Enjoying MNF Again

My MNF (Micro Niche Finder) is back and working even better than before. Whew, I was almost ready to accept that I’d never see my copy work again. After all, it’s paid off its worth many times over already. I thought I’d lost forever one of my best SEO tricks.

For the ‘uninitiated’, Micro Niche Finder is a keyword research tool that evaluates the viability of your keywords, giving you an idea as to how easy or difficult it is to use for ‘seo’ purposes. Particularly interesting is the ‘Brainstorm’ feature where with one click you are given several random keywords and the feasibility of each one. This is specifically helpful for someone who doesn’t have any idea for a keyword to start researching for. I owe to this brainstorm feature one site of mine that has garnered some considerable success in the serps. For more information about (MNF) Micro Niche Finder, please check this link out.

No, the MNF copy in my notebook is still not working, just as the Google adwords keywords tool is still not working when I use IE. I have stopped pestering MNF Support because I had a feeling that the fault is no longer with MNF. This, after they told me to try using the Google Adwords Keywords tool using IE. They said if it doesn’t work, MNF won’t work. Some say it could be due to a Win7 update, etc. Besides, there doesn’t seem to be much discussion about it in the MNF Facebook page. If the problem had affected everyone, it would have become a big issue. Seems like everyone else is sailing smoothly with their mnf, including those who are ‘outside the US’.

MNF Is Back

Last week, my wife got her wish of getting her new Lenovo netbook. It only has a Win7 Starter Edition OS. I installed a second copy of MNF there. Lo and behold, MNF worked and is back in all its glory. All features worked seamlessly. Looks like I’m back in business again. I have yet to inform support about this.

Meanwhile, as I mentioned earlier, the copy on my own notebook is still useless. I’m contemplating on doing a ‘system restore’ back to when it last worked. This would entail some backup work, but I just might get to do it soon when I get the inspiration, or when I get tired of borrowing my wife’s netbook, whichever comes first.

Presently, I use the tandem of Market Samurai and Micro Niche Finder for my keyword research.

Now, all I need is to do is schedule and allot a time to get back to keyword hunting.

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  1. Hi,

    I have just been through a MNF and MS not working on an xp machine. I found that when using the Google keyword tool from IE, it would just keep reloading the captcha rather than return results.

    The problem was that my computers date and time was not set properly. When I set this to the right date/time, it all works again.

    Hope this helps.

    1. Hi, thanks for informing us of your solution. Yeah, that’s (the captcha thing) what’s happening with my IE. Thing is, the date and time of my notebook is already correctly set. 🙁

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