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The Galaga video game is a game most kids today have perhaps never heard of but was once a craze for kids back in the 80’s. There are however games similar to the galaga video game that I sometimes see once in a while in the internet. If you’re like me who sometimes plays games for the sole purpose of de-stressing, then this is one arcade game you can start tinkering with. You see, the problem with most modern strategy games is that it stresses you even further. I prefer to leave strategizing in the conference table at the office. For a fun de-stressing game, I prefer the ones without (or only with a minimum of) the ‘strategy’ factors, like the galaga video game.

For those who have no idea of what it is, the galaga video game is a shooter game where you control a ship that is fixed in the bottom of the screen. You can only move the ship(s) from left to right using the left and right arrow keys. Simple isn’t it? You can play the game using only 3 fingers. The game was an improvement over its predecessor, the Galaxian. Whereas the Galaxian has no sound, the Galaga video game was improved with explosion sound when you lose a life. This time also, you can fire multiple bullets. Enemies, which look like giant insects emerge from the top of the screen and begin descending towards your ship in formation. They will attempt to destroy you by spraying your ship with bullets or collide with you. Your goal is to stay alive and kill as many enemies as possible which gradually increases in number as you progress in the higher levels.

This game may sound boring to most kids, my kid included, but there are still a lot of people who find some fun playing it, otherwise there wouldn’t have been a sequel called the Galaga Legions for the xbox live arcade service.

Galaga Video


    1. The Galaxian is the game’s older version. Galaga is an improvement over it, with sounds and other added features. With regard to Pac Man, I think all people who have ever touched a computer have played it. 🙂

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