Language Patterns Used By Sales Marketers in PDF and Videos

I got ahold of a pdf file about language patterns or pattern language that are being used repeatedly in sales by marketers to plow their way through the minds of buyers with minimal resistance.

The more I get myself exposed to squeeze pages and sales pages by online marketers, the more inclined I am to believe that there is indeed a science behind their system. That their copywriting skills do not rest only on perfect grammar but also with skillful use of language patterns proven effective to convince or persuade readers to commit action according to the writer’s intent, which of course is none other than to buy what they’re selling.

By the way, I’ve posted about magic words sometime ago when I first realized that there are indeed patterns or some kind of formula that copywriters are using. Check it out in this post: Magic Words That Enticed Me to Buy.

The ebook authored by George Hutton focuses on the discovery made by Richard Bandler and John Grinder some years ago that eventually became the basis of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). Bandler called these language patterns ‘linguistic presuppositions’ where the mind is tricked into accepting something by virtue of a pre-supposition or series of pre-suppositions.

Covert Hypnotic Sales Language Patterns

First off, it explores the power of ordinal numbers, complex adjectives, pseudo cleft sentences, repetitive verbs and adverbs, factive verbs and adverbs, and many more.

With skillful use of these language patterns, you can make readers believe that you are an authority in your field, or imply that lots of people are recommending your product for its value. It maximizes the use of the mind’s tendency to fill the missing pieces, and lowers its defenses as the writer pushes his wares for sale up front. You can say it’s a method of reaching out to the buyer at the subconscious level.

You can consider these language patterns as some kind of weapon that, when put in the wrong hands, can wreck havoc to mankind.

This reminds me of another post I wrote when I found myself really kind of disgruntled at some marketers who are really into this for the money alone, without thought of the buyers’ satisfaction. Here it is: Limited Copies: Hurry!

After reading the ebook, I found myself browsing through several squeeze and sales pages online to point out phrases or paragraphs that actually made use of hypnotic language patterns. I now understand why businessmen sometimes have to hire copywriters to draft up their sales pages instead of making it themselves.

I have began appreciating sales pages as I now recognize the process as an art or a science. I no longer look at it’s writing as simply coughing up a few paragraphs describing a product using glowing superlatives and asking people to buy it now. It also follows that I now look at copywriters in a different light.

I guess every marketer who consciously wants to increase his sales should be armed with the knowledge of persuasive language patterns.

To know more about persuasive language patterns for hypnotic sales power, go here. Not an affiliate link. Or, you can take a couple short minutes to watch a video below closely related to this subject matter.

Are you familiar with hypnotic sales language patterns or do you recognize these patterns in ads or sales pages used by online marketers?

Click Here! or here

How to Display Content of CHM Help File That Does Not Display Content Pane

Here’s another experience I had just recently, this time, about a Help file in .chm format that won’t display its contents. If you’ve followed my blog even for a little while, you’ll know that I save my experiences with any problems, trivial or not, that get solved into this blog for future reference.

This post is going to be a quick and short one because the solution happens to be equally quick and short. In fact, if you’re in a hurry, you may jump to the solution by scrolling below, or clicking here.

CHM File Won’t Display Correctly

I downloaded a jQuery Help chm file and when I try to access its contents, it only shows something like the image below.

chm file wont display correctly

I thought I must have downloaded an incomplete file, but when I tried asking around in the forums, I realized that several other folks have experienced this too. Turns out this has nothing to do with corrupted files or incomplete downloads.

So, withour further ado, here’s the solution that I got from some helpful guys who did not hesitate to share their knowledge to us poor folks who would never have found a clue how to get over this problem.


  1. Right click on chm file, then click Properties.
  2. Then, Click on the ‘Unblock’ button. That’s the button just above the bottom ‘Apply’ button, and just below the ‘Advanced’ button, all within the ‘General’ tab .
  3. unblocking chm file

  4. Click ‘Ok’. This time, when you right-click the chm file and click ‘Properties’, you’ll no longer see the ‘Unblock’ button.
  5. chm file now unblocked

Now, you can access your downloaded CHM file and it will display its contents on the content pane.

chm file displaying properly

Learning jQuery Free Online

I loved HTML at first sight. Then I realized its limitations and started learning PHP. And then, just recently I fancied learning jQuery and found some free resources online.

how to learn jquery free onlineWhen I say I learned PHP, I do not necessarily mean I mastered it. I learned just enough to be able to amuse myself as I tweaked my themes and played around with the innards of some plugins in my blog.

