The Midas Touch

Last October 24, I was given a choice of two events I can attend. One is a blogger’s summit which is a whole day event and the other is a 3-hour afternoon seminar called ‘The Midas Touch’. The 24th of October however was a working day, but I intended to attend at least one of these 2 events . I reckoned there would be less resistance from the boss if I ask him for a half-day leave than a whole-day leave of absence. That leaves ‘The Midas Touch’ as the most likely seminar I can attend. And it was.


It turns out, the complete name of the seminar was: ‘The Midas Touch: Keys to Prosperity’. The 80-seater room was filled to capacity when the seminar started. The pamphlets and sheets of literature that were passed around revealed this seminar to be sponsored by the (name not to be publicly revealed) brotherhood or order. To most, this name alone would have conjured a bald, orange-dressed (or some other out-of-this-world color clothing), weird individual wearing large wooden beads hanging around his neck lecturing us about nirvana. The lecturer however, although a member of or affiliated to the order, was dressed much like a regular successful businessman. Because he is indeed one in real life.

He taught about a (details not to be revealed publicly) exercise which one could practice from as short as 8 minutes to as long as one and a half hour. The benefits range from good health to improved conditions (in almost all areas) for the practitioner. This exercise is a standard exercise for members of this Order and its related organizations.

The above exercise needs to be complemented with other disciplines like some particular meditation techniques and the maintenance of certain mind states, which were later revealed only to those who committed themselves to join the organization. These are probably some of those things claimed by some to be the missing practices and principles that would make the ‘Law of Attraction’ complete.

The speaker challenged everyone to prove him wrong within a 6-month span of time. Providing that each of those exercises and techniques are practiced religiously, he assures everyone of a noticeable improvement starting after the first 6 months.

Now, I have always made it a point to be open-minded in most, if not all, things. Only the persistent practice and first-hand experience of the teachings given will prove if they are indeed true and effective or just plain crap.

So, what happened at the Bloggers’ Summit? Well, I’ll probably just wait for it to appear in some other blogger’s journal. I’m sure there’d be lots of ideas (hopefully, new ones) and pictures of grinning bloggers rubbing elbows with each other and attendees’ tables lined up with flashy laptops and blazing-fast wireless internet connections.

Author’s note: Details were intentionally excluded and some information snipped as they say only members are supposed to be privy to such information.

Math Blaster Software

My fourth-grader kid seems to be overly interested in computer games. At home, since I don’t allow him to use my computer during school days, he’d secretly ask his mom for some money so he could play in the neighborhood internet cafe. After school, he takes a block’s length walk from his school to my office and carelessly drops his things on the floor as he takes his place on one of the vacant computer stations. It’s getting to a point where he spends more time playing computer games than taking care of his homework. I thought I’d do some research on how to bring computer games and schoolwork together. I came up with the Math Blaster Software.

This math blaster software is actually part of a larger collection of softwares targetted for 6 to 12 year olds in various pre-high school subjects. I am particularly interested in the Math Blaster Software because I want him to really excel in the math areas. I had put some effort on this matter earlier which I posted on this blog in ‘Helping My Kid Memorize the Multiplication Table‘.

The Math Blaster Software (aka mega math blaster or math blaster pre algebra) runs along the Blaster learning system’s ‘new universe’ setting where society is predominantly controlled by robots and machines. The goal of the heroes in this game is to save humans from the clutches of the robots. Judging from the story line and the previews I have seen, I’m pretty sure that if this Math Blaster Software had existed when I was a kid, I’d definitely come out with much better grades in mathematics. Kids would find learning math enjoyable because it does not come in the form of a teacher-initiated-drill but as a game which they are naturally inclined to like. It features 8 levels with a difficulty level that can be set either by the player or the parent. Covering the 4 fundamentals (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), it also drafts up automatic progress reports, with the goal of building up speed and accuracy of the player’s math skills. The ‘Math Blaster: Master the Basics‘* package which is available at amazon children software
at $26.99 is a must have for parents with even just the minutest desire to improve their children’s math skills. I’m definitely buying this product. If there is an enjoyable way to learn something, that should be the most logical and perfect route to take. This Math Blaster software is the route I’d like my kid to take to improve his mathematics skills. I’d tell him it’s an early Christmas gift, for being a good boy.

* There’s also the Math Blaster Ages 9-12
at $12.99 and the Math Blaster Ages 6-8
at $10.14.

