Getting My EON Card and My Paypal Verification

Getting my EON card

I just went to the nearest Unionbank and applied for an EON Card. The requirements for eon card application are just 2 valid IDs. Thus I photocopied my Civil Engineering Licence ID and my Driver’s ID and attached it to the application form. On handing the papers back to the unionbank employee, I asked her how long it would take to have my EON card processed. She said getting my EON card would take around 2 weeks and that I need to just call every now and then to check if it is ready for pickup.

About 9 days later, my wife called Unionbank to check on my EON card. It’s ready for pickup! Wow, in less than 2 weeks, I got my card in my hand! After paying the EON card fee to the teller and depositing a few bucks (only the card fee is required, the deposit is in preparation for my Paypal verification), I was handed my card. I literally kissed the card on its lips when I got ahold of it the first time. Lips? Ok, ok, I took a second look and I discovered it’s actually an eye (that background picture over which the card numbers are written). Anyway, thing is, I never thought getting my EON card could make me this ecstatic.

I proudly waved my hot new EON card to everyone back at the office. I think everyone felt happy for me except for one young lady who reacted with angry fumes spurting out her nose and ears. Turns out she had applied for an EON card a month and a half ago and couldn’t get it even up to now. Frequent calls and visits proved ‘no joy’ as the Unionbank employee told her it probably is still being processed. One even told her that she has “no choice but to wait”. As to how getting my EON card was a breeze while hers was a storm, I have no clue. She is now researching for other banks that could provide her with a surefire paypal verification solution.

The Paypal Verification

So, the next thing I did was to enroll for a Unionbank’s online account so that I could access information about my EON, card such as remaining balance and transactions made, online. Afterwards, I accessed my paypal account and started the paypal verification process. Paypal responded with an email telling me to access my EON card online account to check out the 4-digit paypal code after 3 to 5 days. I am supposed to enter this 4-digit paypal code later to be finally verified.

The online EON account is supposed to take effect after 24 hours, but even after the 5th day, I still couldn’t access my account. It keeps telling me to ‘enter a valid user ID or number’, or something. I gave it another couple of days. Still the same thing happened. So I emailed unionbank support about my problem. I emailed them 5 times in a span of three weeks. All I got are auto-responses and some neutral and inconclusive replies from their support staff. Finally I called them up by phone. Again, it took 2 phone calls to finally get some proper answer to my problem. Turns out that the only problem is that my username is a bit too long (about 20 letters), and that 4-digit paypal code is actually just the expuse number. Actually I knew about the expuse number but Paypal’s email said about a “4-digit paypal code for the charge” they made to my account. The charge was that $1.95 temporary withdrawal they made from my account. So I thought Paypal must have upgraded from expuse number to this 4-digit paypal charge code. Silly me.

Paypal Code for Verifying EON Card

paypal verification for eon card

Once you have enrolled with an EON online account, (after 2 days) you can access it. You’ll find your expuse number or code like the one shown above. That’s the number you input for your verfication with paypal.

Thus, the planned birth of my very first website/blog was postponed by about a month because I needed the card and paypal verification to purchase my domain name and webhosting.

And everything ran smoothly ever after.


  1. Per paypal instruction, you can get it from your EON statement, online (or that which the bank is supposed to send you every month). But I think the fastest way is still to call. That’s what I did.

  2. Cool to see that you got your card. But I am happy to see that you took it from Union Bank of India as my father is the Senior Manager in this bank. Hope you won’t get any problems.

  3. re:activation code for paypal use – no need to visit or call union bank. Simply enrol your EON card in Union Banks’ online banking and you can get your activation as soon as you apply for it.I did mine online. When I verified my paypal and logged in at unionbank as soon as I was done with the verification process, there is the activation code or the verification code. Its as simple as that.

