Wired FM Modulator

: Hardwire FM Modulator vs. Wireless FM Modulator

Just thought of sharing something that got me interested in at the moment. A wired fm modulator gives you crystal clear sound and no hissing noise that usually comes with wireless fm modulators.

Wired FM Video: Wired FM Modulator Install

(Above is a video of someone showing off his wired fm modulator).

And with this, you can leave all your CDs at home. Instead, you bring an SD card with you in the car and enjoy even more songs than your CD collection.

FM Modulator Tutorial

Here, you can find several choices of Available Wired FM Modulators.

Audiovox FM100A FM Modulator with IST2 Isolation Transformer (Grey)
“Best FM Modulator I’ve Ever Used”
“Forget about other FM modulators, this one wins them all.”
“the best modulator on the market”
“Exceeded Expectation”
“Tried a few, but this one is best”
wired fm modulator | PYLE 110 Channel Wired FM Modulator with Digital Display
PYLE PLMD9 110 Channel Wired FM Modulator with Digital Display
This 2-channel wired FM modulator is perfect for those with vehicles with aftermarket DVD players installed who want the sound to play over their built in speakers, or hook up an MP3 player. Just simply connect the audio out of your DVD or MP3 player to the RCA jacks, then wire into your antenna. Works at 87.5 – 98.5 MHz for 110 possible frequencies! Comes with 4 mounting tabs for easy installation.

Cassette Tape Player: Have One?

Having personally witnessed the progress of personal portable audio equipment from the big cassette tape player to the walkman to the cd walkman to the mp3 players and mp4 players, I found it surprising that I still can see some folks lugging along these portable cassette tape players in their belts. I thought it has gone the way of the dinosaur.

Probably because of my assumption that they’re gone, I have not noticed that cassette tapes are still visible in the shelves of some music stores. After the subject of a cassette tape player was brought up by some friends in our latest get-together, I am again noticing that these relics are indeed still alive and still selling. I thus thought that as long as there are still cassette tapes in music stores, there still likewise would be cassette tape players. I recall that in our latest house cleaning I noticed a few tapes bundled in some boxes somewhere. I think those were Pimleur(?) cantonese language tapes which I bought after my aunt who got married to a Cantonese businessman in far away Malaysia visited us with her daughter. Since the tapes were still in good condition, I didn’t throw them away thinking that my kids or some friends might someday take an interest in learning cantonese. Nei hu ma?

Not only are we talking about actual music stores still displaying these players, they are similarly present online too. Google tells us that there indeed are still a considerable number of people searching for a cassette tape player online. Its other names include ‘cassette deck’ and ‘tape recorder’.

You can read more cassette tape player information from wikipedia.

Click here to further Search for Cassette Tape Player at amazon.

USB Switch Box: Multi-tasking Aid

The only thing that comes close to the USB Switch Box in the past is the printer switch which we use when we need to share a printer between 2 neighboring computer stations. The USB switch box however can connect almost any computer peripheral. You can share a printer or scanner to 4 computers and can toggle the sequence through a switch.

The really cool application for these is when you use only 1 keyboard and 1 mouse to work on 2 cpu and monitor sets. If you have worked like this before (the low-tech way), you will remember the hassle of having to push your chair (thankfully, there are little wheels under the chair legs now) towards the second keyboard and mouse and then back to the first keyboard and mouse sets as you work on both computers. With the USB switch box, you can stay on your chair and use only 1 keyboard and 1 mouse to do the same. You just push the switch on top of the box to toggle between the 2 computers. And remember we’re only talking about a 2-port USB switch box. Using a 4-port unit would mean being able to work on 4 computers without leaving your seat! If you’re some kind of a one-man-team, then this is definitely for you, whether you work to make your boss richer, or you work for yourself.

Here are a few very affordable picks that are available right now at Amazon:

IOGear USB 2.0 Peripherals Sharing Switch GUB201

4 PC to 1 USB 2.0 Device ABCD Switch Box (Printer, Scanner, etc…)

Belkin F1U200 4-Port USB Auto Switchbox (4 PCs to 1 Device) (4 PCs to 1 Device)

If you want to see more, you can check them out here.

My Western Digital External USB Hard Drive

I remembered having posted something about the western digital external usb hard drive as one more gadget in my wishlist sometime in August. Well, look here, I just got one.  No, it’s not the exact model nor is it the 500 GB unit. I got the WD Passport Essential 250 GB.


