My Canon Speedlite 580EX II

canon speedlite 580EX II
I just bought my first Canon Speedlite 580EX II today and can’t wait to use it. Like any new stuff I acquire, I always want to know a few basics before messing up with it. I read the manual and as usual found it not so very helpful. You can’t even find what the acronym ETTL* means in it.

Prior to the purchase, I considered buying the less costly 430ex flash because I reasoned that the 580ex ii may be too much for my needs, my photography being just a hobby. However, after a bit of research (reading/watching ‘430ex ii vs 580ex ii’ articles and videos) I was convinced to go for the 580ex ii. Of course, I have to wait a couple of months to save up enough for this animal. This early, I think I made the right choice.

Introduction to Canon Speedlite 580EX II

So, I took to the net and found that a few videos helped a lot. Here’s a few videos that gave a walk through of the basic functions of the canon speedlite 580ex ii.

This other 2 videos touches on the wireless features of the the canon speedlite 580ex ii flash.

Canon Speedlite 580EX II Tutorial

An excellent and elaborate detailed walk through after the initial setup is shown in this video by Gary Fong. I like it in that he explains it concisely you’ll be sure to understand what he wants to convey. He even elaborates on the differences of evaluative metering, spot metering, etc. Very cool, especially if you’re new, like me.

For now, after having known the very basic about this flash unit, I think I’ll learn more by actually playing with it. I’ll post updates and perhaps find more tutorials when I begin to yearn for more advanced information.

*ETTL: Evaluative Through The Lens.


  1. Congratulations James. I’ve been wanting to get a flash unit for my Canon but bought the macro lens instead as I figured I would get more use out of that than the flash. I will get a flash unit one day though, but not just yet.

    At least now I know where to go when that lucky day comes about.

    1. I’m beginning to believe one of my friends who warned me sometime ago that photography is like an addiction. He said, after a while, I’m gonna yearn for a lens upgrade. Then, I’ll envy other hobbyists who have other shiny new lenses and paraphernalia, and so on… So far, I’ve only collected a few articles aside from the body and kit lens (tripod, 18-200mm lens and hood, monopod, bag, battery grip, wireless shutter control).

      And having seen some of my friends’ output in macro photography in facebook, I’m now also kicking to have a macro lens. But darn, these animals are expensive. I may have to save for another couple of months for this. Perhaps, I’ll just get that non-IS 50mm meanwhile. 🙂

        1. I think the actual name is ‘wireless remote shutter release’. Just a $20 Photix for Canon. I have only used it in 3 instances. First, when I do moon shoots on a tripod to totally eliminate camera shake. Second, when I took pictures of the kids (to make them do their thing without being conscious of me and the camera). And third, during family meet ups, it’s handy when I want to include myself in the pics. 🙂

  2. Hey James. I just bought a cheap Canon compatible flash unit. Wouldn’t it be great if we were neighbours so that we could compare the two 😉

    I also bought one of those ‘wireless remote shutter release’ units for $3 but what I’m really interested in is getting one that has an LCD screen on it that I’ve found on the net. With one of those babies you can trigger the camera from a distance while seeing exactly what the camera sees.
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