Best of 2009

It may be somewhat late for this but I feel I can’t proceed without looking back at 2009 and picking my favorite posts. Other friend bloggers have long done this. Some have done if before 2009 ended while others did it as their very first output for the first day of 2010. Late or not, I’m presenting below’s posts I consider some of the best output I did for 2009.

This is the very first post of mine for 2010, the year of the Tiger. This also happens to be the first ‘look back‘ post I ever did. Again, my ‘good influences’, my friend bloggers, have been doing this for ages. Some do it monthly, some do it weekly, and some do both. Like I always say, I am learning as I go along. Posts like these, summarizing the previous year’s, month’s, or week’s posts seem a good idea and I have a feeling that I may adopt this into a regular practice henceforth. This, of course, entails a little more effort on my part and I can’t very well pull this off at my current pathetic rate of 7 posts per month. Thus, let it be known that for the year of the tiger, I’m making it as one of my goals to post more than 7 articles per month from now on. (This means I can get away with 8 posts. Har har har.).

Seriously, I really am intent on getting better without sacrificing the fun I’m having in blogging. I’m thanking my blogging friends and other readers for showing support through their visits and their comments in 2009 and of course for 2010. May the year of the tiger be a tiger of a year for all of us.


    1. Hi Brian, good to see you back here 🙂 Nope, it’s still January and you’re not late in your new year’s wishes. Besides, there’s still the upcoming Chinese New Year this February. Thanks for your good wishes. Like I said above, may the year of the tiger be a tiger of a year for you and your family. (No reference to the golfing tiger). 🙂

  1. What are your criteria for selecting the posts for this list bro?

    Is it based on the number of comments or page views?

    1. Ark, like I said in the first paragraph, they’re posts I consider some of the best output I did for 2009. Some of them have high comment counts and page views, some don’t. They’re actually just my personal favorites. 🙂

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