Laptop Sometimes Has No Sound

Laptop No Sound Problem

Have you experienced turning on you laptop or notebook and it gives no sound? It happened to me a few times and I have no clue why this ‘laptop no sound problem’ happens sometimes. All other functions are ok except for the audio part. The music players and movie players work but there is no sound. Not even the built-in windows warning sounds.

I found no help from google or from any of my attempts at searching for answers online. And so I just made do with sometimes working without sound on my laptop. I use a K40IJ series Asus notebook by the way. And I wonder if this happens only for this type of machine. At times where the ‘laptop no sound’ instance shows up and I really need sound, re-booting often works to restore sound. But re-booting takes too much time, especially when my patience is at its shortest and my temper ‘volatilest’.

The Solution to Restore Sound to Laptop

I can’t call it a real solution because I believe there is a really proper way to altogether prevent the problem from happening once and for all. Perhaps some tech savvy guy will post his solution someday, hopefully.

It was by accident that I found this temporary fix to the ‘no sound’ fluke on my laptop.

I clicked on the ‘speaker’ icon on the tray at the bottom right corner of the screen.
laptop no sound solution
On the resulting little window that showed a slidebar, I clicked on another ‘speaker’ icon above the slide bar. Its tooltip says ‘Speakers (VIA High Definition Audio)’.

On the Speaker Properties window that appears, I clicked on the ‘Advanced’ tab. That’s the rightmost tab in the window.

In the Default Format box, the selected format in the dropdown box is either ’24 bit, 44100 Hz (Studio Quality)’ or something else. To the right of this dropdown box is a ‘Test’ button. If a sound is produced after clicking it, you got no problem at all. But when the ‘no sound’ thing happens in my laptop, this one is greyed out.

I then clicked on the dropdown box and selected some other format, say, ’16 bit, 192000 Hz (Studio Quality). And clicked ‘Test’.

Then I clicked on the dropdown box again and re-selected ’24 bit, 44100 Hz (Studio Quality)’. This time, the ‘Test button went live and when I clicked on it, the sound came back. Then click ‘Ok’.

That’s it.

At the few times when my laptop fails to give sound, I just do this 12-second activity and I’m back in business. I still am searching though for the one time fix for this problem.


  1. I’m so lucky James because my laptop is a Mac so I’ve never come across this problem. My kids have laptops that run on Vista though so this may come in handy for them one day.

    1. The less I hear about other cases, the more I think the problem is unique to my laptop, or to Asus laptops. 🙂

      Anyway, I’ve posted this just the same so that anyone who meets this fluke may know how to rectify it.

  2. What if the button isn’t grayed out? And when I click it, it doesn’t make a sound?

    1. The case with my laptop is apparently due to some quirk in the software, or a conflict with particular applications. In your case, it could be some problem with the sound card. Not sure though. 🙂

    1. It’s possible. But if it is, it probably means replacing the card. Well, that’s gonna take a lot of time and some money. In the meantime, I’ll just do that 12-second fix I found when it the problem re-occurs (which fortunately is not very often). 🙂

  3. Thanks!!! Hey it seems that i got the same problem but my laptop is a K50 and run win7 HP, sometimes it boots without sound and i have to restart.
    your way works for me!

  4. Iv’e got the same problem on a laptop, (e machines)
    It’s at another premises at the moment, can’t wait to try this suggestion out.

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