How High Profile Bloggers Promote their Startups

If there is anything we admire about high profile bloggers, it’s that they’re stars in blogging. Probloggers are like veteran actors, they find it fun and easy promoting their startups and they do it successfully too. That’s why any new blog a Problogger starts just shoots to limelight, as if with the effect of Midas touch. But it’s not magical at all. The things the probloggers do to make their blogs grow, they are things newbie bloggers can also do. But, the other side of the story it is that newbie bloggers don’t know what these veteran bloggers do to promote their blogs.

In this blog post, I’ll be sharing some of the practices that Probbloggers use in making their blogs/start-ups grow fast that you might never have thought of before.

They Makes Effective Use of their connection

You think Progloggers are the only ones who have connections? Well, that’s somewhat untrue. If you are ready to make effective use of your connection, you will realize you have more people within your network than you actually know about.

Are you ready to network with the bloggers you know and leverage them to promote your business/blog? Start emailing bloggers about your new venture: share your idea with them, and invite them to like your fan page on facebook. This way, you will use your connection to grow your blog/start-up.

They Go on Campaign Spree

Marketing can make a huge difference in the amount of audience you get to notice your product and how they perceive it. This does not exclude your start-up too. The likes of Mike Arrington, Darren Rowse don’t just bring up a start-up and sit down and fold their arms, expecting it to grow automatically. They go and do campaigns for their start-ups.

This way, they not only bring awareness to the new idea they’ve created, but also nurture it and create a place for it in the market it falls in. Can you do this for your start-up? If yes, then you are good to go.

They Make Good Use of Social Media

One thing I’ve learnt about Probloggers is that they are very good at making use of social media. Talk of any social media you have, they are there and they are gaining ground too. Probloggers refuse to remain dormant on their Facebook and Twitter pages, and they don’t post redundant stuffs.

Neil Patel is a very good example of someone that knows how to use social media to make his audience feel okay about him. And if someone like Neil Patel has a new start-up, using social media to promote it wouldn’t be a problem for him at all.

How active are you on your social media outlets? Do you engage you fans and followers?

Having a good social media presence is a very strong factor in how people will react to what you promote with your social media outlets, so start engaging your fans today!


You might not find it really believing comparing a newbie blogger to Probloggers when it comes to marketing and promoting a startup, after all you can’t compare both. But if you are able to apply the tips in this blog post, you will be able to maximize the opportunities around you and give your start-up a boost in exposure.

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