Manny Pacquiao’s Last Fight

First off, let me warn you that I’m no boxing analyst or anything. I’m just a fan who adores the world’s known most technically sound boxer. That’s Manny Pacquiao.

Manny’s Last Fight

The Pacquiao vs Margarito fight should be Manny’s last fight. I watched the fight on replay only because I had an appointment (attended a convocation actually) during the fight. And I saw how Manny punished Margarito to the point of disfiguring a part of Margarito’s face. I also saw how admirably strong Margarito is. Unlike Manny’s other opponents who crumpled at the first impact on their jaws, Margarito stood his ground and never even showed a single knee quiver at the multiple shots he got from Manny. Looks like he can take Manny’s powerful blasts well.

I saw also saw how Manny felt the sting of Margarito’s fist when they successfully land on his body. I got so worried (and Manny looks worried too) everytime Manny seems to get trapped under Margarito’s onslaught when Manny gets cornered near the ropes. Looks like if Margarito only has the wind to continuously pummel non-stop for a full minute, he’d get Manny on the canvas. His shots at the plexus and tummy of Manny are very effective. Manny folds visibly in reaction to these body punches. The thought of the possibility sends cold shivers up my spine.

All in all, despite the lack of the usual knock out on the canvas, the fight was an amazing one.

Now Manny has 8 championship belts around his waist. It’s more than enough belts to wrap around his whole body. And I see no one who can break this record in 20, 30, or 50 years. Perhaps a record breaker is yet to be born. But definitely not in Manny’s lifetime.

Which brings us to why this should be Manny’s last fight.

  • Fame and record wise, whatever he has achieved should be enough for him.
  • Money wise, whatever he has accumulated (and yet to earn in ads, royalties, films, videos, etc.) is more than enough for him and his kin and friends to last them several lifetimes.
  • Career-wise, he is enjoying a very unique career combination in the world. This is another record in that no boxer has ever existed as active boxer and congressman at the same time.
  • As a son, husband, and father, he is enviable in these roles. His parents, his wife, children and relatives are such lucky folks.
  • Mayweather? Like Manny said, he doesn’t need these kinds of cow ards anymore. Mayweather may have kept his record intact but people will always see through his tactics and remember him in history as a cow ard who has his tails under and quivering at the mention of Manny’s name.

So, is Manny going to rest his gloves and enjoy decades more of his life with his wife and children, wallowing in wealth, success and fame? Or, is he going to, yet, get himself convinced (to fight again) by people who want to squeeze the last drop of his popularity to further enrich themselves, and wait with baited breath to see what it’s like to watch him finally fall. And in the process risk him physically becoming someone like his coach/trainer. Or, like Ali, who probably fought one too many fights.

C’mon Manny. Let’s not get book writers and movie makers the satisfaction of making a movie called “The Rise and Fall of Manny Pacquaio”. Instead let’s get them to call your movie “From Rags to Power: The Manny Pacquiao Story”. Now, let’s get those iron fists banging on the halls of Congress and lift your country out of its misery.



  1. I totally agree. Manny doesn’t need gayweather and stoop down to his level. Boxing association has been there for ages, and mayweather can’t dictate to them what they should do? Who he thinks he is??

    1. Well, I’ve just said my 2-cents on the matter. Just a concerned fan. Anyway, should he intend to fight Mayweather, I suggest he gives him an ultimatum of say, 3 months to decide. By the way, I think Mayweather made a very wise decision in dodging a fight with Manny. He values a longer life without permanent damage to his health and career. Look at Margarito. Do you honestly think there are no permanent damage somewhere inside him? And I think I’ve read somewhere about his doctors advising him (Margarito) never to box again.

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