DoFollow: CommentLuved Finally

I thought using Lucia’s Linky Luv plugin was enough to become one among a lot of bloggers who embrace the DoFollow principle. Then I noticed that most of the favorite blogs that I visit everyday which are dofollow also have commentluv. I think curiosity got the better of me, but it’s probably more like guilt that finally made me give in and join the commentluv coven. In commenting in their blogs, I not only get to have a backlink using my name as anchor text, I also get a backlink for my latest post. Who am I to not reciprocate with the same generosity?

So, there, I finally took the plunge and getting myself wet all over. I’m hoping only good will come out of it. It’s not a very big deal really I suppose. It’s just another plugin.

I remember having read at ExtremeJohn’s a post promoting CommentLuv. I reckon if someone like Extreme John is using CommentLuv, then it must be good. And Sire of WassupBlog is using the plugin too. Some of my favourite bloggers who use CommentLuv are the following:

These much number of great bloggers (and countless others I have yet to know) couldn’t possibly be wrong in choosing to be commentluvers.

Are you a commentluver? If not, why?


    1. @Ricky: Yeah, I think you’re right Rick. This is the best way to say thanks to our commenters indeed.

  1. It was a great move James! I always knew that you’ll somehow jump into the bandwagon but you know what? I really didn’t notice that you don’t have CommentLuv before.

    Maybe I wasn’t that focused on getting something back instead I give back. It’s always nice to know that there are guys who are into genuine conversation.

    Thanks for the link love, I appreciate it. 🙂
    .-= Mathdelane ´s latest blog ..Cleaning Up the Twitter Clutter =-.

    1. @Mathdelane: Hey Math, yeah, like I said, I’ve taken the plunge. ‘Genuine conversation’… I like the way you put it. 🙂

    1. @ExtremeJohn: Thanks John! I do hope that it’ll help in some way to make my blog better. 🙂

    1. @Karl Foxley: Hey Karl, thanks for dropping by my humble blog. And wow, Andy Bailey commented on your blog? Cool, I always looked up to these guys as geniuses. 🙂

    1. @Chandan: I agree totally. John is some sort of blogging guru, whether he agrees or not. I learned a lot from him. It was through his blog, for instance, that I learned the value of StumbleUpon, the value of DoFollow, etc.

    1. @Karen: Hi, Karen, nice of you to drop by. 🙂 Yeah, CommentLuv is one nice plugin. Glad to have jumped on in. 🙂

    1. @Dennis Edell: Subscribe to comments plugin. I remember Sire of wassupblog also brought that out some time ago in one of his comments here. I’ll look into that soon.

      Hey Dennis, have you somehow edited your CommentLuv plugin? Your pages’ comments don’t show the latest post of your commenters? Any idea why?

  2. Luckily I recognized your name and clicked through, without that plugin I never would have known to reply to your reply 😉 .

    Sorry about commentluv, yea it’s busted. I’ll be posting about it today. Until it’s fixed I’ll be allowing commenters to neatly leave one link behind. 🙂
    .-= Dennis Edell´s latest blog ..Are You Thankful For Your Blogging Community? =-.

    1. Thanks Walter. And it’s nice to see you here. 🙂 I took a peep, for the first time of, your blog and it looks cool and easy on the eye. You bet, I’d be checking it out further later.

    1. Yeah Ben, CommentLuv gets more people to follow us. May I know why you’re not using it yourself in your blog?

  3. It’s about time James. I’m glad you joined us CommntLuv lovers. I am pretty sure you will gain more comments and visitors. Thank you for the mention too of my blog here.
    .-= ZXT´s latest blog ..Go get them Tiger! =-.

  4. I have been using CommentLuv for a while now but notice it isn’t applicable to some other bloggers. To me this concept is a slam dunk. Are bloggers afraid to share link juice because the commenter might take more than a sip?
    .-= Payson Web´s latest blog ..Tips To Better Blogging =-.

    1. I assume the commenters who take more than a sip are the spammers. Well, we got Akismet and other anti-spam plugins taking care of that I suppose. Sometimes, I wish that bloggers who take advantage of the link luv by commenting on commentluv enabled blogs should also enable CommentLuv in their own blogs. But, like you said, it isn’t always applicable to some blogs.

    1. Yeah, somebody once said that to me too. I think someone has got to elaborate on that further sometime. 🙂

  5. Hey nice post bout commentLuv and thanks for including my site……. 🙂 Due to some health problem lately could not update my blog…… I shall be updating soon……. 🙂
    Its good to know that you follow my blog…… 🙂 All the best……

  6. I think Comment Luv is really cool way to build a community so you can explore so many blogs easily. Yes my blog is Comment Luv enabled too.

    1. Hi Sel, thanks for dropping by. You’ve got one cool blog there. I wonder what your theme is.

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