Math Blaster Software: Save On Sale

You can find a complete selection of Math Blaster Software at this link: Math Blaster Sofware Sale

Claiming Back Home Space

Whenever I think of my small house I can’t help but remember one article I read a long time ago (by Bo Sanchez?) where he describes his house as ’so small when he opens the refrigerator he gets centralized air conditioning’, or something like that. Well my house is either just a little bigger than his or his refrigerator is a lot more powerful than mine. Based on general standards, my whole house can fit in a regular American bedroom. And when me and my wife fight and argue over something, all 3 adjacent neighbors (one on each side, all separated only by a 4-inch concrete wall, the front being the only free side) hears every word we say and can even butt in on the ‘conversation’ should they choose to.

Just yesterday, my wife decided she’s had enough of walking sideways and on tiptoes whenever she ventures into the kitchen area. When I went outside I was surprised to see a lot of old unused or defective appliances, obsolete programming books, outdated engineering reference books, maps and building plans (duplicates of appraisal reports attachments I made when I was still working in a bank), forgotten toys, floppy diskettes, zip disks, a flatbed scanner, a couple of 1995 editions of Grolier Dictionaries, etc. that she hauled out unto the front yard. There was even an old Japanese air conditioner and its accompanying 110V transformer. And there of course were the endless reams of print outs of information I gathered from the internet since 1995, ranging in topic from brainwave entrainment, to hypnosis to eft to visual basic. I can’t help but wonder how all these can fit in what little space we have inside.

Anyway, after quickly sorting some things out and tossing back inside some things we believe we can still use (or just refuse to let go), I had some fun building a big bonfire and tossing things into the blaze. I thought it would have been more fun if I could do this at night. It took me an hour more or less to burn everything into fine ashes.

The rest of the things we decided to keep were packed into tight boxes and brought to my in-laws’ house. They got more space out there to store these things at least until I miss and feel like building bonfires again.

Getting back into the house later was like breathing fresh cubic meters of air for the first time in years. We can now walk around without stumbling over something. Me and my wife felt good about it we decided to make this an annual event instead of a decennial one. I vaguely remember an Oprah feature a long time ago where she focused on people who have kept a lot of things inside their house in this manner. This must be how those people felt after recovering back home space. Of course I didn’t get Oprah-paid clean up service and home make-overs like they did though.

(Author’s note: Not the topic you expected? I’m sorry but every now and then I do rant about very mundane things here 🙂 )

Book Review: How to be Happy and Have Fun Changing the World

This is a book that was written way back in 2005 by the author Michael Anthony. I’m writing this review more as a very personal reaction after having read it than as a review in the strictest sense of the word. I have written an article about the necessity to feel good always and have submitted it to a couple of article directories: ezinearticles and goarticles. It deals more on the karmic level of feelings than on the physical levels. This book was a pleasant surprise to me as it confirms my belief that one must feel good or happy in order to move forward. Feeling miserable is a step in the opposite direction. And it elaborates on the physical effects of positive feelings. Thus I have become even more completely convinced that my hunches were right. This book fully supports and backs up my beliefs.


I recall that I have declared in my previous articles that we must feel good always. I said that “I would even venture to say” that to feel good is a responsibility. On a personal level, it should be. But if one believes in one’s personal responsibility to help change the world, it becomes even more seriously so.

The heart of Michael’s preaching lies in his affirmation which he desires to become everyone’s affirmation. He believes that if enough individuals take up the challenge to live the 8-word affirmation, global change would happen for the better. Michael expounds on the mental programming everyone has undergone since childhood. While most authors call it the subconscious, Michael prefers to call it the “tape”, referring to the tape in a tape recorder. I have a feeling that had Michael been born a decade later, he would have probably used ‘hard disk’, or ‘memory chip’ or even ‘history folder’. He contends that your programming is stored in your tape and you act and react according to the contents of your tape; especially, according to the latest records embedded on the tape. If these records are mostly negative in nature, you might be in for a rough ride when you decide to change for the better. But no matter how dark your records may be, you need only match it with the right amount of determination in order to conquer it in time.