  4. Ideally, that’s what should have happened with mine. I’ve learned that at that time, Unionbank’s eon website is under some kind of ‘repair’ or whatever. They should have however posted some notice there like ‘Online transactions are suspended until further notice…etc…’. Looks like they’re ashamed to inform people their eon online facility is offline. Even their support, both phone and email, won’t admit anything about the offline status.

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  6. thanks for the info , i hope i can get my own eon too and verify my paypal as well..thanks again and have a great day ahead 🙂

  7. hello, i just want to ask, can i link some other eon card to my paypal? i mean im using my cousin’s eon card due for some reason. can i still link it to my paypal or should i register another paypal? but i laready have money in paypal

    1. It’s always best to get your own EON card. About using your cousin’s EON card, there’s only one way to find out. 🙂 If it works, this would probably cut off your cousin’s chances of getting his own paypal account verified in the future.

      I haven’t tried applying for a second paypal account, so I have no idea if this could be done.

  8. I am also planning to apply an EON card because I also want to verify my paypal account. I made my first big sale in my blogging career where my blogger blog was sold last two days ago for $550.

    By the way my friend, how much is the payment for the application of the EON card?

    Felix Albutra
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  9. Hi Guys,
    Thanks for sharing this information to us. Very informative blog!:)

    To apply for an Eon Account, just go to your nearest branch, present a valid photo-bearing ID (i.e. government-issued IDs like Driver’s License, Passport, New Laminated SSS or TIN Card, Company ID), fill out the necessary documents, and pay for the PhP350 annual fee.

    Only 1 valid ID is required upon account opening. However the Branch may ask for additional IDs just for verification purposes.

    For students/freelancers, it is important that you provide a TIN Number and SSS Number. This is needed as it indicates the source of funds, which AMLA requires of the Bank.

    By the way, do you want to receive great deals from Ebay and 2GO Cargo by using your UnionBank VISA Debit Card? Click this link and find out for yourself.

    If you have other concerns regarding EON or any other UnionBank products, you can post it on our wall at or tweet us on twitter account @unionbankph or check our website at

    We will be glad to assist you with your concerns.

    Thank you!

    UnionBank of the Philippines

    1. Hi Unionbank,

      I got my eon card last 3 weeks ago, I already enrolled it successfully online. I also registered in paypal, since my limit P00.00 I want to remove my limit in paypay. My problem is I did not receive the code to remove it successfully, It’s almost two weeks from now. I worried because I have money left in my paypal account.

      I also contacted Unionbank online but they replied with some automatic reply.

      I hope you will help me!

      Thank you!

  10. hi..may i just ask what ids are actually considered valid to apply for the card?thanks..:)

    1. I remember presenting my license and my social security id when I applied for my EON card.

  11. Hi Akire,
    You may want to check on this link to see the list of valid IDs: How to open an account.
    However, let me remind you also that it is still the prerogative of the Branch to ask for additional IDs for verification.

    For other concerns regarding your EON or any UnionBank products, you can visit our website at You can also add us on our or follow us on @unionbankph.

    Thank you!
    UnionBank of the Philippines

  12. hi!

    I still don’t have my code from unionbank so I can verify my paypal account..I keep on finding where it is located, but what’s in my mind is that it should be in the mail..
    can someone help me on this?

  13. @Core,

    The UnionBank bank code is (010419995.
    If you have other concerns regarding EON or any other UnionBank products, you can post it on our wall at or tweet us on twitter account @unionbankph or check our website at

    We will be glad to assist you with your concerns.

    Thank you!

    UnionBank of the Philippines

  14. Hello! Good day Sir/Madam,
    I am encountering a problem on enrolling in UnionBank Online Banking. I reached the step 4,but after i clicked the submit button,this message appears: Invalid third party EON Account….What is the problem?Please help me.I need to see my code for my paypal application.
    Thank you very much!

    1. The paypal code, like I’m saying in the post above, is the expuse code that the folks at unionbank are telling me about. And like I’ve done above when things seem not to work out right, I emailed and eventually called unionbank up. I suggest you do the same, too. They might not be perfect and thus may have shortcomings either in service or in their technical works but they do care that their business be not marred by complaints from their clients. They’ll help you.

