Bakflip: Make Heads Turn

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The first time I saw a bakflip truck bed cover, I marvelled at the cool idea of giving protection to your truck’s bed while at the same time enhancing the over-all aethetics of your truck. The thing did that ‘2 birds with one stone’ thingy.

As you can see in these pictures, the ‘head turning’ factor is no over statement. To see more pictures of the different models, please refer to the website.

Coming in 4 models, Bakflip G2, Bakflip HD, Bakflip F1 and Bakflip CS, the bakflip is a hard tonneau cover with a clever folding design. You can toss anything at the back of your pickup truck and rest easy knowing that it’s protected, from humans or from the weather, once you pull the bakflip and lock it over. Unlocking it prior to opening the bakflip can be done by unlatching it either from the driver’s or passenger’s side. And you can open it either fully or partially.

Installation of the bakflip can be done in less than 30 minutes. It requires no drilling but is totally secure. When removed, it leaves no unsightly changes on your truck. If you want more information about this durable and long lasting truck upgrade, please visit and check out


The features enumerated here is taken from the bakflip truck bed cover site.

  • 4 Styles to Choose From: BakFlip G2, BakFlip F1, BakFlip HD and the BakFlip CS. BakFlip F1 has fiberglass reinforced polymer panels with aluminum undersides.
  • Multi-Panel System: Unique fold up design that is fast operating and a hard design.
  • Extremely Low Profile: Bakflip sits INSIDE the truck bed rails for an EXTREME low profile look and fit.
  • Full 100%Truck Bed Access: Bakflip allows FULL ACCESS to all stake pockets and works with tie downs, bedcaps, bedliners, bedrails, lumber/ladder racks and bed extenders.
  • Real Security: The BakFlip cover easily locks offering outstanding security
  • Drive-Open-Shut or Half Way-: Individual panels lock so that you can drive with them open or closed. Panels flip open in the same direction. Panels flip open to reveal 100% of the bed if desired.
  • Fast Install & Quick Removal: BakFlip clamps onto your truck bed with no drilling and installs in approximately 10 minutes with just one wrench INSIDE the truck bed rails for an EXTREME low profile look and fit and can be removed with in 60 seconds. The Flip Bak truck bed cover can be completely removed in 60 seconds. Locking knurled knobs have replaced simple nuts for easy tool-free on and off capabilities. The average cover weighs 35 lbs and can ship UPS.
  • Can Hold 300lbs: the BakFlip G2 is made from aluminum panels with a honeycomb core, offering excellent tensile strength and rigidity. The BakFlip HD and new BakFlip F1 are made to handle up to 400lbs. The BakFlip CS truck rack can hold 500lbs on the rack.
  • UV Protected: The BakFlip is UV protected and will not fade, crack, warp, rust or corrode and the texture of the product perfectly matches door handles, bumper trim, side view mirrors and bedcaps. Absolute all season friendly – resistant to rain snow and the elements.
  • Easy To Open: Panels flip open in the same direction to reveal 100% of the bed if desired, can withstand over 300 lbs of evenly distributed weight and locks for outstanding security
  • Rear Cab Protection: The BakFlip cover protects your rear window when completely open – perfect for loading things like ATV’s, motorcycles or any other goods that might damage your window.
  • Bed Accessory Friendly: BakFlip works with tie downs, bedcaps, bedliners, bedrails, lumber/ladder racks and bed extenders.
  • Premium Fit: The Bak Flip cover is custom built for each application for an OEM like fit.

Now, isn’t this bakflip cool or what?