Firstly, Mike stresses that “your brain actually secretes chemicals corresponding to your positive and negative thoughts.” These secretions change the overall chemistry of one’s cranial fluids which in turn influences one’s natural abilities and functions. These were not ‘theories’ that he belched out off the top of his head. These were based on the findings of Dr. Michael Raleigh at the Department of Psychiatry and Biobehavioural Sciences at UCLA School of Medicine in Los Angeles, CA. Dr. Raleigh confirms that higher levels of the neurotransmitter serotonin “correlate to higher performance levels and that changes in behaviour cause serotonin levels to change.” In layman’s terms, this means that you can increase your natural abilities by tweaking the chemistry of your brain’s cranial fluid. One very important factor that you can use to tweak the brain’s cranial fluids is your thoughts, and thus your emotions. In other words, say, if you are an athlete preparing for a major competition, aside from your regulary physical preparations, you can perceptively increase your performance by bringing up good feelings in yourself. Feel happy, feel joy, feel good. It is imperative that you monitor your feelings henceforth. Just as good happy thoughts and feelings increase your skill and performance levels, negative thoughts and emotions likewise pull you down drastically. A martial arts athlete therefore not only needs to practice to control his physical reflexes, he also needs to practice to control his emotional responses. An event that would normally bring up a response of anger should now be endeavoured to be viewed in a more objective manner. Events are events. “Facts are merely facts. However, you can choose your emotional response to them.”

“Your physiology works both ways. Your body reflects your feelings. However, how you carry your body affects your feelings. One of the quickest and easiest ways to improve your chemistry is to change your physiology. By taking slow deep breaths, standing tall and sticking your chest out, you automatically increase your chemistry and immediately feel better. Raise your eyes to the sky and smile right now. Do you feel a change in your energy and alertness? If you always carry yourself like a winner, you will feel like a winner.”

The mental programming, as mentioned earlier, affects your ability to control your emotions. Thus, now that you know about your emotion’s effect on your physical performance, you want to be able to feel happy now more often. But since our mental programming dictates that we should feel anger at the slightest provocation, you might find it difficult to control this automatic response. However, this should prove to be hard only within the first few weeks of your attempts. Note that Mike said that you act and react according to the contents of your tape or programming, especially according to the “latest” embedded records. As you continue to try to intentionally divert to feeling good instead of, say, exploding in anger, or sagging in dismay, you are actually overwriting the latest records. You are embedding new records…the records of your attempt to feel good in response to whatever events that come or happen to you. Or the records of your intention to simply feel good all the time. Eventually, your latest records will contain only this new way of acting and reacting. In time these attempts will no longer be ‘attempts’, but natural actions and reactions.

The book tells us how to be better at anything. The primary method is to be happy. And since, as stated in the book, feelings are contagious, we are actually unconsciously communicating our ‘communicable’ joy and happiness to everyone you meet. We thus are also changing the world in our own way and having fun in the process. To know the 8-word affirmation, please download Mike’s book at, or you can also directly download it here. It’s 2.5 MB, so have a little patience as your browser loads up.

Meet The Bandit


She was born April 12, 2009 to a black mother. We met her on the evening of June 12, 2009 right next to a small stage where some local bands were playing to a crowd of people enjoying the night cafe. The moment she was handed to me, I immediately fell in love with her. She was still very small then, I could hold her in the cup of my hands. So fragile, so trusting, white as snow. Her mother was also there, black as midnight, only the whites in her eyes could tell you she’s solid and not void.

A couple of hours earlier, I was at the office and I stumbled upon some online pictures of Kiera Knightley, who I think is simply lovely. So, then I was thinking of what name to give this cute thing. Kiera? Well the ‘k’ and the trill of the ‘r’ says ‘rough and beautiful’. But I decided to give her a name that is more wicked than that. Kiera starred in the movie called “Pirates of the Carribean”. Being in the company of pirates, she’s considered a pirate herself. A female bandit. Thus, this cute creature in my hands became known as ‘Bandit’. Pretty rough and callous name, don’t you think? But everytime I get home, I love to yell out “Where’s the bandit!?!”. And she would come running and jumping up into my arms.

I am not really very much savvy about her kind, but the friend who gave her to us said she’s a Chihuahua and Terrier mix. But I don’t really care what kind of pup she is or what her bloodline is. I only know that everyone in the family loves her and she’s become one member of the family we look for first as soon as we get home. Three days ago, I heard her first real bark as she tried to look fierce and menacing while playing with my kids. Actually, it sounds more like a yelp than a bark. But she was so serious in delivering that bark she surprised even herself that she could do that.

The first few days were terrible because we have to deal with her poop habit. She has not been trained yet in this matter and none of us know the first thing about training pups. My wife asked for tips from our neighbors who have dogs. Last night, I saw her went out the door and did her thing outside. Looks like whatever training she’s having is paying off. We also bought her some toys because we can’t focus on watching tv while she was playing and nibbling with our toes. Now she is focusing her energy on that tennis-ball-like thingy.