  15. Help.. Just Got my Eon card last few days.. My Eon card is already activated offline, but not online.. Then I enroll my card at Paypal FIRST, and charge me 101php.. Then i enrolled EOn online and it will take 2 business day..
    My problem to be, I enrolled paypal first then EON online, i check via ATM, and my account was deducted.. Can i still view my previous transaction online? How can i view my “PAYPAL verification code”? My EON is not yet activate online?

    1. The way I understand your message is that, your Paypal account is already verified, since a deduction has already been made. You will find in your paypal account the same amount as your balance. With regard to previous transaction, in Paypal you can always check all transactions for any period. In EON, you need to login to your eon account and access your transactions. If unionbank said to wait 2 days, perhaps it’s wise to follow it. 🙂

    1. UnionBank EON Requirements

      They require 2 valid IDs. Perhaps, aside from confirming you’re who you are, perhaps they also check your age.
      The best way to find out is to call unionbank. I’m a little busy today so I can’t make the call right away. I’ll update soon.

  16. Hello,

    Excellent article, I’m looking forward to getting myself an EON card, it sounds really useful and I’d really love to give it a try. Thank you very much for sharing this great article and card. Keep up the good work!

    Best regards,

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  17. Hello everyone. I have a problem regarding on how to confirm my EON card, After i successfully linked or add the card on my paypal, then it will go to the next page on which you have to confirm the card. But when i clicked the submit button, it will say, “We were unable to verify this credit card. Please check if the information you entered is correct. If the problem persists, please try to enter a different credit card.”

    What could be the reason behind this? i have successfully enrolled my card on the EON cyber account and it was already activated. How could this happening to my card?

    Please help me. Thank you so much!

    Your reply will be a big help to me.

    Salamat po!

    1. Did you try accessing your account in the Unionbank eon card site too? Chances are you’d have been unable to login too. This happened to me several times. The problem with Unionbank’s EON site is that they wouldn’t let us know when their online services are down or not. When it’s down, you’ll just get errors. They don’t have the gall to admit it’s down.

  18. Hello.. Problem ko din ung pagverify ny paypal account ko. I need to withdraw/transfer my money na kasi.. About EON card, kahit ba wla akong bank account sa unionbank makakakuha ako non?

    1. Yes, you don’t need an existing account. Just visit UB and ask to apply for an EON card. Prepare 2 valid IDs. 🙂

  19. Sounds like a good deal on your part. I feel bad for your co-worker who is having a hard time receiving their card. I’ve been tossing around the thought of getting something like this but never get around to it sadly. Congrats on your new card 😀

  20. hi,

    i already have my paypal verified but i would like to apply for an eon card so that i can withdraw funds from it. my question is this: can i add/link my eon card to my paypal account even though i already have another card linked to it?

    1. Hello Luthien, the post above is based on my experience at verifying paypal and getting my eon card. Luckily, I’ve not been faced with the problem of having to change the card connected with paypal. Thus, I’ve no ready answer to your question right now.

      However, this article says that “Users of PayPal can add multiple credit cards and/or at any time make changes to their credit card lists.”

  21. I guess I’m not the only one having problems with activating the online banking for EON. I enrolled for EON’s online banking last September 3, and until now, I’am still unable to to login. I keeon on getting “Please enter valid user id/card number”. I didn’t even get any email confirmation telling me that it was successfully enrolled. I just need to get the expuse number. Is there another way for me to get that number aside from getting it online or by waiting for the bank statement from mail? I would appreciate any response to this. I hope you guys can help me.

