My Phottix Battery Meets Its End

Like they say, you get what you pay for. And it got proven right with the Phottix battery I bought sometime ago which at first got me really satisfied because it worked nicely for a price that’s only a third of the real thing.

Well, like I’ve said in a previous post called LP-E8 Battery By Phottix Let Me Down, it lasted for only 3 months. Good thing my original Canon battery lived up to its name and is working satisfactorily even now.

A few days ago*, I found it again in some box in the back room. Having nothing in mind to do, I conjured this idea about picking it apart and see what’s inside the thing.

, I’ll let the pictures tell its story.

exploded view of phottix battery


I did not go any further after that last image. Besides my fear of the unknown, I don’t have the time and guts to tear it apart and see what possibly toxic material is hiding behind the tin body.

And my monkey mind is no longer able to hold on to the idea, and having seen the end of my phottix battery, is itching to jump on to another thing.

*This article was actually written as a follow up to the ‘LP-E8 Battery By Phottix Let Me Down’ post ages ago. Upon browsing through my folders, I found this and despite how long ago I first drafted this, I decided to post it anyway.