Drawing and Taking Notes with the Adonit Jot Pro Stylus (and it’s DIY version)

A couple of months ago, I made my DIY Jot capacitive stylus with the help of some YouTube videos (click here to watch) detailing how it works and how to make one’s own using only materials readily available at home. With that DIY Jot, I came up with these ‘masterpieces’ on Sketch Pro. I’ve actually already posted these images in a previous post.

my sketch pro artworks

Then just today, I found out that it’s now available in my city at Digital Walker. There are 3 models available: the Jot Classic, the Jot Mini, and the Jot Pro. Of course, I could not resist getting the Pro, though I had to shell out a few bucks more for it.

my adonit jot pro capacitive stylus

Function-wise, my DIY and the real Jot are at par with each other. Aesthetically, the real Jot Pro leaves the DIY in the dust, of course. As you can see in the comparative images below, my DIY looks like your wife today, while the Jot Pro looks like her when she was still your girlfriend 10 years ago. Ladies, no offense meant. Just trying to be as realistic as possible. 🙂

jot pro and DIY

If I can come out with something I would consider ‘cool’ with my wife, err, my DIY jot pen, I’m pretty sure I could make something ‘cooler’ with the Jot Pro capacitive touch stylus. Uh oh, I guess I just pushed expectations a notch higher. No pressure.

jot pro dampening feature
In the area of note taking, the Jot Pro will definitely be very useful as it’s slimmer and thus a lot more handy and easier to carry around. The transparent circular plate makes me see exactly where the lines and curves begin and end. And it’s magnetic cling feature allows me to just attach it to the iPad. Unfortunately, only the Pro has this feature.

Regarding its ‘dampening tip’ feature, it does eliminate the sound of the pen brushing with the surface of the ipad or iPhone like the one you hear when you use one of those rounded rubber tipped pens. Then again, with the scotch tape I put on my DIY’s under-surface, it was also as silent as the pro.

magnetic stylus jot pro

DIY Jot Stylus (Adonit Jot Pro AVAILABLE ONLINE)