Canon DSLR Freebies Just Arrived

Finally, my Canon DSLR freebies has arrived. Exactly twenty-eight (28) days after I registered online. Canon actually said “You may expect to receive your premium item(s) within ten (10) working days from receipt” of my email/registration. So, less the numerous holidays we have for November, it actualy took 17 days for the freebies to arrive.

When you buy a Canon DSLR camera, or even a Canon Point-and-Shoot camera, you are entitled to a 3-year warranty, a free Tamrac camera bag, and a hard-cover book called “Better Images with Canon EOS DSLR” by Jukka Kolari/Peter Forsgard. You don’t get these from the store you bought the camera from. These are emailed to you after you register online.

There were a lot of complaints in one of the discussions in a Canon facebook page where folks complain that their freebies have not yet arrived after more than 3 months. There’s even one who said he registered online last April 2010. I have also entered my share of gripes a few days ago, especially after Canon replied to my follow up email saying I’m to receive it within the week, Friday at most. Well, it did arrive… one week after (that’s today).

Now, that I’ve received the goods, I can leave all my gripes behind and forget I ever complained at all. After all, they did say that these are “gifts” and they did use the word “may” in “You may expect to receive your premium items within ten (10) working days…”. Of course, I can say all these now because I’ve already the gifts in my hand. But for the others who have yet to receive theirs…

By the way, the guy who delivered the goods not only required me to sign the receipt (which is normal), but he also asked me to cut out part of the box (shown in picture to the right) and give it to him, saying that Canon specifically requested it. I find it strange that none of the forums ever mentioned this as a prerequisite. I, nevertheless, did as told. I took this picture right before I cut it off the box, for my reference later. So, guys, I think you should retrieve your camera box now and keep it somewhere you can reach in less than a minute, unless you want the delivery guy to wait half an hour as you scramble and re-arrange your attic just to find the box.

Finally, a post about Canon, even if it be just about freebies, wouldn’t be complete without some pictures, would it? Below are a couple of pics I took during the free basic photography seminar, with free lunch, hosted by Canon last November 13. There’ll be another free seminar, complete as always with food, on November 30 which I surely will not miss.

Seminar speaker: Antonni Cuesta

Some 60Ds from attendees.

And here are a couple of shots I took at home just recently.

Some of my wife’s figurines

A moon shot around 5:45 a.m. hand-held (18-55mm kit lens).

Another moon shot attempt a month later with tripod (18-55mm kit lens).

moon shot 200mm

Then, a little over 2 months later, I did my first moon shot at 200mm using my 18-200mm IS lens, with tripod.


    1. I’m sure you’ll have yours soon Cole. 🙂 After all, you already know the first step to take… prioritize.

      My Rebel was just a little over a thousand bucks, more than a month ago.

  1. canon’s csr are not very helpful and accomodating. finally after almost a month they said that my online registration for the claiming of my freebie is already validated, but the probLem is, they don’t have a stock of the tamrac as of now they dont have an outlook on when im gonna recieven my free cam bag, photography book and warranty card.

    1. Canon is such a big name and company I can’t understand why they still suffer from these shortcomings that are only supposed to happen among small companies.

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