My First Super Moon

What’s with the supermoon?

Again, like I’ve mentioned in my other moon shot posts, I still haven’t had enough of shooting moon pictures, especially since I still have to shoot my very first full moon. And what a full moon I got the chance to shoot. A full supermoon!


I would have missed shooting this full moon haven’t I been reminded by the tv newscaster about the ‘super moon’ up there that evening. So even though it was really late when I got back to the house, I set up my tripod outside and took my very first full moon and very first supermoon shots. Of course, the presence of clouds made me wait lots between attempts.

(I still have to figure out how to shoot a sharp moon with visible clouds surrounding it.)

Well, this would have been sort of novel were that ‘every 18 years’ myth was true. Turns out, it was a misconception.

Wikipedia has this to say about the supermoon (a term coined by someone called Richard Nolle back in 1979):

“A perigee-syzygy of the Earth-Moon-Sun system or “supermoon” is a full or new moon that coincides with a close approach by the Moon to the Earth. The Moon’s distance varies each month between approximately 357,000 kilometers (222,000 mi) and 406,000 km (252,000 mi) due to its elliptical orbit around the Earth (distances given are center-to-center).”

Perigee-syzwhat? I got lost there after the first ‘y’ in ‘syzygy’. If you were as lost as I am but would want to clear things up a bit, you may go to Nolle’s website for a little enlightentment about the matter.

Here’s wikipedia’s pic of that same supermoon.

I actually don’t see much difference between this and other previous full moons I’ve seen. To the naked eye, the visual size difference is not very significant as to be detectable. In fact, hadn’t people been so abuzz about it, it would have been just like any other moonlit night. But hey, this is my first supermoon shot.

How Would Justin Bieber Look With A Beard?

After a month of facial hair free growth, how would Justin Bieber look like? Take your pick.

Justin’s girlfriend supposedly was against his plan to allow facial hair to grow freely for a month. That’s what the showbiz section of the news said. This of course made me wonder how Justin would really look with a moustache.

So, just to satisfy my curiosity I did a little photo manipulation and came up with these possible scenarios. The original photo was taken from

bearded justin bieber
justin bieber moustache
moustachiod justin
moustachioed justin
funny justin beard

Hey, this is all just for the fun of it, ok? I don’t want to get into any trouble with Justin’s zealous fans. Peace guys. 🙂

Of course, I showed this first to a couple of ‘Bielebers’ (my 2 kids) and their reactions…were probably the same as yours.

But seriously now, if he were to really really want to get ‘bearded’, which one do you think would best suit him?

Moon Shots With Canon 18-200 IS Lens

Some of my evening and morning moon pictures.

I still haven’t had enough of ‘shooting at the moon’, I always take moon shoots whenever the opportunity presents itself. Just for this month, I’ve had a few days/nights chance at taking pictures of the moon at its different phases. Here are some of the best I’ve made.

Evening Picture of the Moon with Clouds

Though I would have preferred a cloudless night when I take moon shots with my Canon 18-200 IS Lens, I find that some clouds can actually give it some dramatic effect which a clear night couldn’t. Most of the time, I would wait until the cloud passes by, but in this pic, I took a shot while the clouds are still in the vicinity of the moon.

picture of moon with clouds
I cropped this off from the original, but I should have saved it at a higher quality. If you click it and viewed it at maximum size, it shows some obvious noise in the upper and lower portions.

Early Morning: Picture of the Moon with Clouds

I think it was on the 25th of this month when I saw that the moon was still up at early dawn. So I hurriedly took out my camera and tripod and got this shot. This time, it was a cloudy dawn, so, I have no choice but to take shots where the cloud was thinnest.

picture of moon with clouds at dawn

I also cropped this off the original picture and though I saved it at the same non-maximum quality level, I think this one came out rather well. Check it at its actual size by clicking on it.

Moon at 200mm

Below is a night shot of the moon with no cloud cover at 200mm.

picture of moon at 200mm

Until the moon shot fever is still up, I’d be adding more moon pictures on this post hopefully next month.