The bandit is our first family pet. The kids had been clamoring for a pet since long time ago. I was against it because I am sensitive to dust and fine things that gets to float in the air. But I recall having no doubts at all in my mind when I saw her for the first time that fateful night. We got to have her. And we never regretted having her.

Update: January 2010

Again, I’m not savvy about dog breeds, but the vet told us she’s a mix of Japanese Spitz and Chihuahua.

Book Review: How To Make Friends Worth Keeping

How To Make Friends Worth Keeping is a book written by a guy from Sydney, Australia, Alex Vaselevski, an overachiever who is so successful at the things he does because he puts his all into it, to the point, sadly, of sacrificing a part of his life – his personal relationships. Now he is applying the strategies he used in building his successful career into building friendship and personal relationships and is sharing it to the world through this amazing e-book.

All you have to do is bring the commitment and the determination to become the person who you were born to be. I am delighted to supply the rest.” –Alex Vaselevski, How To Make Friends Worth Keeping

This book is intended for everyone, especially those who are serious about building relationships because the book presents practical steps that make perfect sense and are bound to work as expected. He warns the reader early in the book, however, about the need to conquer the fear that might keep one from making the move to implement the suggested methods. The suggested ‘how to make friends’ steps sometimes sound like hard work. Building and maintaining friendships turns out to be much like the way an efficient business establishment is handled. You make a business plan, chart out a schedule for calls, activities, etc. You even make a database of records for each friend! Stop and check yourself right there. The level of your surprise or disbelief at the preceding statements is also the level at which you take the value of friendship and relationships for granted. Note, the author says: “Nothing is trivial when it comes to friendship”. If you have experience, or is familiar, or even just have an inkling about business procedures, you will realize that what is elaborated in the book will definitely give assured returns in terms of loyal friendships and strong lasting relationships.
If you still think that friendship and relationships are not that big a deal, consider the following statements as a wake-up call. “If you look at the deathbed research, no one ever talks about money or work or possessions or accomplishments. Instead, it is all about relationships, families, friendships and the times which they have shared with those whom they treasure the most. Don’t miss out. Value people by valuing the things which seem limitless and trivial.” And if I may add, the discussion of accomplishments, possessions and accumulated wealth left behind only causes jealousy, envy and arguments as to who gets which, further causing division and strife in relationships.

The book elaborates on the concepts that allow you to make friends worth keeping. Not only that, it goes into details and even gives specific steps to take to implement the ideas presented. It teaches you the different types of people, how to detect a person’s type and how to handle each type. It also gives tips on recognizing the kind of people to stay away from. You can consider it as a how-to-make-friends coach that will guide you through the phases of initiating, establishing, maintaining, mending, deepening and keeping friendships and relationships for life. If you find the art of conversation challenging, you will also be coached in detail on each stage of a conversation ( i.e opening, body, closing) and the value of listening. You will literally become a master conversationalist eventually if you practice the methods as instructed and an expert on how to make friends worth keeping.

All in all, I consider the book, How To Make Friends Worth Keeping, as a must-have in my library.

A Mother’s Musings About Laughter

I recall the past years, especially the past few years prior to my retirement, when I lived by myself because all my children are all married and lived somewhere else with their families.

Contributor: Erlinda O. Moralde

There’s my small room where I contemplated my rather boring life after I’m done with my office work. Inspite of that uninteresting part of my life, there was a feeling of contentment and peace in me. However, when I hear mirthful laughter in the adjacent rooms, I realized that I must be missing a lot in my life.

  • The human race has only one really effective weapon and that is laughter” – Mark Twain.
  • Laughter is the best medicine“.
  • The most wasted of all days is one without laughter” – E.E. Cummings.
  • At the height of laughter, the universe is flung into a kaleidoscope of new possibilities” – Jean Houston.
  • Mirth is God’s medicine. Everybody ought to bathe in it” – Henry Ward Beecher.
  • Laughter is an instant vacation” – Milton Berle.

These sayings floated playfully around me as I continued my musing. I could not remember the last time I laughed out loudly and without reserve with my family. Of course, I do laugh mirthfully in the office. I make sure that everyone gets a dose of laughter everyday by cracking out jokes. Laughter takes the boredom and stress away from the work place. It lightens up the office like a light bulb. I missed those days now that I’m retired.

I realized that although I have a happy family, we are not the kind who laugh together often. I realized that I should have made family laughter a regular and serious undertaking. I should have made my family a family who LOL (laugh out loud) together everyday.