    1. If you check out the previous comments, you’ll find that one other method is to call UB directly and ask them for your expuse number. If you’re lucky, you’ll get it on the 2nd try. If not, don’t stop calling until you get it. 🙂

  22. wow!!! thanks a lot! sa daming blogs na nabasa ko and even napagtanungan, eto lang ang nakatulong sakin. salamat po ng marami. sept 8 pa pla andun yung expuse # na yun kaso hindi ko tlg alam kung san mahahanap. hay.. naliwanagan din ako sa wakas. nakatulong ng malaki ung image sa taas. thanks po sa detailed instructions. appreciated much!!! ang saya ko! ^_^

  23. Good news to all GCASH account holders!

    You can now transfer your funds from your UnionBank Account to your GCASH wallet or the other way around via SMS!

    Check out this link for more: eMoneyXchange


    UnionBank of the Philippines

  24. Hey Guys,
    I just wanna share my experience with paypal online verification. I’ve already enrolled my eon card online just the other day and like most others I also get confused as to where to locate my 4-digit code online for paypal verification. When I visited the Unionbank’s website, there is a paypal guide video tutorial there. And so, I deliberately followed all the steps being taught there and ultimately found my expuse number and finally have my paypal account verified without the need to call the bank anymore. I added here a link to that video: Eon Tutorial

  25. well,,i got my eon card in just 2 hrs. YES!! that’s how fast getting an eon card today. What i did is just first, i applied online for there eon card and after i receive my reference number i immediately go to UNION BANK and present it together with the photocopy of my school I.D.. after 1 hrs..i got it on my hand..the
    next next day i already set it up with my paypal..:)

    1. Cool, Yusop. While others were finding it difficult to get their EON cards, you got yours in a jiffy. 🙂 Perhaps Unionbank has upgraded their system and getting an EON card now is a breeze.

  26. good pm…i just enrolled my EON card last Nov 9 for online banking… does it really takes 48 hours to log-in or it takes more? because as of now when I attempted to log in a message appear saying “ENTER VALID NUMBER OR USER ID”..can someone help me with this

    1. Hi, I’ve gone through this too. If this happens within 48 to 72 hours, it’s possible your card isn’t activated yet. Beyond that, it’s either you have really entered invalid number or user id, or Unionbank is OFFLINE. I wonder why they don’t just post a sign on their eon page: ‘Sorry, we’re offline at the moment. Come back later.’

  27. Hi, I’m experiencing a problem in enrolling my EON card. There’s always a dialog box popping out saying “Please enter a valid card number” everytime I try to submit my bank acct no. and pin.
    Its been 2days since the activation of my EON card but I still encounter the same problem.

    1. Hi Belle, lots of folks got this problem. Please check the other comments above as I’m sure this has been already answered.

      1. I’ve read all the threads and followed it all but still I can’t enroll my eon card. Anyway, thank you for the advice.

        1. Hi Belle, like I always say to others who inquired and seemed to still not find the right answers, it’s best to go right to the source and ask them. That is, it’s best to go straight to the nearest Unionbank office and ask. 😉

  28. I am having the same problem “Please enter a valid card number” and i got it solved with my account. What i did is i use my user id instead of creditcard number.juts try it guyz

  29. Hi,

    I find your article very helpful. I already accessed my EON card with my Paypal and withdraw money how many times. I also checked balances using my EON Card. But recently when Im about to logged in using my Username and password, they popped out saying “Invalid card or user name”. What happen?? Please take advise. I want to monitor my online banking since Ive done it several times previously.



    1. I’ve mentioned it before that UB’s IT or whoever they contracted to maintain their eon application is just not up to par with users expectations. When you see ‘invalid card or user name’ and know for sure that you’ve got a valid card and proper user name, it just means that their eon site or server is down at the moment. They actually cannot afford to just be honest with their client by just saying straight ‘our servers are down at the moment. Please try again in a few moments.’

  30. how many days would be the maximum that i should wait for me to be able to log in on my newly enrolled account online. i mean, it says there that i should wait for 2 banking days but this is the third day and i can’t still log in on my account.

    1. That 2 days apply only to applications that went smoothly and without a hitch (most often on their side). If you can’t log in after a week or two, you should badger them by emailing their support and also calling them in their toll free line.

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