Now that I am embarking on learning jQuery, it goes without saying that I may not necessarily be aiming for mastery. Maybe, just enough to be dangerous when I find myself in the midst of jQuery code.

Some folks say that I must learn javascript before starting on jQuery. But leave it to my non-conformist nature to just go ahead anyway and dive into jQuery without benefit of a javascript background. Maybe I’m wrong but I have this understanding that jQuery is supposed to help make me jump ahead with javascript coding without starting from ground zero.

learning jquery online for free

I landed on a resource website called which offers free online courses like Web Fundamentals, jQuery, Javascript, Python, Ruby, APIs, etc.

I’m now almost done with part 2 of the jQuery Course. That means Parts 3 to 6 are still waiting for me to be devoured soon (if the motivation holds up). In part 2, I’ve learned about functions, selectors and some functional jQuery coding.

If you’re expecting passive learning here, you’d be surprised. You can’t effectively go ahead with the next chapters without typing in the proper codes in the jQuery code box. Kind of reminds me of my Trigonometry class instructor back in high school who has this nasty habit of giving us a short quiz after every lecture session. And here at codecademy, if you make erroneous codes, you’ll be reprimanded with an ‘Oops, you need to insert…’ remark. Well, they were not joking when they said ‘Interactive’!

Though, I’m yet at the early stages of the online course, I know that the entire online course wouldn’t make me a jQuery wizard afterwards as it doesn’t really cover everything. That’s why, this early I have started gathering other resources to complement my learning.

I have, for instance, the following digital info files in my jQuery folder:

  • Head First jQuery
  • jQuery Cookbook
  • jQuery Succinctly
  • jQuery Documentation PDF
  • jQuery & jQuery UI Documentation

Youtube is in no shortage of jQuery tutorials too. There’s this channel called LittleWebHut which also offers lots of video tutorials, e.g. HTML, Inkscape, etc.

Why Learn jQuery?

Take a look at this site. Click on ‘News/Events’, and then click on the links at the left side of the page. I just love Ajax!

Or, take a peek at Click on one of the direction arrows on the picture frame on the upper right of the page. If you like the effect, click it again and again until your forefingers get sore.

But then again, those are just some effects that can be seen immediately on the surface. JQuery can do lots more and takes off where HTML (or PHP) stops.

HTML and PHP just aren’t enough especially when you want to keep up with the Joneses in the webworld. Interactivity is the in thing now and, I supppose, will remain that way forever.

Some guy in a forum said that he traipsed away from javascript when he found out that some users intentionally disable javascript in their browsers. On closer inspection, I learned that those paranoid users actually constitute only around 2% of all users in the US. Other countries have even lower statistics than that. What’s up with these guys? Do they prefer page load waiting time over ajax?

And why the heck would I worry about the preferences of 2% of US readers? Wait, a yahoo page says that 6,000,000 readers compose the 2% of users among 300,000,000 readers who visit their site each month. Ok, that’s one humongous lot of readers.

Well then, when I become the greatest jQuery programmer in the world soon, maybe I’ll just have to design my websites so that javascript-phobic users can still get satisfaction from my sites. But surely, the rest will get the best experience in their browsing when javascript is enabled, like the way I am awed at masterfully designed sites with expert use of proper javascript.

jQuery Badges
Here are the badges I’ve earned so far @ codecademy

VIDEO: JavaScript & jQuery Tutorial for Beginners

SEO Gaming of Google SERPs Continues

Although the Google algorithm changes, e.g. Panda, Penguin, etc., stunned the gurus who preach about how to to game the google serps, it feels more like a gaming pause than a stop that Google envisioned.

Indeed my inbox turned a different shade for a few days. But shortly after that, my inbox went abuzz with a vengeance with subject lines from marketers going electric with promises to soar back up the serps in 10 days or so, etc.

SEO Gaming continues

Whether these promises have meat or not, I think people are gobbling them up like crazy precisely because these are the times when they needed new directions the most as they are essentially facing blank walls and needed a way out quick. And the gurus, whether legitimate or scam artists, are scrambling to pounce on this hunger. If war is good for business, confusion in the online world is good for business, too.