Well, it’s not too late. As a full-time grandmother, I get to see and take care of 8 chortling, twittering, giggly grandchildren who make my golden age literally golden. Even now as I am writing this, a smile begins to form in my face as I recall the kids. Given the chance, I’d build a big place for them where we can play and laugh together to our hearts’ content. And I am going to make sure that we will never be wanting in laughter together everyday.

For me, laughter is not a privilege, it’s a responsibility.

Getting My EON Card and My Paypal Verification

Getting my EON card

I just went to the nearest Unionbank and applied for an EON Card. The requirements for eon card application are just 2 valid IDs. Thus I photocopied my Civil Engineering Licence ID and my Driver’s ID and attached it to the application form. On handing the papers back to the unionbank employee, I asked her how long it would take to have my EON card processed. She said getting my EON card would take around 2 weeks and that I need to just call every now and then to check if it is ready for pickup.

About 9 days later, my wife called Unionbank to check on my EON card. It’s ready for pickup! Wow, in less than 2 weeks, I got my card in my hand! After paying the EON card fee to the teller and depositing a few bucks (only the card fee is required, the deposit is in preparation for my Paypal verification), I was handed my card. I literally kissed the card on its lips when I got ahold of it the first time. Lips? Ok, ok, I took a second look and I discovered it’s actually an eye (that background picture over which the card numbers are written). Anyway, thing is, I never thought getting my EON card could make me this ecstatic.

I proudly waved my hot new EON card to everyone back at the office. I think everyone felt happy for me except for one young lady who reacted with angry fumes spurting out her nose and ears. Turns out she had applied for an EON card a month and a half ago and couldn’t get it even up to now. Frequent calls and visits proved ‘no joy’ as the Unionbank employee told her it probably is still being processed. One even told her that she has “no choice but to wait”. As to how getting my EON card was a breeze while hers was a storm, I have no clue. She is now researching for other banks that could provide her with a surefire paypal verification solution.

The Paypal Verification

So, the next thing I did was to enroll for a Unionbank’s online account so that I could access information about my EON, card such as remaining balance and transactions made, online. Afterwards, I accessed my paypal account and started the paypal verification process. Paypal responded with an email telling me to access my EON card online account to check out the 4-digit paypal code after 3 to 5 days. I am supposed to enter this 4-digit paypal code later to be finally verified.

The online EON account is supposed to take effect after 24 hours, but even after the 5th day, I still couldn’t access my account. It keeps telling me to ‘enter a valid user ID or number’, or something. I gave it another couple of days. Still the same thing happened. So I emailed unionbank support about my problem. I emailed them 5 times in a span of three weeks. All I got are auto-responses and some neutral and inconclusive replies from their support staff. Finally I called them up by phone. Again, it took 2 phone calls to finally get some proper answer to my problem. Turns out that the only problem is that my username is a bit too long (about 20 letters), and that 4-digit paypal code is actually just the expuse number. Actually I knew about the expuse number but Paypal’s email said about a “4-digit paypal code for the charge” they made to my account. The charge was that $1.95 temporary withdrawal they made from my account. So I thought Paypal must have upgraded from expuse number to this 4-digit paypal charge code. Silly me.

Paypal Code for Verifying EON Card

paypal verification for eon card

Once you have enrolled with an EON online account, (after 2 days) you can access it. You’ll find your expuse number or code like the one shown above. That’s the number you input for your verfication with paypal.

Thus, the planned birth of my very first website/blog was postponed by about a month because I needed the card and paypal verification to purchase my domain name and webhosting.

And everything ran smoothly ever after.

Abused Women

My wife used to work under the Gender and Development Department at the City Hall before she moved to the Assessor’s Office. Every now and then, I visit her at her office and sometimes get to see complainants, abused women, seeking assistance, emotionally voicing out their sad stories while my wife took notes and sympathetically coaching them to tell all. Sometimes, the bruises on their faces requires no further explanation.

Aside from entertaining complainants in their office, they also schedule trips to remote places to hold seminars geared to inform everyone that there is help, through a government program, for victims of abuse, be they wives, husbands, or children. It is surprising that there just are some people who simply choose to endure and be silent about their ordeal even though they know they can seek assistance and security outside.

A Safe Place, a multi-faceted organization committed to providing help to abused women and children, provides the following US statistics in their website:

  • 7% of women are physically abused by their partners; while a whooping 37% are verbally or emotionally abused.
  • A woman is physically abused by her husband every 9 seconds.
  • 7% to 26% of pregnant women are abused.
  • 42% of murdered women are killed by their intimate partners.

