1st Cycle Post

This is just a short post kicked up to commemorate my having just survived my latest ninth cycle, and getting started with another (first) cycle. The picture below was taken during our city’s feast day. This happened to be one of the highlights of the festival, with a considerable number of air force folks jumping off a chopper and decorating the skies with their colorful parachutes and all landing accurately on the same circled spot inside the stadium. This show not being an everyday sight, people were naturally awed and amazed at the exhibition in the sky. Excitement was the word of the day.

Excitement is the same word I’d adopt for my entry into my newest first cycle. Now, allow me to enjoy it. Till next time.

Note: For those who were not fooled… yeah, I was not able to resist it. I added the colorful smokes. But you have to admit it, photoshop can really add extra umph to any image, can’t it?


This guy was born just a few days (and a few decades) ahead of me. And, by the way, I learned about some queer thing concerning his song ‘Imagine‘. If you play a tone of 528 hertz continuously while the song is played, it will supposedly remain in harmony throughout the whole song. I tried it and it did play nicely throughout. Cool. What’s with the 528 hZ tone?


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