My Latest Photo Fun: Interesting Sky

This was the first time I saw this sky. There’d been lots of other more interesting skies before of course. But this was new to me.

My latest photo fun happened last February 6 when I was awakened from my day dreaming by the kids outside telling me about an interesting sky. True enough I saw clouds and the sun about to set painting an interesting composition. I scrambled back inside the house and grabbed the camera. I would have wanted to set up my tripod too, but I had a feeling that this interesting work of art is not going to last long. And newbie as I am, I even had a bit of confusion as I tried to adjust my settings after every hurried shot I made.

Here are the photos I took. A professional photographer who has really mastered the equipment surely would have captured and produced a much better picture of the western sky. Alas, I am far from that stage. I hope the next time this grand handiwork happens, I’ll be better equiped skill-wise in capturing it.

The spectacle changed quite rapidly I had to hurry with my shooting.

interesting sky sunset cloud

interesting sky sunset clouds

Photo Fun: Night Sky shots

And on the 8th of February, I took this moon-shot. I had taken a couple of moonshots before with the kit lens, but this is the first moonshot I took using the 18-200mm IS lens.

moon shot 200mm

The moon was still going for full moon status (is that how you say it?). So, on the 11th, I took another moon shot. The result was more or less like the one above except that it showed more moon surface this time. However, on DPP I tried adjusting the White Balance and got this result.
moon shoot moralde dot com

Photo Fun: Toying with Cheap Lighting

Commonly accessible and cheap light sources, it seems, can still do wonders for photography. Well, at least for my own photo fun purposes, it does.

Just had a cool weekend with the kids. They enjoyed swimming in the pool at the Countryside Hotel where we stayed overnight. As I did not feel like having fun swimming, I opted to have photo fun – photographing the wife and kids at the pool. But that’s not what this post is about.

As I still haven’t had enough playing with the camera, when we got home I played around with cheap lighting with some of the kids’ toys as subjects. By cheap lighting, I mean using just that plain old flashlight – the ones with led lights. A few weeks ago, btw, I bought a halogen light set because I had a mind to attempt another one of those water drop photos. Have to set another time for that though as it takes a little bit more time and preparation and setting up to do.

photo fun

Tails: The light is to my right and just a little below us – right there. It’s nearer to me, but why do I get the feeling that you’re getting more of it?

Silver: I’m facing it you moron. Why don’t you try facing it too? That way, you’ll get more light on your face, instead of those shadows cast by your silly facial hair.

Silver: Oh, I see. Camera shy, eh?. Ok, let’s see what happens if I face the same way. There.

Tails: Uhmmm…my shoes look good, don’t they? Still, you look cool and dramatic. D’you think I should wear that funny fierce look too?

Tails: How about we try moving the light to the left?

Silver: C’mon Tails, stop complaining. It’s just that…some folks simply have it, others don’t. I’ve accepted long ago that I’m photogenic. Wait, did you see that? Stay here, I’ll go check it out.

Silver: Hmmm…I remember this kind of lighting in some suspense movies. Makes me look even more menacing as I stalk my prey. I hope though that that flash I saw was a rabbit and not a tail of some dinosaur.

Silver: What the…? Cool! Two cameras. Ah, that red light comes from that point-and-shoot camera as it is pressed halfway. I hope that won’t give the red eye effect.

Ok, cut! Silver and Tails, back to your Sonics boxes.

There, who said we can’t have photo fun without strobes and expensive fancy photo lighting systems? Looks like my flashlight and that point-and-shoot camera’s pre-flash red led work just fine. Well, at least they do for small subjects like my kids’ toys.

Shaniah Niles’ Artworks

Some of 5 year-old Shaniah Nile’s doodles.

Like any 5 year old, my daughter, Shaniah Niles, loves to doodle whenever she gets ahold of paper and pencil and some crayons. She likes doodling/drawing so much she asked her mom to buy her a plastic slider so she could save her work there. And not only does she save her own work, she also puts in there her big brother’s (11 year-old James Lionel) or any other’s artwork (e.g. mine) that she finds to her liking.

