Drought Update


This does not refer to a drought in Africa or to any place on earth at all. This refers to the drought of posts in this blog. I’ve not made any update at all since my last post about Captchas. I guess I didn’t have any inspiration or motivation to create posts these past few weeks. This post should thus be called ‘Update Drought’ and not ‘Drought Update’.

As can be seen from this blog, I have never implemented the rule penned by some bloggers where they say that a blogger should post at least once or twice a day. The fact is I normally make one post every week or every two weeks. Of course, I know the consequence of violating those blogger’s rules. Thus, I can’t complain about having poor traffic because I deserved it. At the rate of posts I have been outputting since the beginning, this blog can be considered to be always in ‘posts drought’. So, the ‘Drought Update’ title is still a propos.

I have every now and then browsed through some forums and some of them feature the offers of some of their enterprising members who offer article writing services. Lots of times I feel like giving in to the urge to hire them to write a couple of articles or more just so I could fill the gaps in my blog. On second thought however, I fear that the resulting writing style might be so different to mine and be so obvious to the readers. I don’t write perfectly; thus posting something in here that is so professional and so perfectly written just might look out of line. Anyway, there’s only one way to find out. One of these days, I just might try outsourcing and see what comes out of it. Perhaps I would label these outsourced posts, should I ever go that route, as guest posts because I would never be comfortable claiming them as mine, whether or not they conform to my writing style.

I have now realized that blogging is not like maintaining a personal diary where you could write or not write anything depending on your whim or fancy. I see that blogging comes with a certain degree of responsibility… a responsibility to your readers. You may not have asked them to come and read your blogs but they did come, perhaps by accident, or having just stumbled on it, or having been referred by someone who have stumbled on it earlier. And having come once, they may just want to come again, hoping to read some more of what you would be writing next. The first responsibility is to ‘not let them down‘. For now, I am not concerned about the other responsibilites after this first one. For now, I’ll be addressing this one reponsibility and see what I can do about it. I have, after my sorties to various forums, also learned some methods of attracting more traffic to my blog. But I guess I can’t implement them if I continue to output posts at the present rate. I’d only be letting down more readers if I do so.

This is it, for now. I’m hoping to increase postings after this. See you.


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