So, ever since google set up filters to identify legitimate backlinks from spam links, here comes the masters boasting of having found out loopholes that allow anyone to build backlinks that remain under the radar of Google’s filters.

They also talk of things that actually make sense like when they advocate that content is indeed king. And yet, in the same breath, they launch into another pitch about the awesomeness of a software that spins your good content into a thousand readable versions. And not only that, it automatically submits these to article directories.

Google is not that clean either in these areas. They have developed this feature called ‘Disavow’ which allows webmasters to wash their hands off of some dirty seo they’ve done in the past. The way I see it, this is still SEO gaming. And from the inside, at that.

Naturally, the gamers, more often than not, are the first ones to pounce on this opportunity to clean up their tracks. By definition, anyone who desires and takes action to put their sites up in the top serps are gamers. That includes just about everyone who has a website. But just as there are people who are more adventurous, so are there webmasters who are more aggressive at seo gaming than the rest.

Google is still far from perfect

I think the only act a webmaster can do that wouldn’t be considered ‘dirty gaming’ is when they put real valuable content on their sites, because that is the only thing Google really wants in a website after all.

But of course, no matter how advanced Google’s bots have become these days, these bots still couldn’t sense ‘good content’. That’s why they look to other sites to see if they are ‘endorsing’ those sites via backlinks. And this has been a doorway for gaming ever since Google started using this method. And since Google is still using it, the gaming thus continues. As soon as their new tweaks and filtering in this area are detected, the gamers adjust accordingly.

And when Google started checking up on social media sites, e.g facebook, (and even created their own Google+), the gamers flocked and juiced them out for what they’re worth.

Google aims to be able to give search results that give value to the searcher. That is, results that satisfy the searchers. After the changes, I however can see, every now and then, some crap pages that still slips through the filters and thus get in the top serps. If not crap pages, there are pages that are not neccessarily exact or appropriate to the search terms.

A quick test, for instance, revealed that half of the first page in google for the search term “how to change ink cartridge hp deskjet 3050” does not show the searcher how to change or replace an ink cartridge for the hp deskjet 3050. But somewhere in the 10th page, in position number 113, is a page that is as instructive as that in position number 2 of the first page. Among the pages that don’t contain instructions to replace ink cartridge, and thus don’t give value to the searcher, is an amazon sales page. The printer’s actual online manual which contains a whole section on how to replace the printers ink cartridge should be number one, but currently sits on number 4.

I’m sure you too can find examples of these instances where you don’t really get to be satisfied at google’s results. But then again, google robots, and all of the other search robots are not perfect and we’ll just have to accept that fact if we don’t want to get a migraine headache.

Can Google Eventually Stop SEO Gaming?

So, the question is ‘can Google ever stop the seo gaming game?’ I’d say, never. But for a while they can always make it difficult for the gamers. I appreciate though the respite I get during these rare times when my inbox gets a rest from over-active seo marketers.

Negative SEO – (Revisiting Matt Cutts)

I Like This Hansel and Gretel Story Better

We watched Hansel and Gretel a couple of days ago and went home certain that I definitely like this story better than the one I heard when I was a kid.

I know the original story by heart because back in the 3rd grade, I played Hansel in our school play while a cute girl (who’s a doctor now) played Gretel.

Hansel and Gretel grows to become witch hunters

Of course, the original story is only a small part of the new storyline in the movie because this one continuous where the original left off. But even with that alone, I would still consider this a better story because the mother and father are, after all, not necessarily evil. They only had to leave the children in the woods to protect them from death in the hands of the villagers.

head witch muriel in hansel and gretel movieThe movie shows a lot of ugly evil faces and, of course, unlimited blood and gore. More often than not, I would stay away from movies of this type, but this one turns out to be an exception of some sort. I didn’t seem to find the blood and gore too offensive. Or, is it just me levelling up to tolerate seeing blood and gore now that I’m older?

I love it that they cast Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye) as Hansel and Jean Grey, err Famke Janssen, as Muriel.

hansel and gretel witch hunters screenshot

The movie is super fun to watch. Don’t mind the guns that don’t seem to fit the era of witch-burning hypocrites. But come to think of it, if guns were already available in those days, it would really make any legitimate witch-hunters’ job easier. And those steel strings sure makes for a fun way to slice overspeeding witches into small pieces.

