How to Install Pagepeel in WordPress Update

In an earlier post called “How to Install PagePeel in WordPress“, I presented a detailed elaboration on the procedures for installing Pagepeel in wordpress. I also noted that I’m still tweaking the codes further because I am not satisfied with the current setup in my test site (i.e. I don’t want the page to peel automatically on loading).

Well, I was about to give the pagepeel codes a go at tweaking again, when I stumbled upon another set of codes similar to pagepeel. This one needs fewer code modifications and works the way it should, at least for me. That is, it has no automatic onLoad opening feature. I found this in another one of my ‘how to install pagepeel in wordpress’ sorties in google. Again, let me lay out the steps I took to make it work. Please find the download links of the ‘peel’ plugin below.

After the usual unzipping procedures, I editted the following lines in the peel.js file:

  • jaaspeel.ad_url = escape(‘http://localhost/wpflexir/?page_id=2’);
  • jaaspeel.small_path = ‘http://localhost/wpflexir/peel/small.swf’;
  • jaaspeel.small_image = escape(‘http://localhost/wpflexir/peel/small.jpg’);
  • jaaspeel.big_path = ‘http://localhost/wpflexir/peel/large.swf’;
  • jaaspeel.big_image = escape(‘http://localhost/wpflexir/peel/large.jpg’);

The jaaspeel.ad_url variable functions the same ways as the jumpTo variable in the the previous ‘How to Install PagePeel in WordPress‘ article. Replace the “http://localhost/wpflexir” portions with your site’s url. Please note that the small.jpg and large.jpg included in the download are blank image files. You need to paste into it the images you want to appear in your peel feature.

Once the peel.js editting is done, create a ‘peel’ folder in your site’s root directory and upload the files (large.jpg, large.swf, peel.js, small.jpg, small.swf) into it.

Then, access your wordpress admin page and edit the theme’s header.php file to reflect the following lines just before the <body> tag.

<script src="http://localhost/wpflexir/peel/peel.js" 

Again, replace “http://localhost/wpflexir” with your site’s url. And that’s it.

Please download the peel files here. The peel author at also offerred a ‘troubleshoot‘ version as well as the flash source files for download.

Now, this would have been perfect for me. However I noticed that the animation is kinda choppy. And there seems to be no code to tweak in the peel.js file regarding the speed of the animation. I concluded that perhaps it’s in the .fla files. This time I may have to venture into flash code editting to really get the effect I wanted. Now, if I’m still in first grade in PHP, where am I in Flash? Kindergarten?


  1. To configure PAGEEAR to wait for a ‘rollover’ before opening try setting the following variable in pageear.js

    var openOnLoad = false;

    It works in the version I use.

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