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My fourth-grader kid seems to be overly interested in computer games. At home, since I don’t allow him to use my computer during school days, he’d secretly ask his mom for some money so he could play in the neighborhood internet cafe. After school, he takes a block’s length walk from his school to my office and carelessly drops his things on the floor as he takes his place on one of the vacant computer stations. It’s getting to a point where he spends more time playing computer games than taking care of his homework. I thought I’d do some research on how to bring computer games and schoolwork together. I came up with the Math Blaster Software.

This math blaster software is actually part of a larger collection of softwares targetted for 6 to 12 year olds in various pre-high school subjects. I am particularly interested in the Math Blaster Software because I want him to really excel in the math areas. I had put some effort on this matter earlier which I posted on this blog in ‘Helping My Kid Memorize the Multiplication Table‘.

The Math Blaster Software (aka mega math blaster or math blaster pre algebra) runs along the Blaster learning system’s ‘new universe’ setting where society is predominantly controlled by robots and machines. The goal of the heroes in this game is to save humans from the clutches of the robots. Judging from the story line and the previews I have seen, I’m pretty sure that if this Math Blaster Software had existed when I was a kid, I’d definitely come out with much better grades in mathematics. Kids would find learning math enjoyable because it does not come in the form of a teacher-initiated-drill but as a game which they are naturally inclined to like. It features 8 levels with a difficulty level that can be set either by the player or the parent. Covering the 4 fundamentals (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), it also drafts up automatic progress reports, with the goal of building up speed and accuracy of the player’s math skills. The ‘Math Blaster: Master the Basics‘* package which is available at amazon children software
at $26.99 is a must have for parents with even just the minutest desire to improve their children’s math skills. I’m definitely buying this product. If there is an enjoyable way to learn something, that should be the most logical and perfect route to take. This Math Blaster software is the route I’d like my kid to take to improve his mathematics skills. I’d tell him it’s an early Christmas gift, for being a good boy.

* There’s also the Math Blaster Ages 9-12
at $12.99 and the Math Blaster Ages 6-8
at $10.14.

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