you really want to know, this is your chance to test how Lunarpages Support deals with queries, both from their clients or non-clients. Go to Lunarpages and ask.

The other juicy add-ons to their service are the following:

  • Free domain name. (For the first year only. After the first year, you pay an annual fee of $12.95 for the domain name.)*
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited bandwith
  • unlimited domain hosting
  • unlimited subdomains
  • unlimited parked domains
  • unlimited MySQL
  • $775 free bonuses
  • POP3/SMTP included
  • email accounts unlimited
  • email forwarding unlimited
  • email autoresponders unlimited
  • webmail 2 types included
  • mailing list included
  • spam protection included
  • ecommerce included
  • Free Web Scripts:
    • Fantastico Script Library included
    • Blogs 3 included
    • Content Management 6 included
    • SMF Forum included
    • Guest Book included
    • Web site templates included
    • etc.
  • Media Support:
    • Flash support included
    • MIDI file support included
    • REal Media Audio & Video support included
    • etc.…

I am now into my first months with Lunarpages. Support is prompt and very friendly. Any future additional websites of mine shall certainly be hosted by them. Recently, I ventured into creating a subdomain: Another first. All in all, I am perfectly contented with Lunarpages as my webhost for my first website.

*Some webhosts offer free domain name for life. That is, as long as you continue having them as your webhost, your domain is free.

How to install wordpress on a subdomain

How to install wordpress on a subdomain. Doing anything using the CPanel should be very easy. There are just some things that you may be uncertain about and you don’t want to do a trial and error test as your website is already live.

Installing wordpress using Lunarpages’ CPanel is a breeze. I simply followed the instructions and voila! I have a fully working wordpress site ready to take in my posts and settings. It is a one-click affair, in contrast to manually installing wordpress where you have to edit the config file and create a database. But that was wordpress on my main domain. To install wordpress on a subdomain was different. I need a ‘How to install wordpress on a subdomain’ tutorial to proceed. Or so I thought.

I remember the first time I decided to install wordpress on a subdomain, I was stumped when it came to the ‘install directory’ textbox in Lunarpages CPanel. lunarpagesiconEarlier, I had installed wordpress using the same Lunarpages CPanel for my main domain That was easy. However, for the subdomain,, I was hesitant to proceed as I did not want to take the risk of messing up my existing wordpress installation. What if I install wordpress on a subdomain and it overwrites the previous one? This concern wouldn’t have been an issue had I chosen to install manually. But I was using CPanel now. The ‘install directory’ part prompts me to leave it blank to install wordpress on the root directory. Which root directory?

Googling for the answer did not immediately give me a satisfactory and direct answer. Thus I had to submit a ticket for this no-brainer question. Lunarpages support , helpful as ever, promptly provided me the answer on how to install wordpress on a subdomain.

  • If you have not created a subdomain, create it first in CPanel.
  • Then click Fantastico icon.
  • Click on WordPress (under ‘blogs’ on the left side), then click on the ‘New installation’ link.
  • Select the subdomain you want to install wordpress in on the ‘Install on domain’ dropbox.
  • Leave the ‘Install in directory’ textbox blank. This will install wordpress on the directory of the subdomain which was automatically created when you created a subdomain through the CPanel.
  • Type in your desired username and password under the ‘Admin access data’ section.
  • Under ‘Base Configuration’, fill up the necessary boxes. ‘Site name’ is the name you want for your subdomain.’ Description’ is anything you want to describe your subdomain.
  • Click ‘Install WordPress’.
  • That’s it. To install wordpress on a subdomain is a piece of cake after all.

    My very first domain name from Godaddy

    I bought my very first domain name from Being a total newbie, I came to this decision only after a few weeks of intensive research and comparisons of all registrars I could get data from.

    I purchased my very first domain name from Godaddy. I mean ‘my very first domain name ever’. Prior to purchasing, I made a lot of research on which domain registrar to buy from. After all, it’s my very first venture into the world wide web. I don’t want to make any mistakes. I’m sure everyone who has a website or websites understands this .


    I made a list and entered the pros and cons and every little feature that these domain registrars offer. Not content at the data I got from the domain registrars’ respective websites, I researched on other websites as well. I tried to know the domain registrars of all the websites that I liked and looked up to. Not surprisingly, it’s Godaddy. After a few weeks of research, I finally weighed everything based on the data I have gathered. Thus, I bought my very first domain from Godaddy. was born.

    And I felt really justified with the choice I made. The transaction was very smooth. Every little newbie question I submitted thereafter was answered promptly. I looked back at all the saved webpages from my researches and I found that some negative reviews about Godaddy (btw, every domain registrar I looked into has negative reviews) were not necessarily true. The nay-sayer’s issue revolves mostly on Godaddy’s support, which on the contrary, I found to be exceptionally prompt and perfect.

    Had I taken more time, say months instead of weeks, researching , I would probably have added more prospective registrars to my list. Thus, I cannot assure myself that Godaddy is the best in the world, but having procured my very first domain name from Godaddy is one perfect decision I find no reason to regret. For me, there’s no doubt where I’m going to buy my next domain name.

