Renewal of EON Card and PayPal

I remember knowing that I have to renew my eon card but that was a couple of years ago when I first got it. As usual, having not recorded it on my phone’s calendar (because I didn’t get the habit of entering dates on my phone calendar until recently) I forgot about it until I saw a notification from paypal about my eon card having expired. Also, it came to this point because I haven’t been checking my emails daily these past few weeks.

Just for the heck of it, I tried logging into my EON account and sure enough, my credentials were not recognized anymore.

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EON Card Renewal

Inasmuch as one can’t do an EON card renewal online, I thus had to personally visit my nearest Unionbank branch for this.

I approached one of those front desks and voiced out my intentions. Then,

  • I filled out a renewal form.
  • Surrendered my old EON card to the clerk.
  • Clerk asked me to show some ID. Presented her with my office ID. She did not ask for the usual photocopies of at least 2 IDs anymore.
  • Then, she said I wait 1 week for the new card.
  • Week later, I called her up and she said I can come to take it.
  • Claimed it. She said that after receipt, it will be activated after 24 hours.

That went rather smoothly. Two days later, I remembered to check its balance on an ATM machine. My old balance was there. I even withdrew some amount from it.

So, now that my EON card renewal is done, comes the EON Online Banking Account Renewal part.

EON Online Banking Account Renewal

Now, I need to renew my eon online banking account at the eon website so I can monitor my account and do banking online.


Reminder: Record your Previous Card Number!


Since, my old credentials are no longer recognized, I clicked on the ‘Click here‘ link under the ‘Did you lose or replace your EON card‘ phrase. Which brought me to the ‘Change my primary card‘ window.

It asked for:

  • User ID
  • Previous Card Number
  • New Card Number
  • New Card’s PIN

Problem: I made the stupid mistake of not saving or writing down my Old EON Card number. In the hope that I might have written it somewhere, I searched my wallet, the cabinets, drawers, refrigerator – all to no avail. And the deposit receipts only reflect the account number, not the card number. Lesson learned: Always record your EON Card Number and save it somewhere.

So, off to option 2. A new card has a different card number but still has the same account number. Thus, a NEW EON online account that is associated with this card would still connect to the same old account number.

With this premise, I thus clicked on the ‘ENROLL HERE‘ link under the ‘Start banking online with EON‘ phrase.

Input data.

enroll eon 2

Input your desired user ID. The other boxes are for your other desired user ID should the first be unavailable.

Click confirm on the next window.

enroll eon card 3

Fill out the next form, especially the ones marked with red asterisks.
enroll eon card 4

Then finally you’ll get to a window that says:

Your application for enrollment to E-banking has been received.
You can start banking online after two business days by logging-in using your approved User ID and ATM PIN.Your User ID is MYUSERID”

(Enrolled Friday 3/9/2012. As of this writing, I checked, no joy.)

BTW, I noticed the EON page doesn’t always open to a new window anymore.

Paypal Renewal

Once logged in to my Paypal account, I saw on the right side of the page these links:

  • Update my credit card info
  • Policy Updates

I Clicked on the first one. Then on the next window, I clicked on the ‘Add another card‘ button.

Then, I entered the details of my card.

Then, comes the verification part where Paypal withdraws a small amount from your card and will wait till you verify your card with the paypal code number. Only then will Paypal return the withdrawn amount, and give your card the ‘verified’ status.

How to get the paypal code

The expuse number/paypal code can be retrieved from the EON online data that you can check once logged in. Please check out my ‘Getting my EON Card and Paypal Verfication‘ post.

I had postponed the posting of this article hoping that my EON online account will get activated soon. Turns out, things are still so messed up at the UB sites. Looks like nothing has changed. You still can’t rely on their promises to get you up and running in 24 hours or 2 days, or whatever.

Now, should I finally get to log into my Unionbank EON online account, I’ll get my expuse number/paypal code there, and I’ll go back to Paypal and clicked on ‘Confirm my debit or credit card’ on the right side of the page. A popup shows this:

eon card renewal 1

I will then click on ‘Enter Paypal code’ and be off my merry way.


I’ll post an update as soon as EON gets its act together and activate my EON online account.

3/18/2012: Tried entering card number instead of username. A pop up said:

enroll eon card 5

“Newly Enrolled EON users can only login with User Id”

So, I entered again my user Id. Again it just says: “Please enter a valid Card Number or User Id.”

Looks like I may have to do the same thing I did last time. Call them by phone. Btw, I emailed them my concern earlier and am waiting for their reply.

3/18/2012 3:00 afternoon: I called up UB’s toll free number and got ahold of some helpful guy. He gave me my old card number and told me to go through the renewal again. Seems like if your case is like mine, it’s best to call them first, ask for your old card number and then renew your eon online account.

So I entered the data and clicked submit. I got this popup box that just contained a 5-digit number: xxxxx. When I clicked the popup box’s OK button, I faced the same form asking for old card number, etc. with the boxes blanked out. An error?