I think I’m going to buy a DVD (Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters) of this movie as I think this one passes my criteria for highly re-watchable movies. I wouldn’t recommend it for children viewing though. That’s why only me and my wife watched it.

“Some people will say that not all witches are evil. That they’re powers could be used for good. I say burn them all!”

Do you know that the line above created some very interesting and funny reading as it created a thread of seemingly endless debate on religion, atheism, witchcraft, etc. Check it out here.

Internal Server Error Hits My Blog

I thought my troubles were over but a few hours after I completed my blog troubleshooting for its crawling dashboard, an even worse headache came up. It must have happened around January 27, 2013. On opening, this is what appeared on the page.

Internal Server Error

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

Please contact the server administrator, and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.

More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

Additionally, a 500 Internal Server Error error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

Apache/2.2.22 (Unix) mod_ssl/2… Server at Port 80

I’ve once seen this notice before on my blog a long time ago, but I remembered it went away and the blog returned to normal after I refreshed it a few minutes after.

So, after seeing that’s it’s not planning on fading away, I accessed my cPanel to do some snooping around.

Cannot Allocate Memory

I found something like these in the ‘Last 300 Error Log Messages’:

[Sun Jan 27 04:17:41 2013] [error] [client ###.###.##.###] (12)Cannot allocate memory: couldn’t create child process: /opt/suphp/sbin/suphp for /home/moraldecom/public_html/index.php, referer:

[Sun Jan 27 04:16:47 2013] [error] [client ###.###.###.##] (12)Cannot allocate memory: couldn’t create child process: /opt/suphp/sbin/suphp for /home/moraldecom/public_html/index.php

…and so on…

As I still could not make heads or tails of such information, I decided to contact Lunarpages Support. This was my second time to call support. The first time was when my blog got hacked sometime in January 2010 (See What I Did After My Blog Got Hacked). Support was promtly able to help me retrieve my blog back from the hacker’s clutches.

Support replied back saying:

During our routine monitoring of the server where your account is located on, we have found one of your WordPress installations causing severe issues in regards to load on the server, which is also preventing backups from taking place as expected on your entire server. As a result, we were forced to disable your main index.php file, while you can address this issue and resolve it.

running aground during internal server error

And they showed me some SQL query strings which, although I’ve a background in this subject, failed to register in my brain. Support explained that those are queries that are in a locked state and that these are waiting for the first query to finish (which was ‘copying to a temp table’). Because of this the size of the database has ballooned into something really heavy such that all processes are just about to ground to a halt. Well, it finally got grounded the way the cutting-edge tech monstrous minesweeper USS Guardian got grounded somewhere in the reefs in the Philippines. Now, I guess these locked state queries were actually what was causing my WP dashboard to crawl ever so slowly which I blogged about very recently. Lunarpages suggested that the culprit is a specific plugin which I will have to find out and disable immediately. But which plugin?

Which Plugin is the Culprit?

After poring back over the SQL gibberish in the log, I found the table name in the string that goes like “INSERT INTO wp_blc_synch(container_id, container_type, synched)”.

The ‘blc’ part stood out to me and I only knew of one plugin that has such initials in my arsenal: Broken Link Checker!

So, without wasting another breathe I crept inside my dashboard and disabled it without second thought. And for good measure, I also disabled all plugins related to comments inasmuch as the SQL queries also reflected the term ‘comment’ specifically “comment_approved = ‘1’”.

Hereunder thus are the list of plugins I had to disable:

  • Broken Link Checker
  • CommentLuv
  • WP Captcha Free
  • LuciasLinkLove
  • WordPress Thread Comment
  • Akismet

Which Plugin Uses the wp_blc_sync Table?

Later, after a little digging into the innards of the Broken Link Checker plugin, I found that indeed it owns the wp_blc_synch table. What I couldn’t understand is how it got to mess up my database when it had been working silently and flawlessly for more than 2 years under the hood of my blog.

[ Update: I found from this webpage that that the broken link checker plugin is one of the plugins among several that they disallow because it overwhelms the server with HTTP requests. ]

Thus, having acquired a certain degree of certainty with regard to the culprit plugin, I re-activated Akismet, CommentLuv, and WP Captcha Free. I didn’t think I need to re-activate WordPress Thread Comment inasmuch as wordpress has this feature natively anyway.

