Kodak Automatic Photo Scanner

kodak s1220 automatic photo scanner

Kodak gives an automatic photo scanner that puts the “P” in photo.


The Kodak s1220 Automatic Photo Scanner

While an automatic photo scanner with feeder may be able to scan photographs, most of them are usually designed as regular scanners made primarily to scan documents (first) and also scan pictures, too. The Kodak s1220 Photo Scanner is a scanner that was designed to scan primarily pictures, but is also able to scan documents. If you have had your pictures scanned by scanning services before, chances are those scanner services were using this model.

With the Kodak Kodak s1220 Photo Scanner, you can just stack all your photos, with the stack consisting of an assortment of sizes, and let the machine do its work. You may want to set the feeder timeout value to something bigger than its default 1 second so that you can have time to just adjust a piece that can possibly get caught, without need of clicking the ‘resume’ button afterwards.

Another cool thing is that it can do both single and double-sided scanning, with no noticeable difference in speed. So, if you have documents with contents on both sides, you can have it scanned with just one pass, and you may also save it in pdf form. And wait till you see what the automatic straightening feature can do to pictures that get in the feeder slanted or skewed. You’ll really appreciate this automatic photo scanner with feeder from Kodak.

While this photo scanner may cost just a little bit more than any regular automatic photo scanners in the market, it does deliver its promises, thus making it a worthwhile investment on your part.

Kodak Automatic Photo Scanner Specs

width: 13″
depth: 6.4″
height: 9.7″
weight: 12.1 lbs

Media max. size: 8.5″ x 34″

Color depth: 48-bit color
Color depth (external): 24-bit (16.7 million colors)
Optical Resolution: 600 dpi x 600 dpi
Scan element type: dual ccd
Lamp/Light source type: cold cathode flourescent lamp
Max Document Scan speed: 30 pages/minute
Connectivity: Hi-speed USB TYPE B

Software Included: KODAK Capture Software Lite
OS Required: Microsoft Windows Vista/2000/XP

Voltage: 120/230 V AC
Power Consumption: 40 Watt / Standby: 6watts

What Others Are Saying About the Kodak Photo Scanner

For photographs I have “fed” the scanner an assorted mix of photo sizes and have seen some of the smaller prints go through skewed – but with AUTOMATIC STRAIGHTENING by the scanning software the end result is everything I need.”

Upsides: Good quality scans at reasonable resolution very quickly with NO HASSLE.”

Downside: Expensive, software simple and is limited to bulks scanning. Requires Windows so I had to bootcamp my Mac.”

Get to know more information, specifications and reviews straight from amazon: Kodak s1220 Photo Scanner.

Or, you can go directly to the source:The Kodak Store.


The Kodak PS810 Fast Photo Scanner

At 65 photos per minute, this has got to be one fast photo scanner with automatic feeder. Watch this video and see 2 photo scanners compete for speed, then you decide.

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