Can’t Embed YouTube Videos Anymore?

How do I embed youtube videos now? I used to find it so easy to embed youtube videos in the past, but now I found myself facing a blank wall as I can no longer find the embed link in youtube.

I tried searching for answers in google but all I found are old tutorials which no longer apply now. I don’t know exactly when this new youtube format change took effect. Only yesterday did I found out about it.

All you’ll see presently under the youtube video itself are 4 buttons:

  • Like
  • + Add to
  • Share
  • Flag

The ‘Add to’ button drops down and displays 3 sub links:

  • Favorites
  • New playlist…

The embed feature, it turned out, is now hidden under the ‘Share’ button. When you press the ‘Share’ button, a hidden div box appears under it and shows the link to the video, the ‘Embed’ button, the ‘Email this video’ button and the facebook and twitter buttons. The ‘Show More’ link will display other social network buttons, from Google Buzz to StumbleUpon.

So, how do you embed youtube videos now?

Having clicked the ‘Share’ button, click on the ‘Embed’ button. Another set of hidden content will reveal itself. It contains the familiar embed code box and other embed parameters.

Where’s the embed link in youtube now?

Whew! I thought youtube had removed all embedding features from their videos. Having copied the embed codes, you can now go ahead with the usual procedures on embedding it on your webpage.

An Embedded YouTube Video of Awesome People


    1. You sure? How about trying out another browser?

      Watch the short video above again. Hope you find that embed button soon. 🙂

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