The feature to mass untag photos in facebook has been provided sometime last year in addition to the ability to untag yourself from a facebook photo one by one.

Yesterday, I found time to take a closer look at our office’s facebook account and realized that the photos section has become a huge mess of pictures containing no valuable data or information but of photos advertising their goods and some other things.

I decided thus to attempt to untag our name from these kinds of images, but found that there were too many of them and untagging each picture one by one would eat up all my time. A whole day wouldn’t be enough to complete the job.

untag yourself from facebook photos

How to untag yourself from facebook photo

A little googling gave me the following procedures to untag all photos on facebook containing our account’s name all at once*.

1. At the rightmost lower portion of your facebook cover picture, click on the ‘Activity Log’ button.

mass untag facebook photos

2. On the Activity Log page, click on the ‘Photos’ link around the middle of the leftmost sidebar.

untag facebook photos

Then, a couple of split-seconds later, click on the ‘Photos of You’ link just below the ‘Photos’ link.

untag facebook photos of you

3. Now you can begin deleting tags on facebook by checking the checkboxes on the ‘Photos of yOu’ page.

delete tags facebook checkboxes

Take note, though, that you can probably check 10 checkboxes* at a time. After untagging 10 images, you can proceed with the next 10. Not really that cool, but it beats having to untag photos one by one.

review tags before display in fb

To prevent a repeat of this problem, I had to configure the account so that any photo (not ours) that gets us tagged are brought to our attention first before it is displayed on our page.

1. Click on the gear thingy on the upper right corner of your facebook page, and click on the ‘Privacy Settings’ link.

facebook privacy settings

2. Click on the ‘Timeline and Tagging’ link on the left sidebar.

timeline tagging

3. Click the ‘Edit’ link opposite ‘How can I manage tags people add and tagging suggestions?’ and have it ‘Enabled’.

timeline tagging enable

Henceforth, you get to review first the photos that you were tagged on by your friends before they appear on Facebook.


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