Knowing how paper and all that’s written in it fades away with time, I decided to start taking pictures of her artworks. It’s probably not what you can call very excellent art, but I just thought she would appreciate it when, say, 12 years from now, she’d bumped into it when she type’s her name on google’s search box. Her mom even said that she’s gonna make a slide show out of it and she’ll have it shown on her debut several years from now.

Yes, Niles, my sweet daughter, these are some of your work when you were 5 years old. 🙂

Below, she told me that the folks she drew here are, from left, Daddy (me), James Lionel, Mommy, and Shaniah Niles (herself). That girl on the right is her nanny who accompanies her to school everyday. She must have drawn this last christmas.

I remember her showing me this work right after she came home from school. She pulled it, folded, off her Barbie purse.

This is a drawing of a (really tall) house, the sun, and blue sky.

I am not sure what this is. It’s either a picture of her mom, or a self-portrait.

A very sunny picture. Sun, rainbow, mountains below the rainbow, and those are clouds (not birds, she insists), a school bus, 2 boys (me and big brother), and 3 girls (Shaniah, mommy and nanny).

Now, I’m pretty sure this is a self-portrait, together with the sun and a smiling butterfly.

While sitting in a fastfood at the mall, waiting for our food to arrive, I borrowed her pencil and started doodling. When the food arrived, I forgot all about the doodle (I usually throw it away). When we got home, I noticed her very busy with her crayons. Looking over her shoulders, I found that she had taken the doodle and brought it home with her to color.

The slider book is bursting with all her collections. I have photographed only around one-twelfth of it, and it’s still growing by the day.

My Goals For 2011

My blogging goals for 2011.

I actually created a written (on a little piece of scrap paper) list of goals last year that I then kept in my wallet. I think I was able to re-read that list a whooping total of 2 times during the whole year. If I recall right, only a fraction of those goals came to some sort of fruition. But then, I never really did serious work on those goals, like the way I did not follow up on some seo experiments I started last year. Had I however focused a little on those goals, I’m pretty sure I’d have accomplished something.

So, now I’m back to the drawing board to draft up another list of goals for 2011, thanks to Patricia of and Sire of wassupblog who gave me that little ‘extra push’ to get me off my couch and do some action for a change. This time, I’m converting this list into jpeg format so I could post it as a wallpaper on my notebook. This way, I’ll be reminded of the goals everytime I open my notebook.

Update Existing Websites

I have a few other websites other than this blog which have specific niche targets. Some of these sites have long achieved first page serp status because of some seo work I did on them. The others however seemed to require a little more work to move up the ranks. These are the sites I need to act on starting on the first quarter of 2011. If I could get them to rise to the first pages of the serps, I’ll definitely be emboldened and motivated to again create new websites of the same kind.

This was actually how I realized that I’m actually the ‘glass half empty’ kind of guy. Some of my sites just seemed to not move up the serp inspite of the seo work I clocked on it. My eagerness to create more websites was thus dampened, and I stopped producing new sites. I seemed to have forgotten that I also got some sites up there (on google’s first pages) due to the same type of seo work and am reaping some monetary rewards for it now. Talk about prefering to look not at the bright side of things. 🙂

Create New Sites

Partly, the reason why I stopped researching and making more sites, is because my MNF (and now my Market Samurai) quit working on my machine. Either my Win7 copy or some other application I’ve installed has something that clashes with it. I’m contemplating on doing a reformat and reinstallation on my notebook. In the meantime, I have installed MNF on my wife’s netbook and it’s working nicely there. I guess I’ll re-install Market Samurai there too.

I aim to create more new sites to add to my portfolio of sites. Hopefully, the new sites will augment my online income with Amazon. Speaking of Amazon, I found out that my earnings took a spike during this recent holiday season, even though the products I was marketing are not gift-related. In fact it’s office equipment. Perhaps people just tend to buy more during the holiday season. Or, the year end bonuses have something to do with it perhaps?

Create An E-book