Google Adsense’s New Look

It feels like it’s been ages since I last took a peep at my adsense account page. But today, I chanced to open it and was told to check out it’s new interface. Checked it and lo, they have updated their looks and sure enough, it’s different by lots.

One million dollar earnings, courtesy of photoshop 🙂

I was not sure exactly how I felt about the new look. Seems neat though. Of course, as always the case with interface facelifts, there’s always the few moments of confusion as you try to find your way through what once was familiar to you. Felt like I have to make a few clicks more than usual to get to where I want to go. Then again, like I said, it could just be due to the re-familiarization experience.

The one thing that seems to cause me some slight consternation is the need to use the horizontal scrollbar when I don’t fully use the full width of my browser. I mean, the new interface sports a fixed width while the old one adjusts with the width of the browser. So, if you still use the old monitors (e.g. 640 X 480 resolution), and you hate the horizontal scrollbar, it’s high time you go shopping for new high resolution monitors.

I have yet to explore the new interface. I’ve read about some negative feedback from some users. But like I said, these are just birth pangs for the new interface. I got a feeling that I’m going to like it (if not, at least get used to it) sooner or later. If it’s any consolation, the google folks say it’s a work in progress and that a lot of cool changes are still shaping up in the days to come.


  1. I actually like the new look. It gives me a lot more information all at a glance. It also seems to load a lot quicker. Maybe Google has taken a page out of their own book about site speed. 😉

  2. New things and changes are often not welcomed. I have seen mixed critics on many forums and blogs about new look. Overall, i am not much happy. The earlier UI was way better and easy to understand, new one is a bit complex to understand.

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