Then, I went back to the cPanel and accessed phpMyAdmin where I deleted the offending bloated table.

With this back-wrenching job done, I reported back to Support about my good deeds and asked them to enable back my main index file. This time however, after not getting a reply after 12 hours, I took the liberty of re-enabling my main index file myself. I just can’t wait to re-activate my blog especially after I received Google’s message about their bot not being able to access my site. You don’t want to keep the big G waiting, do you?


Have you had this harrowing experience before? Getting an ‘Internal Server Error’ glaring back at you is not a funny experience. I’m sure the cause would not always be some wayward plugin. What caused yours?


Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent SOLVED!

I realized just recently that I no longer get that error that has plagued me for a long long time:

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/moraldecom/public_html/wp-includes/post-template.php:##) in /home/moraldecom/public_html/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line ###

Everytime I hit the ‘publish’ button upon completing a new post, or I hit the ‘update’ button after finishing an edit job on a published post, the dashboard page goes blank and just reflect the title of the post and the warning above. Inspite of that, the post gets published anyway. And repeated checks on the post-template.php and pluggable.php files don’t seem to reveal any problem.

Several wordpress updates later, the problem still persisted. The disabling of the broken link checker and the deletion of the database table I mentioned above in this post seemed to have solved the problem.

WP Dashboard Crawling So Slow – Solved

This week, my wordpress dashboard for this blog was really slow that I wasn’t able to upload even a single post. My patience is already short as it is but this really put it to the test. And I failed miserably.

The first time it happened, I was lucky to be able to get into the ‘New Post’ window and type in my content. But when it came time to insert an image into the post, it took forever until I finally just closed it, blaming my internet connection for the snail pace. I thought the weather, which was rather glum at the time, must have an effect on our internet speed.

After a couple of days, I tried it again and got the same stubborn response. Besides firing up to check on my internet speed, watching a youtube video is usually my quick and sure method to see if my internet speed is crawling or not. I tried that and noticed that the speed was cool enough. There was no buffering necessary while I re-watched Rhod Gilbert’s rant about his luggage experience in an Australian airport.

So, I went back to the dashboard and clicked on ‘Posts > All Posts’. Leaving it at its pleasure, it bidded its time until it finally opened up the page. But it displayed not a single post. It said there were no posts. Must have timed out.

very slow wordpress dashboard

I played around with the other dashboard features. I tried updating a plugin. It crawled again in its effort to process the command, finally displaying the notice “Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute”. But I remembered having encountered this same notice a couple of days back too. Is it possible for Lunarpages to do maintenance work again in a span of 2 days? Not likely.

briefly unavailable image

Some forum poster suggested that usually its a case of a problematic plugin that causes this sluggishness. I recall that in the past couple of weeks I have updated a few plugins. Perhaps it’s one of those updates that’s causing this trouble.

This means deactivating each plugin and checking if the dashboard now works fine. The thing is I have quite a few plugins installed and if deactivating one plugin requires me to wait 5 minutes while it leisurely bide its time deactivating, it would take forever to do them all.

I tried checking them all and hitting ‘deactivate’. Didn’t work. After crawling like a snail, it just displayed the blog’s home page, instead of the wp dashboard. Going back to the dashboard, it now displayed 0 posts, 0 pages, etc. It just got crazier.

So, that left me with one last option.

Slow Dashboard Caused by Plugin conflict

There’s only one way to disable the plugins without straining my patience too much. And that’s through the cPanel.

Quickest Way to Deactivate All WordPress Plugins

In the cPanel, I accessed the phpMyAdmin, and picked the name of the database for I clicked on the ‘wp_options’ table and searched for the ‘active_plugins’ entry under the ‘option_name’ column. To easily find the ‘active_plugins’ entry, click on the ‘option_name’ column header to re-order the entries under it alphabetically if it’s not yet ordered that way. In my case, the ‘active_plugins’ entry is the first entry.

