Market Samurai and Traffic Travis Ask For Registration Again

Market Samurai Not Working Anymore?

Why is my Market Samurai and Traffic Travis asking for registration keys/details again? I’ve paid for my Market Samurai copy more than a couple of years ago, if I remember right, and it has been working nicely until about a week ago. Or, at least that’s when I started it up again after having not used it for a time.

The first time it presented itself, I inputted my registration details. No joy. It spit it back out the way the hulk spit out the bullet that Bruce Banner sent in.

Just a few seconds ago, I opened MS again and this is what it showed me again. (BTW, I’m writing this in real time as I’m testing MS and trying possible methods to make it work).


Please Enter your Registration Details to Access Market Samurai

Paid Users: Please enter your Registration Email Address and Full Version Key below to completely unlock Market Samurai permanently on this computer, and gain full access to all available features.

Trial Users: Please enter your Registration Address and Trial Version Key below to unlock Market Samurai’s Keyword Research tools on this computer, and gain a free trial of Market Samurai’s other advanced internet marketing features.

Market Samurai could not connect to the registration server. Please try again in 10-15 minutes. If this problem persists, please check your firewall before contacting Support via http://www.noblesamurai,com/support



Have your experienced this too? If so, what did you do?

So far, I have not contacted support yet, as I want to explore a solution on my own before I give up. After all, they’ve suggested that a possible problem could be in my firewall.

I remember having accepted a Zone Alarm trial upgrade offer just very recently. Could it have made changes to the firewall settings?

I checked it, and it seems to be working alright. Where it set it for ‘Ask’, I reset it to ‘Allow’. Yet, the problem persist.

I remember to have also availed of a trial offer of AVG which allows the use of all features of AVG Internet Security 2012 for a trial period.

I checked and found its firewall enabled. I haven’t been meticulous prior to this installation so I did not know if it has been enabled before. Under select firewall profile are the choices:

  • Allow All
  • Block All
  • Directly connected to the internet
  • computer within domain
  • Small home or office network

It’s default selection is the last choice. And inside, Market Samurai’s action is set to ‘Allow for Safe’; Traffic Travis’ is set to ‘Allow for All’; MNF is set to ‘Allow for all’; and MNF 5.3.1 ‘Allow for Safe’. Current MNF version is 5.7.0. (MNF, btw, also has problems with ‘verifying activation status’).

I changed to ‘Allow For All‘ for MS and for MNF.

Then, I run MS again. OMG! It’s working now!!! And MNF too!

So, it’s just a firewall issue after all.

But Traffic Travis is still Not Working!

What bugs me though is why TT’s still not working?

TT: I changed the ZoneAlarm Trust Level to Super for TrafficTravisV4.exe residing in the Appdata/roaming directory (as that is where the shortcut points to). No joy!

When I entered my registration code, it returns an error:

That’s it. I sent a ticket to Traffic Travis support. At least though, I’ve got Market Samurai working again.


June 2012

Traffic Travis support emailed me the following suggestion:

[note]”Please re-install directly through and activate it using your code, XXXXXXXXXX“[/note]

The code was the same code I had the first time I installed TT.

It worked!

March 2013

Perhaps Traffic Travis has some code embedded in there that monitors usage. I haven’t been productively using TT for some time, thus the same problem occurred again.

It again asked for a registration code and wouldn’t accept the old one. Thus I dug back the old email reply from support and re-applied it.

Worked again!

The downside to this is that with each re-install, you’ll lose most, if not all, of your previous data.