Having no clue what to do next, I think I’ll just wait for the guy’s email. He asked me my email address during our conversation. He also told me he’ll request head office to reset my account. So, since I called up on a Sunday, his request would be sent on Monday. I’ll try Tuesday then.

5/10/2012: All my attempts prior to now have all failed, which means that all my communications with UB support have never been acted upon except the last email I sent to them in which I made clear my displeasure at their non-action. I also pointed out that my paypal account is in danger of being seriously affected because I could not verify it with my EON card. All in all, I think it took 3 emails and 4 calls over a period of 2 months, more or less.

Well, today, I got an email from them and sure enough, I was able to log in successfully and access my account.

First thing I did was find the Paypal code from the past transactions. Then I updated my Paypal account successfully. Whew!

Google Adsense’s New Look

It feels like it’s been ages since I last took a peep at my adsense account page. But today, I chanced to open it and was told to check out it’s new interface. Checked it and lo, they have updated their looks and sure enough, it’s different by lots.

One million dollar earnings, courtesy of photoshop 🙂

I was not sure exactly how I felt about the new look. Seems neat though. Of course, as always the case with interface facelifts, there’s always the few moments of confusion as you try to find your way through what once was familiar to you. Felt like I have to make a few clicks more than usual to get to where I want to go. Then again, like I said, it could just be due to the re-familiarization experience.

The one thing that seems to cause me some slight consternation is the need to use the horizontal scrollbar when I don’t fully use the full width of my browser. I mean, the new interface sports a fixed width while the old one adjusts with the width of the browser. So, if you still use the old monitors (e.g. 640 X 480 resolution), and you hate the horizontal scrollbar, it’s high time you go shopping for new high resolution monitors.

I have yet to explore the new interface. I’ve read about some negative feedback from some users. But like I said, these are just birth pangs for the new interface. I got a feeling that I’m going to like it (if not, at least get used to it) sooner or later. If it’s any consolation, the google folks say it’s a work in progress and that a lot of cool changes are still shaping up in the days to come.

What’s Up With MNF?

How long has it been? A month? Two? Seems like it’s been ages since the last time I saw my MNF work. James Jones has been assuring us that his programmer is hard at work trying to cope up with the sudden changes Google has introduced to its search machinery. And he has sent us 3 (3? or 4?) updates since, the latest being version 5.2.6, but not one of them worked. Well, at least this latest version now has the ‘Brainstorm’ and ‘Hot Trends’ links live, which however still unfortunately comes out empty.

MNF is (was?) an excellent product, an amazing tool for bloggers and online entrepreneurs since it came out years ago. I myself was awed when I first used it. Fact is, I was able to put up a few sites based on the results MNF offered to my seed keywords.

Now, I’m wondering if it can ever rise up again after it fell down to earth. You can’t help but be amazed at the power google has in their hands where it can cripple in one instant those products which depend on it for their sustenance.

I’m not sure, but I think Market Samurai also leans on Google heavily as its source of its output. But I can see that things are cool at MS. The app is still running smoothly. MNF? Each time, you are greeted with a message box that says: “An error occurred while retrieving results from Google’s Keyword Tool”.

Of course, after seeing someone complaining about it in MNF’s facebook page, and seeing James Jones’ reply, I have kept my silence for as long as I can. After all, I also understand how things are going with James’ programmer. I have worked as a programmer sometime ago and I know how it feels to be pressured to come up with a solution to some program glitch or something. With an app like MNF, with thousands of users waiting, I would want to ask the programmer “When was the last time you had a sleep?”.

Try Market Samurai now for free!

UPDATE: My Micro Niche Finder is working again! Yuhoo! Please see my post ‘Enjoying MNF Again‘ to see how I got it to work again.

Delayed Amazon Checks By Mail

Delayed Amazon checks by mail. I have first hand experience in this area. For Amazon associates based outside the US of A, the only way to get their commissions is through checks via mail. In my case, it arrives a month, more or less, after it was sent my way by Amazon. Snail mail.

One particular check that got me worried was the one I earned in February this year. Based on the time frames of the first two checks I have received, I am supposed to have received it sometime around March 28, give or take a week.

April came, and went. No check. By April 28, I became doubly worried as I should have received also the check for March. On April 29, a check arrived – the check for March. Where is my February check? With morbid thoughts of things going wrong, my mind began to conjure several possible scenarios that could have happened to my mail:

  • A human Amazon employee misplaced, or, worse, forgot about my check.
  • My check got lost in the mountain of mail that postal employees sort through everyday.
  • My mail accidentally slipped off and got tossed and landed on another mail cart bound for the opposite side of the world.
  • The huge mail bag got ripped as it was dragged in the plane’s cargo hold and my mail (of all mails) fell off the plane as it was cruising 30,000 feet above the Pacific Ocean.

As I was imagining these and other far crazier scenarios, I thought of checking out the Amazon associates page to see where I could contact Amazon Support.

On the upper right corner of the Affiliates page is a link for ‘Feedback’. Clicking this link brings one to a page where one could send a message to Amazon support. So, I sent a message about my concern which immediately got a response – an automated response saying my problem will be attended to within 24 hours. Three days later, there was still no response.

