Caught Red Handed

I got an email yesterday about the experience of being caught surfing some site you shouldn’t be surfing. Yeah, I guess everyone has an experience about this. I got lots. During those times, you’d be wishing there’s some panic button here in the keyboard you can just press to hide everything instantly.

There have been countless times when I was able to minimize the (im)proper windows with a lot of quick deft-handed clicking but their icons and window names are still displayed on the bottom windows toolbar. The boss either wasn’t that keen and observant or he was very good at pretending he didn’t know what I’ve been being naughty about while he’s not there.

There are also not so naughty cases like when you and your siblings are busy surfing for a nice pair of lady’s shoes for a surprise gift for the wife on her birthday next week. Then with all our faces focused intently on the screen, we hear from behind us her voice saying, “wow, that one right there on the upper right is really cool!”.


The email I received, of course, is from a list I have subscribed to. And you know what lists are for: they are designed to sell products. They were endorsing this software called Panic Button Pro. This product is supposed to insure that any more of those embarrassing situations wouldn’t happen again in the future. The Panic Button Pro allows you to set it so that the software knows which windows or applications you want hidden when you click a hot-key or a combination of keys, say Shift-F1. So this time, as soon as you hear your boss’ door knob click, you just press your pre-configured hotkeys and presto, those kinky webpage windows and their corresponding icons in the toolbar disappears like magic, and out jumps up front your excel report files. When he’s gone back, pressing the same combination brings all those windows back to life. Of course, you can create multiple hot-keys with specific assignments. You have one set of hotkeys for all sorts of kinky webpages, one for your Need For Speed game application, etc.

If you are one who tends to experience the above-mentioned incidents often, then perhaps this Panic Button Pro software will help level off any more embarrassments without need of minimizing or giving up the same activities. Know more about it at the maker’s site by clicking here.