I Want A Bloom Box At Home

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I’ve just recently bumped on the news about the bloom box, a fuel cell type contraption that allegedly produces electricity out of oxygen and some fuel (e.g. biofuel, methane, etc.). Considering that all it takes to power up a whole house is just a couple of cubes that can fit in the palms of my hands, I definitely want one at home.

What Is A Bloom Box?

bloom box

(If you prefer, you can watch the video below).

A bloom box consists of a stack of thin ceramic plates (made out of sand) one side of which is painted with green ‘ink’ and the other black. One side of this plate is feed oxygen while the other is feed some fuel. The plate then magically outputs electricity out of these inputs. This technology is supposed to bring out the following advantages:

  • On site power. This means we can eventually get rid of the messy grid of power lines and posts. And we can say goodbye to block-wide or city-wide power failure.
  • Portable. It occupies the same space as the space occupied by a roll of tissue paper. So, a couple of cubes can be placed on any convenient place in the house, say on a shelf in the garage. Planning on a camping trip? Well, this time, you could probably bring your small fridge with you. Pretty soon, electric cars will be bloombox powered.
  • Green. That is, it doesn’t contribute to atmospheric pollution as it is emission free. Actually, inasmuch as it uses fuel, there is still some emission but probably very minimal.
  • Economical. A home-sized power installation is estimated to cost $3,000.00. If it’s true that EBay, one of the bloom box’s first big corporate users (Google was the first), has been using it and has declared a savings of $100,000.00 over a span of 9 months, this contraption must indeed be delivering to us the ideal energy source today.

So far, there are not much detailed information about the bloom box except for what has been declared and shown by Bloom Energy (the bloom box maker). In fact, the bloom box has supposedly been around for 8 years but Bloom Energy has always put it under wraps, probably until they have refined it to perfection. So, this means we still have no idea about possible miscellaneous expenses its maintenance might incur. Well, it’s probably possible to use household-produced methane gas so this is not much of an expense issue. What about oxygen? Do we just expose the box outside to make it work, or do we need to buy oxygen tanks? Or, do we need another contraption to extract oxygen from water?

All we have are some affirmations of agreement from the big guys (e.g. Ebay, Google). But then, considering who these guys are (oh, it’s just the google company, and yeah, ebay, coca cola, cox enterprises, wal-mart, sim center, staples, bank of america, fedex… ), and maybe I’m just the gullible type, I’m jumping and kicking to have one for my house.

What do you think of the bloombox guys?

YouTube Video of the BloomBox

[4-minute video]

[complete conference video]

[CBS News Interview with Bloom Box Inventor]

Also check out the BloomBox Buzz.


  1. If it’s real… it’s going to be major… but you’ve got all the right questions asked there.

    I use about $180 worth of electricity every month. Maybe I can capture methane from my septic tank, so perhaps my monthly costs are around $50 (admittedly, I’m making this up). If that’s true, the device takes two years to pay for itself.

    Unless I need two to meet my power needs, then it takes four years to pay for itself.
    .-= James R. Lee´s latest blog ..Still no power =-.

    1. Your numbers James, even if some are rough estimates do help us visualize the issue more clearly. 🙂 4 years, hmmm… well, I think I’ll still go for it. I’ll just put at the forefront of my mind that I’m at least helping solve the global warming problem. Thing is, Bloom Energy’s CEO seem to imply that it’s not yet rolling out residential-sized installations and is not even giving a hint as to when, if ever. Why, oh why?

  2. It sounds good but until I know more about the whole thing it’s hard to make a valid comment. Although the box itself is small what do you have to attach to it to pump in the oxygen and methane and how much does it consume? I can just imagine a small box with two huge tanks attached to it. 😀
    .-= Sire´s latest blog ..Membership Drive For Where Bloggers Meet =-.

    1. We have seen from the videos the fridge-sized crates hauled off to power some big commercial establishments. I hope that’s all there is to it. But considering Bloom Energy’s “secretive” style, there’s a possibility that they’re not showing us everything yet…the industrial hoses and possible tanks, etc. 🙂
      .-= james-mdeo´s latest blog ..Calories In An Egg New Data Collection =-.

  3. It can be the next future =)

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  4. This is my first comment here on this site.I like some interesting stuff while going through this site.I love all the videos of the BloomBox.I like to visit here very often.

  5. Is this for real!? well if it is then I absolutely want one too. This is a great way to save money and make use of the other resources to conduct electricity. Thumbs up for the inventor of this and may they continue on researching what other things to do to improve our way of living.

  6. It is very interesting to watch this video of Bloom box.I am impressed by features of this Bloom box.I like this as its a portable..I agree that perhaps with this bloom box we can get rid of the grid of power lines and posts.

  7. This development is really promising.

    I actually sent them a mail asking if any other (like clean) fuels can be used. They said that the boxes can use nearly any fuel, especially Hydrogen for sure…

    perhaps this will give the Hydrogen car a revival??


    All you need to break free from the Grip of the Energy Grid and Greed. And btw.:
    Using (rotten) wood for generating energy is the exactly same method already used in Neanderthal.
    Last time I checked they were extinct…

  8. I want one NOW. Trump should want a few, Paris and the Hilton’s should want a few dozen. I mean C’mon… big businesses NEED this thing and I will buy two tomorrow for 3k each, why won’t they return my email?!

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