Youtube Copyright Infringement: This video contains content from…

Youtube copyright infringement issues bugged me right when I learned that attaching music to my videos make it look and sound better. A video that infringes on the copyrights of the background music used gets flagged down and become un-viewable.

I bumped right up to a youtube copyright infringement issue on the very first few youtube videos I uploaded.

This video contains content from… , who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds

That’s what I saw on my third video a few hours after uploading it on youtube.

This video contains content from… , who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.

After a few seconds in a ‘what the…’ limbo I got back up and realized that I had used a background music that of course is copyrighted. I remember having used Kelly Clarkson’s ‘My life would suck without you’. And then I realized how stupid of me to have not thought about youtube copyright infringement issues before uploading.

I thought that it was alright to use any kind of music because a lot of youtube videos have background music from current popular artists. And they don’t get flagged down for youtube copyright infringement issues. Questions, questions. Nowadays, when you have questions, you go right up to google for answers. And what better source of solutions would there be than an entity which owns youtube…Google.

youtube copyright infringement
I wanted to know a way around this youtube copyright infringement problem specifically regarding a video’s accompanying music. Here’s a couple of ways around it.

3 Ways Around Youtube Copyright Infringement

  • Use Your Own Music
    To avoid copyright problems with youtube, the best technique would be to use your own music. But this of course is useful only to musicians, or people who have a knack for composing original music. That would leave 91% of us behind and in the dark. And uh, I just made that statistics value up.
  • Use free / public domain music
    So, for those who can’t compose their own music, the only apparent solution would be to use other people’s music. Thankfully, there are the so called public domain music and there are musicians who generously give their music freely to others. An initial cursory search gave me the following sites:

    The first two sites above are sources for old music that is already in the public domain and thus are copyright-free. If you don’t mind using really old music (1922 and earlier), then these sites will provide your needs. The other 2 are sites offering music created by modern-day musicians who gave permission for anyone to use their music as they please. You can search for more sites like these online. I’m sure there are countless others out there.
  • Change the music’s speed or pitch

    This must be what other folks are using in their videos with popular music in their backgrounds. How else can they post videos with Jason Mraz singing in the background?

    The trick is to change the music’s tempo, or pitch, or speed by a very small amount that’s not very noticeable to human ears but is very apparent to the music bots that youtube or other audio monopolizers are using.

    You can use your favorite audio editting software. If you don’t have one, you can download a free one that works pretty much like the pricey audio editting software out there. It’s called Audacity. If you have even just a little aptitude for tinkering with music software, you can download audacity here.

    Here’s a video showing you how to change tempo, pitch, or speed of a sound file.

Do you know of any other ways to get around youtube copyright infringement issues?

NOTE: The best methods would be the first 2 methods stated above. Obviously, the third method still is a violation of the original artists’ copyright, even if passes through youtube’s filters.

How to Replace Ink Cartridge on Epson T13 Printer

How to replace the ink cartridge on the Epson T13 T22E series printer? No, it’s not the same way you replace your other printers. Here’s how I replaced my epson t13 ink cartridge.

Here’s how I replaced an ink cartridge on my Epson T13 T22 Series Printer. The first cartridge to dry up was the black ink cartridge because I had a lot of text printing done a few weeks ago, and have yet a lot more to go. I purchased the 73N black ink cartridge just yesterday. It’s funny how ink cartridges don’t seem to have a standard price. Each outlet has a different price and the difference can go as high as $3.

As usual, whenever I’m faced with a problem, particularly in the computer and website areas, I post the solutions on my blog for my own future reference. Of course, I don’t necessarily come up with the solutions myself. I find them on the net. Sometimes though, the specific solutions are sort of difficult to find. For instance, I searched “how to replace ink cartridge on epson T13 printer“. The top results on google did not give me the solution. Most of them were pages containing advertisements for software and other un-related products.

Anyway, I was informed that you don’t replace the ink cartridge of an Epson T13 T22 series printer the way you replace regular printers’ ink cartridges. That is, you don’t just open the printer and replace the faulty cartridge manually. You need to open up its program which was installed on the computer when you installed the printer’s driver and follow the instructions from there.

How to Replace Ink Cartridge on Epson T13 Printer

  1. Click Start — Control Panel
    • Click on View Devices and Printers under Hardware And Sound
      Control Panel for Changing Printer Cartridge
  2. On the next window, under Printers and Faxes, find ‘EPSON T13 T22E Series’ and double click it.
    Devices and printer for cartridge replacement
  3. On the ‘EPSON T13 T22E Series’ window, click the ‘Customize your printer’ link under ‘Printer Management’.
    Epson Menu for cartridge replacement
  4. The ‘EPSON T13 T22E Series Properties’ window opens. Click the ‘Preferences’ button near the bottom of the ‘General’ tab.
    Customize Printer for Epson T13
  5. The EPSON T13 T22E Series Printing Preferences’ window opens. Click on the ‘Maintenance’ tab (the rightmost tab).
    Preferences for T13 cartridge replacement
  6. Click on the ‘Ink Cartridge Replacement’ button.
    Maintenance of Epson T13 printer
  7. If you have not connected your printer cable to your computer yet, the following notice will appear:
    ink replacement for t13 printer
    So, connect the printer cable and turn on the printer, and click the ‘OK’ button of the above window. The ‘stop/maintenance’ button led light on the printer would be blinking orange.
  8. This ‘Ink Replacement Utility’ window appears. Click OK to proceed with the ink replacement.
    ink replacement for epson t13
  9. Then follow the instructions on each window that appears.
  10. And
    how to replace ink cartridge <a href="">epson t13</a> printer
  11. Press the ‘stop/maintenance’ button on the EPSON T13 T22E Series printer (the one next to the power button). At this point, the printer will start working on its own, complete with cranking, creaking sounds and some shaking as it tries to test the new cartridge. After a few seconds, the maintenance button will stop blinking, and the printer will go on standby mode. Click ‘Finish’.

Finally, click the OK button on the “EPSON T13 T22E Series Printing Preference” window and close all the other open windows e.g. EPSON T13 T22E Series Properties, etc.

And that’s how you replace an ink cartridge on the EPSON T13 T22E Series Printer.

Credits: First helpful site so far was extremecow answers‘s ‘How to replace cartridge epson t13 printer?’ page answered by McRaven.