I haven’t yet decided what to specialize in with regard to my venture into photography. Hey, I’m into it purely for the fun. I’m not about to embark into the professional realm. If I was, I’d probably buy something better than the Canon Rebel T2i. But still, even hobbyists tend to lean into some specialization, e.g. landscapes, or portraits. On second thought, I might just let go of any specialization pursuit and simply specialize on fun.

This early though, I found myself setting my tripod and Canon Rebel T2i in the front yard and taking close up pictures of my wife’s plants and flowers. The pictures in this page are all from her little patch of flower plants. The ones with the dark background were taken using my son’s black t-shirt draped on a chair behind the flower.

From this development, I seem to be taking an interest in macro photography. But I think it’s too early to tell as I’m still beginning to explore the art of photography. Perhaps, next thing I’ll be trying out would be some landscapes. I have always found a beautiful sunset view somewhere along my route on my daily commute home after work. I got to make sure I’ll immortalize one of those amazing sunsets in my gallery soon.

Macro, portrait, landscapes, underwater… these require special lenses. And some of these lenses often are way more expensive than the camera (body) itself.

Well, for the time being, I’ll have to make do with the lens that came with the Canon Rebel T2i kit, the EFS 18-55mm lens. The lens is of course not just any ordinary lens. It works nicely and I have even read some reviews in praise of the EFS 18-55 kit lens. As I have not even touched any other lens, I have no basis to compare them except from what I read on the net. Like I said, for the time being, I’ll just try out my present set up and see what it can do.

Oh, here, by the way, is another one of those pics I took while whiling away my time as I waited for my turn at the dentist on my latest appointment (last Saturday).

As these Canon Rebel T2i pics are going to add up as time goes by, I have created a subdomain site on which I’ll be dumping all my photo outputs in. I’m still looking for a suitable wp theme though. You can check it out at Pictures Of.


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