MNF: Your Activation Status Cannot Be Verified At This Time

Micro Niche Finder Error #:12057

An error occurred while attempting to verify your activation status.

Error #:12057

Your activation status cannot be verified at this time.

I got this error message when I opened my copy of Micro Niche Finder version 5 (which had been successfully activated previously). However, after closing the error message box, the application continued to open and function just right, so, I thought nothing further about it and figured that it probably would just resolve itself the next time I open Micro Niche Finder. On the third day and the third time the same error appeared, I finally decided to seek help from the MNF support pages.

I was directed to a knowledgebase support page at* which enumerated a few steps to solve the error. Of the 5 steps, I only did the first 3, but when I re-opened Micro Niche Finder, it opened nicely and got its activation verified.

MNF Solution

  • Firstly, MNF support suggested to check the computer date and time. Mine is alright.
  • Next, support asked to clear the SSL-State in the “Internet Options” of Internet Explorer. And also to un-check the 2 options on the Advanced Tab shown in the picture hereunder:

    I unchecked the ones that are marked with red x’s in the above image.
    I forgot to clear the SSL-State however.
  • I was also asked to download the latest, and all, updates from Windows Update. This I did not do as I preferred the auto-update to do this at the proper time.
  • Then, ‘Reinstall IE 8’. I also skipped this as I did not find any need to do this. After all, I don’t use IE. I use Firefox. So I just closed the currently open IE browser.
  • Next was the instruction to “Download and install the root certificate update from Microsoft…”. So, I visited the given site and read about the suggested file, paranoid as I am about any extra installations. The statement in the overview that said “Once you have installed this item, it cannot be removed” made me lose interest in it. Besides, it further spoke about enabling me “…to use Extended Validation (EV) certificates in Internet Explorer 7.” Mine is already IE8, so perhaps I don’t need this update after all.

So, like I said I, only followed the first 3 steps of the solution. And when I restarted Micro Niche Finder again, lo, all’s well again.

*Click here to go to the exact support page link.


  1. Lately, my MNF didn’t give SOC, MOB, and Exact Phrase Count for about 6 consecutive days. I finally sent another support ticket to James. However, when I checked my email later, I realized James had sent a message a few days back about an updated version of MNF. The 5.0.10 version. Upon updating, everything went back to normal.

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