    Tips For Dads Of Difficult Teenagers

    Pointers arrived at from research and real life events regarding effective approaches that fathers may take to handle better their difficult teenagers.

    So, you’re a father and you got teenagers in the house. You feel that a particular teener is giving you more headaches than you did to your father when you were in your teens yourself. Now, reach up with your right hand and tap yourself in the back and welcome yourself to the ‘Dads of Difficult Teenagers‘ club.

    Generally, solutions can be conjured up more easily if you first try to understand a problem and the factors that contribute to it.

    Fathers, through a teen’s eyes

    A major source of conflict in father-teenager relationships is in the area of freedom. If allowed, teenagers tend to spend most of their time with friends than with their family. The urge to try new things is mostly in the ‘not allowed’ zones (from ‘staying out too long’ to the ‘unimaginable’) and, thus, a father is usually seen as a block to their freedom. A father, however, who knows when to be there at the right time and place is seen by a teenager as a reliable confidante, hero and friend, though this ideal type of father is a hard-to-find commodity.

    Why do they do it?

    Why do they do the things they do? Three major factors were observed to be most obvious: Physical-hormonal, emotional, and mental.

    Researchers now claim that aside from the physical-hormonal changes, brain areas that govern logic are further developing at this period. So, imagine a teenager making decisions while his ‘CPU’ is still loading up. And emotions brought by peer pressure and the need to look cool would tend to heat things up further. This mix almost sounds like a computer in the verge of crashing. They also think that old folks never understand teenagers, forgetting totally the fact that these folks had been teenagers at one time, and are definitely wiser now.

    Suggestions for dealing with difficult teenagers

    • Show ‘cool’ and strength. They are more likely to believe one who has the attributes that they strive for.
    • Respect their strange rhythms. Give leeway to SOME irregularities like the times they like to eat breakfast, sleep and wake up, etc.
    • Arrange more X-Outdoor activities. Put a little X (as in extreme) in your outdoor activities. You on your big bike and your teen and his friends on skateboards holding unto ropes attached to the bike. Cool?
    • Have more dinner together as a family. That TV ad promoting this activity proves that this works.
    • Get in their shoes, and determine when you should be there and when to stay in the backstage.
    • Have the iron hand within reach should it be needed.
    • Communicate! Talk! Sometimes, this is all you need.

    For EXTREMELY difficult situations, it’s time to level up. That is, it’s time to seek professional help.

    Author’s note: Children of some of my relatives are becoming teenagers really fast, and mine will soon be in a few short years. I also remembered a time when my father, also my hero by the way, had to deal with my younger brother who, for awhile, chose ‘friends’ over family. Some of the suggestions above were the steps taken by my father. The others are steps which should have cost him less frustrations had he taken them.

    Helping My Kid Memorize the Multiplication Table

    There are many ways to help my kid memorize the multiplication table. Without a lot of thinking and effort, I found one among my everyday life routine.

    Your kids may have started memorizing their multiplication tables earlier. Mine got to seriously start doing it only when he was 9 years old. Yes, it’s all my fault. I never gave thought about really helping my kid memorize the multiplication table or assisting him with his schoolwork during his first 2 elementary years as I always had this ‘theory’ that kids up to 11 years old should be given all the time to play, or maybe learn through play ( I can’t recall where I got this theory). On the 12th and onwards, he’d have to apportion more time to his education and less on play. However, after seeing other kids who are good at math, and yet are not wanting in play hours, I began to change my mind about my little theory. Perhaps I need to be stricter and help him memorize the multiplication table this time.

    The thing about studying and memorizing is that it’s easy and fun if you are really interested in the subject. Would my kid think of having to memorize the multiplication table interesting? Or fun? Nope! So, I need to have some technique to motivate him to do it willingly. Well, I’m no good at creating speeches to motivate people. So, I used the ‘scare’ technique. I told him that students his age should have fully memorized the table. Those who haven’t will have to go back to the same grade level in the next school year. That started him into taking things a little bit seriously. He will have to memorize the multiplication table now.

    I use my Yamaha DT-125 motorbike to get him to school everyday and it takes around 15 minutes to get there. It is this 15 minutes that I utilized for this exercise. He would start reciting the multiplication table behind me while we’re motoring along. Every now and then, I’d butt in when he makes a mistake or is taking too long to give an answer.

    This exercise turned out to be good for both of us. He gets to master and memorize the multiplication table. I, on the other hand, drive better as my mind no longer has time to drift off or wander into daydreams. There are only two tasks at hand. Drive and analyze the kid’s exercise.

    Much as I want this to be a daily exercise, there are times when I feel like giving the kid a break and let him enjoy the ride. Alright, I’m giving myself a break actually.

    Anyway, the kid later on found a more natural motivation to learn when, due to his daily exercise, he found that he has began to get better in math than most of his classmates. He thanked me for the riding exercise we did everyday.

    There surely are better and faster ways in helping my kid memorize the multiplication table

    . I could have opted for the online multiplication games
    in the internet. The bottom line however is practice. Online, offline, whatever, ‘practice and repetition’ is the key.

    [Author: Noel Moralde]