I actually created a written (on a little piece of scrap paper) list of goals last year that I then kept in my wallet. I think I was able to re-read that list a whooping total of 2 times during the whole year. If I recall right, only a fraction of those goals came to some sort of fruition. But then, I never really did serious work on those goals, like the way I did not follow up on some seo experiments I started last year. Had I however focused a little on those goals, I’m pretty sure I’d have accomplished something.

So, now I’m back to the drawing board to draft up another list of goals for 2011, thanks to Patricia of lavenderuses.com and Sire of wassupblog who gave me that little ‘extra push’ to get me off my couch and do some action for a change. This time, I’m converting this list into jpeg format so I could post it as a wallpaper on my notebook. This way, I’ll be reminded of the goals everytime I open my notebook.

Update Existing Websites

I have a few other websites other than this blog which have specific niche targets. Some of these sites have long achieved first page serp status because of some seo work I did on them. The others however seemed to require a little more work to move up the ranks. These are the sites I need to act on starting on the first quarter of 2011. If I could get them to rise to the first pages of the serps, I’ll definitely be emboldened and motivated to again create new websites of the same kind.

This was actually how I realized that I’m actually the ‘glass half empty’ kind of guy. Some of my sites just seemed to not move up the serp inspite of the seo work I clocked on it. My eagerness to create more websites was thus dampened, and I stopped producing new sites. I seemed to have forgotten that I also got some sites up there (on google’s first pages) due to the same type of seo work and am reaping some monetary rewards for it now. Talk about prefering to look not at the bright side of things. 🙂

Create New Sites