I thought this thingy is just like the plug and play ease-of-use as regular USB flash drives. The first time I plugged it, I got a flurry of errors. I had to restart my computer to make sure everything’s good before attempting another re-install. When the wizard popped up, I clicked ‘cancel’ as directed in the manual and it just installed itself automatically. The next thing that baffled me is that there are now  2 drives added when I checked the directory. The first one is the ‘WD SmartWare (G:)’ drive, and the other is the ‘My Passport (H:)’ drive. I got even more baffled when I found that the ‘WD SmartWare (G:)’ drive is untouchable. It contains  pre-existing SmartWare files. When I tried to create a new folder, it popped an ‘Unable to create folder’ – ‘Access Denied’ messagebox in front of my face.  So, I instintively went to google to search for ‘unbafflement’.  After 15 minutes of not finding the right answers, I almost resigned myself to thinking that I may have gotten a defective unit. Then I remembered that other directory. The ‘My Passport (H:)’ directory. There’s my answer. It is here where I could create folders, add files, etc.  Turns out that the first directory, the (G:) one, contains system files that one shouldn’t touch with a 10 foot pole. Confusion solved.

I’m now enjoying my 250GB Western Digital External USB Hard Drive, knowing that it’s gonna take some considerable time before I could fully use up the whole capacity. By the time I use it up, or grow tired of it, whichever comes first, there will already be 2 TB (or greater) capacity external hard drives. By that time, the internal hard drive capacities of notebooks would be even way more than that and there will actually be be no more need for portable external hard drives.


Currently, there are 500GB, 750 GB and 1TB Western Digital External USB Hard Drives available.

Western Digital External USB Hard Drive

Here’s another one of those cool things I added to my wishlist, the Western Digital external USB hard drive. Currently, my desktop has 160GB capacity. This particular western digital external usb hard drive has a whooping capacity of 500GB!

The model is WDME5000TN, a.k.a. ‘My Passport Essential 500 GB’. Of course, Western Digital has other drives of this type that has greater capacities (up to 2TB!), but this one just happens to be cool enough for me price-wise.

Since I bought my first USB flash drive about 2 years ago, I’ve saved all my work on it. I never leave even a trace of digital footprint on my desktop computer, especially the office computer. I installed MoWeS on it so that I could do all forms of wordpress and php testing and tweaking whether I’m at the office, at home, or even at my mother-in-law’s. With this western digital external usb hard drive, it’s like I’m bringing my whole office with me with lots of spare space.

With a ‘vital’ statistics of 0.5in X 5in X 3in, weighing 0.40 pounds, and transfer rate of 480 Mbits/s, it’s nothing less than sexy, sleek and professional, aesthetics-wise and function-wise. Does it come in black? Of course, and blue and red orange and grey. Powered through the included USB cable, you don’t need to lug around extra hardware, e.g. power adapters, etc. It works with both Windows and Mac.

Feast your eyes on this beauty.


Western Digital External USB Hard Drive: ‘My Passport Essential 500 GB’

Boost Mobile Phones: My Favorites

I kind of got bored today and decided to surf out of my usual surfing territory and landed on some sites which feature some cool phones, some of which are boost mobile phones.

Boost mobile phones boast a considerable collection of phone units. Of course there are some non-boost mobile phones which can be converted to boost mobile phones. Among these units are 3 of my favorites. (Note: My current phone is a Samsung unit. So, for now, I’ll do some visualizations and emoting in the pattern of the Law of Attraction so that eventually I’ll have at least one of these). 🙂


Classy. I’d definitely get lots of glance traffic from classy ladies when I begin using this one in public places. Prepaid sans low-end stature.



Full QWERTY keyboard with shortcut keys with push-to-talk technology. Multi-tasking gets easier with this charm. Walkie-talkie feature keeps you connected instantly at a push of a button. And you can have your soldier friend borrow this for a month while he is battling it out in Afganistan. When he returns it, it would still be good as new.



Honey, I placed your phone on top of the car and I forgot about it, I heard it drop on the road. When I looked back, a motorcycle skidded and ran over it. I hurriedly drove back to it in reverse and oh, ran over it again. Honey…yeah, it’s the i335, the one I’m calling you with right now. No, not even a single scratch.