And this shows only the reported and recorded ones. There is a possibility that the unreported cases are greater than the reported ones.

Why are there unreported cases? Let’s take one common pattern. A woman comes complaining about abuses she experienced very recently, accusing her husband of physically and emotionally hurting her. So, the government office concerned promptly prepares her case for filing and processing. A day or two later, the complainant retracts her statements and cancels the filed complaint. She says she and her husband have patched things up and are in good terms now. She says she loves her husband and her husband has promised not to do it again.

Love conquers all. Abused women who do not report their ordeals are either so in love (believing that they or some miracle could somehow cause their partners to change in the future), or more likely, are trapped in fear. Fear of further physical injury, fear of an uncertain future without their husbands. Shame also plays into the picture, feeling like it’s their fault they got into this kind of marriage. These factors block them from seeking help or assistance.

This link tells of a story about an Asian woman, who speaks little English, who married an American and was brought to America, and became trapped.

Hard to believe it may seem but this area is not necessarily monopolized by women. Not very often, a male subject comes in asking for help and filing a case against his wife for battering him. Emotional and verbal abuse, I don’t have trouble believing immediately, but when he says his wife made him some sort of a human punching and kicking bag, I can almost see the thought cloud on top of everyone’s head that says ‘unbelievable’… but it happens. Even my wife who has entertained cases such as these (men seeking assistance) cannot help but suppress a smile of disbelief every time she interviews this kind of ‘victim’.

For a list of help resources, please refer to SAFE’s website. Here you’ll see links for assistance on these matters whether you’re in Ireland, The Philippines, or wherever your country may be. And these covers everyone… abused women, children, men, straight, gay.
Several stories of abused women,,181942_654729,00.html
On a slightly different node: Wives who killed their husbands

Tips For Dads Of Difficult Teenagers

So, you’re a father and you got teenagers in the house. You feel that a particular teener is giving you more headaches than you did to your father when you were in your teens yourself. Now, reach up with your right hand and tap yourself in the back and welcome yourself to the ‘Dads of Difficult Teenagers‘ club.

Generally, solutions can be conjured up more easily if you first try to understand a problem and the factors that contribute to it.

Fathers, through a teen’s eyes

A major source of conflict in father-teenager relationships is in the area of freedom. If allowed, teenagers tend to spend most of their time with friends than with their family. The urge to try new things is mostly in the ‘not allowed’ zones (from ‘staying out too long’ to the ‘unimaginable’) and, thus, a father is usually seen as a block to their freedom. A father, however, who knows when to be there at the right time and place is seen by a teenager as a reliable confidante, hero and friend, though this ideal type of father is a hard-to-find commodity.

Why do they do it?

Why do they do the things they do? Three major factors were observed to be most obvious: Physical-hormonal, emotional, and mental.

Researchers now claim that aside from the physical-hormonal changes, brain areas that govern logic are further developing at this period. So, imagine a teenager making decisions while his ‘CPU’ is still loading up. And emotions brought by peer pressure and the need to look cool would tend to heat things up further. This mix almost sounds like a computer in the verge of crashing. They also think that old folks never understand teenagers, forgetting totally the fact that these folks had been teenagers at one time, and are definitely wiser now.

Suggestions for dealing with difficult teenagers

  • Show ‘cool’ and strength. They are more likely to believe one who has the attributes that they strive for.
  • Respect their strange rhythms. Give leeway to SOME irregularities like the times they like to eat breakfast, sleep and wake up, etc.
  • Arrange more X-Outdoor activities. Put a little X (as in extreme) in your outdoor activities. You on your big bike and your teen and his friends on skateboards holding unto ropes attached to the bike. Cool?
  • Have more dinner together as a family. That TV ad promoting this activity proves that this works.
  • Get in their shoes, and determine when you should be there and when to stay in the backstage.
  • Have the iron hand within reach should it be needed.
  • Communicate! Talk! Sometimes, this is all you need.

For EXTREMELY difficult situations, it’s time to level up. That is, it’s time to seek professional help.

Author’s note: Children of some of my relatives are becoming teenagers really fast, and mine will soon be in a few short years. I also remembered a time when my father, also my hero by the way, had to deal with my younger brother who, for awhile, chose ‘friends’ over family. Some of the suggestions above were the steps taken by my father. The others are steps which should have cost him less frustrations had he taken them.