On the fourth day, I again sent another email, this time asking for a re-issuance of the subject check. Two days afterward, I finally received a response from Amazon which looked human (not automated). It promised me that they will check their records for that particular check and that if they find that it has not been cleared/encashed yet, they would promptly cancel it and re-issue another one. Wow! That sure was a saver, because I was about to lose faith in Amazon affiliate support.

The next day, my wife, who was on leave, called me from home to inform me that an Amazon check just arrived. It was the problem check. Promptly, I emailed Amazon telling them to disregard my 2 previous complaints as I have just received the check.

I still cant understand how this happened. It may just be a case of my check being misplaced somewhere in the post office system. I’m sure though that, if that be the case, the delay happened in the US side of the postal system as the date stamps from my country showed very recent receipt dates.

Lesson learned: Patience (because delayed amazon checks by mail do happen). This virtue btw is not one of my best, so hopefully the next delays, should it happen again, will not be something longer than this.

If you experience delayed amazon checks by mail, wait it out for a while. The Postal System is not perfect. If your patience gets tested beyond your threshold however, you may contact support and inform them about it. Amazon Support is also not perfect. The delay may just also happen to be their fault.

Micro Niche Finder Experiment

Why I purchased Micro Niche Finder

If you’ve read some of my posts here, you must have noticed me talking about my ‘other site‘, or my ‘business site’. I also elaborated about the seo procedures I undertook to get it to its number 2 position in the Google SERP. And I have also boasted about the ‘first $100‘ I earned online courtesy of the business site. It was also this ‘business site’ that got me excited about my first experience of having a site get its PR2 within its first 3 months.

Through the generosity of a friend, I got a keyphrase that initiated the creation of my ‘business site’. It was my friend’s Micro Niche Finder that gave me my first ‘first hand experience’ in earning online. In gratitude to my friend and Micro Niche Finder, and in anticipation of further finding possible opportunities of this kind, I alloted my very first online earnings to the purchase of my own copy of Micro Niche Finder.

As a complete beginner in blogging and website management, I am naturally wary of spending my hard-earned bucks in software that promises to make online earning easy. And there are many such applications/software out there. But had I known about the versatility of Micro Niche Finder the moment I started blogging, I would have bought a copy then, and I wouldn’t have wasted 5 months blundering in the the dark. Yes, hindsight is 20/20.

The Micro Niche Finder Experiment

This has been undertaken and proven by others long ago. Well, it won’t hurt to find it out myself. I am embarking on an experiment with the Micro Niche Finder tool. I am creating another blog that would rely on free (unique) traffic and see how it fares. Free traffic, not on repeat visitors, or visitor loyalty. Managing repeat visitor loyalty is a bit too heavy a responsibility for me in that I could not keep up with the demand to produce 1 to 3 posts per day just to keep them coming back. I just don’t have that time and talent. They say I need to build a list. Someday maybe, but since I’m not there yet, I am initiating this experiment. A lot of blogs are already doing this. Now that I have Micro Niche Finder*, I feel I have what it takes to go that way. No, I’m not using this blog,, for the experiment as I consider this a personal blog that I prefer to be free from the limitations of SEO rules.

I’ll be reporting on the progress of this experiment from time to time.

*Micro Niche Finder has improved and added a new feature in its arsenal of data collection. The MOB feature has added even more power and support to its SOC data.

First 100 Dollar Earning Online

Just about the time this blog got its first PR rating (PR1) and my other first ever ‘business’-site got PR2 (after 3 months), I also got to see my first ever 100 dollars earned online. The earnings were mostly due to my ‘business’-site which was optimized according to seo practices I’ve learned so far. This 100 dollars by the way was earned over a period of 3 months. That means my ‘business’ site is roughly just earning a measly 33 dollars a month. To most of you, this figure is really a pathetic excuse for an online earning. To me however, this is cause for excitement as I am at the moment being overwhelmed by ‘first’ experiences:

  • first PR ratings
  • first 100 dollar online earnings
  • and that ‘business’ site is my first venture into adsense that really gets a click or two almost daily.

Earned: $104.70

And below is my commission earnings at Amazon.


Earned: $103.15

You see, the site (not this blog) is not purely ‘built for adsense’ because aside from having real informational content of value, I have also inserted my affiliate links from amazon. A lot of adsense purists say that there should be as few links as possible in the page so that the hungry click-happy reader has no choice but to click on the adsense links. I may have violated that ‘rule’ by adding amazon links and a few more sentences describing the pros and cons of each linked ‘product’. And I don’t know how much that violation cost me in terms of possible additional adsense earnings. But what the heck, the important thing for now is that both adsense and amazon is giving me hope that I can, after all, earn some money online. Maybe I’d proceed to follow their other advise – ‘rinse and repeat’. Then maybe I’d see better earnings coming in.

Hmmmn… I once saw some blogger’s tagline that goes along the lines of ‘follow me as I become an SEO master’ (or something to that effect). Maybe I’d have my tagline as ‘follow me as I learn to earn online’.