Double Entry At Google SERP

I’ve heard about such terms as ‘keyword domination’, or ‘Google Domination’. Most seo masters would say that being number 1 in the Google serp is what you call domination. What I imagined this to be however is that of having a majority share in the first page of the Google SERP for a particular keyword or keyphrase. In other words, you have multiple pages of your website up at Google’s first SERPs.

So far, the nearest I’ve ever got to this is having a double entry in the serp. That is, number 1 in the first serp is my site (not this blog) while number 2 is a subpage, or inner page of the same site. Perhaps, if I could have my pages occupying the first five slots in a serp (perhaps the first 3 is enough), I can probably pump my chest and boast that I’ve dominated the Google serp for a particular keyword.

Rarely have I seen, correction, never have I seen this happen with all five pages coming from the same site. Google’s algorithm probably takes care this doesn’t happen. So my guess is that one must put up more than 2 separate sites (separate domains) to dominate a keyword. So, if you have 3 independent sites occupying the top 3, it’s tantamount to domination, e.g. getting majority of the google searching traffic.

Giving in to curiousity, I decided to embark on as yet another experiment. For this, I got myself another domain related to a keyword. My goal is to have my 2 sites position themselves one after the other. In this case, I intend to have my second site rise to #2, as I already have my first site at #1.

I’m giving myself at least 3 months to accomplish this. My experience so far tells me I can probably do it sooner but only after the 3rd month do a site’s serp usually become stable where they stand. Thus, I’ll be posting an update to this 3 months hence.

Note: I’ve also posted a few months ago about an earlier experiment. I have not made any update to it because the experiment has never progressed beyond the planning stage. The planned seo work was never implemented yet. But, I’m giving it another chance, especially if this current one proves to be a success.

Ok, let’s relax now and watch a totally un – related lecture I think both men and women are interested about 😉

UPDATE To Double Entry at Google SERP

I’ve almost forgotten about this experiment but lately, when I checked Google at the first page, I got

  1. Main page of my site
  2. An inner page of the same site
  3. Another inner page of the same site
  4. A competitor’s site
  5. An inner page of the same competitor’s site
  6. A forum site inner page
  7. An inner page of this blog

Creating several pages in a site for a particular keyword and creating multiple sites targeting the same keyword can indeed work to dominate the first page of google.

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