Circle Lenses: Latest Contact Lens Fad

I first had my first encounter with an actual circle lens when me, my wife, and my sister-in-law visited a beautician’s shop prior to a party my sister-in-law is attending. A beautician caught my attention because (s)he had overly-large irises. And she was also sporting pink and orange hair that were styled in a shabby-like manner making her look like an anime character. When I pointed her out to my wife, she said it’s the same kind of contact lenses Lady Gaga wore in her Bed Romance mtv. My sister-in-law, upon seeing how it enhanced the beautician immediately made a call to her optometrist friend’s shop and ordered a pair.

I did a little research on the matter and found that it can now be readily purchased online. No need for check ups. Anybody, even a 13-year-old can order online and thus wear it without her parents knowledge. I also found that there had been cases of people hospitalized due to eye infection from wearing ‘generic’ circle lenses purchased online. What had been just a $30 dollar purchase, and a few days of having ‘bedroom look’ eyes, had become a scary $10,000 hospital expense, and probably a lifetime of impaired sight.

The eyes undoubtedly are organs one shouldn’t tamper with like this without proper guidance. It’s a dark somber world in there if you lose it via a careless venture into beauty enhancements like circle lenses. Should you really want to look Gaga or anime-ish, it is advisable to take guidance from eye experts who know more about these precious human asset.