Moon Shots With Canon 18-200 IS Lens

I still haven’t had enough of ‘shooting at the moon’, I always take moon shoots whenever the opportunity presents itself. Just for this month, I’ve had a few days/nights chance at taking pictures of the moon at its different phases. Here are some of the best I’ve made.

Evening Picture of the Moon with Clouds

Though I would have preferred a cloudless night when I take moon shots with my Canon 18-200 IS Lens, I find that some clouds can actually give it some dramatic effect which a clear night couldn’t. Most of the time, I would wait until the cloud passes by, but in this pic, I took a shot while the clouds are still in the vicinity of the moon.

picture of moon with clouds
I cropped this off from the original, but I should have saved it at a higher quality. If you click it and viewed it at maximum size, it shows some obvious noise in the upper and lower portions.

Early Morning: Picture of the Moon with Clouds

I think it was on the 25th of this month when I saw that the moon was still up at early dawn. So I hurriedly took out my camera and tripod and got this shot. This time, it was a cloudy dawn, so, I have no choice but to take shots where the cloud was thinnest.

picture of moon with clouds at dawn

I also cropped this off the original picture and though I saved it at the same non-maximum quality level, I think this one came out rather well. Check it at its actual size by clicking on it.

Moon at 200mm

Below is a night shot of the moon with no cloud cover at 200mm.

picture of moon at 200mm

Until the moon shot fever is still up, I’d be adding more moon pictures on this post hopefully next month.


    1. You should try it sometime Sire. You could get the right shots via trial and error. But some guy taught me his technique where he says he uses manual focus because AF just doesn’t give you the sharpness you expect.

      Setting it to the perfect exposure as the camera wants won’t do. He told me to set it for under exposure. Thus, using Live View, I targeted the moon, with the lens zoomed to max which in my case is only as far as 200mm. How I wish I could get at least the ones that go 400mm.
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