Then I clicked on the ‘Edit’ (with the pencil icon) link to edit the entry. Then I deleted the data in that entry which looked like so:

a:2:{i:0;s:15:”add-meta-tags/add-meta-tags.php”;i:2;s:17:”broken-link-checker/broken-link-checker.php”;and so on…;}[/note]

From what I’ve learned in the research, deleting this entry from the database is the quickest way to deactivate all plugins in your wordpress blog without going through the wp dashboard. Just to be safe, I cut and pasted the data into a notepad and saved it, as suggested.

Then I clicked ‘Go’ to save the changes I made.

Back at the dashboard, I noticed that things worked much much quicker now. I definitely like this better. But, of course, my blog wouldn’t look and work at its best without the plugins. I shudder at the thought of what those relentless hackers’robots must be doing now that my WP Firewall and Limit Login plugins are not active.

Thus, one by one I reactivated each plugin, testing the dashboard’s health after each reactivation. It was arduous but not as patience draining now that the dashboard is running normally.

In the process of reactivating the plugins, I decided to not reactivate a few plugins as I don’t really need them that much.

And because of that I never got to find out which of the remaining plugins is the culprit. Well, if I got time and feels like going on an adventure some time in the future, I just might do it.

And that’s how I solved the very slow affliction of my wordpress dashboard.

Update: Looks like the Broken Link Checker is one candidate for culprit of the week. I tried activating it and the dashboard did the sleepy walk again. I interrupted it by closing the browser. Maybe it’s the culprit, or it’s just a browser glitch. I’ve had enough stress for today, maybe I’ll give it a try another time.

Does Browser Steal a Page’s Google Rank and Position? logoJust very recently, I stumbled on this site called by way of a Google serp where it ranked for content that was mine.

Around the first week of January this year, I posted an article containing the lyrics and chords of my daughter’s recent favorite song on I, of course, googled beforehand to see if there had been any pages already published containing the chords and found none. That precisely was what prompted me to find the chords myself on my guitar and then post it on my blogs with the intent of helping those poor dads out there whose princesses might have tasked them to get the chords of the song.

After the first week, Google’s serp for this phrase remained the same. That is, it still presented sites that don’t have any guitar chords or even at least music notes about the song. In other words, if you’re really looking for the chords of the song, the results that Google was returning were all useless.

In contrast, both and put my content in number 1 at the first page. And if you check all the entries on first page, it is only right that my page gets the top post because it’s the only one that really contains the chords to the song ‘look how high we can fly’. Gets SERP for My Content

Second week was a surprise because google finally returned my content at number 7. But the surprise is that is was not my link. Instead it was that of

image for look how high we can fly serp

Clicking on it brought me to their site where my page is indeed reflected but its top part contains a thick bar that says ‘Feedreader Browser’ and partly hid my header image.

framed version of look how high  we can fly moralde

Here’s more. When I click on some internal links within my blog, e.g. a link to another article, it does bring me to that article but is still framed within It even has a bar at the foot of the browser that points you to related links, their related links.

I found however that if I right-click on a link and choose to open the link on a new window, or new tab, it breaks free of the frame trap. (This gave me the idea to insert a link on my hijacked content pointing to itself but opening on a new window.)

Google Glitch?

So, what is this, Google? Does this mean you’re finding my content as the duplicate content and feedreader’s the original? If this is the case, then it’s safe to conclude that Google’s robots are still stupid inspite of the ‘intelligent’ tweaks Google has made on their algorithms. The Penguin and the Panda are not after all really above board.

Or, knowing that is PR 9, with an Alexa ranking of 10551, Google is probably willing to turn a blind eye on scraped duplicate content over such respectable PR ranks.

Other folks online claim that has stolen even their pages’ ranks. Is that possible?

On the bright side, someone chirped that finding your pages which contain internal links within which is PR9┬áis not that bad considering the backlinks you get from such a high PR site. Make sure though to have your links open in a new window e.g. target=”_blank”.

With that, and at this stage in the life of my blog, I think I’m cool with the status of my blog post within

How about you? If your content ranks in Google but within the frame of, what would you do?

NOTE: This is in no way a competitive keyword. This just happened to be the keyword for the content from my blog that’s now ranking for


Short un-related video

My Latest Favorite Blogs for 2013

The year 2013 brought me some fresh motivation to revive my blogging activities. Maybe I just am at a point where my blogging enthusiasm is beginning to slope up again as it rises up in its sine wave digi-rhythm. If you have an idea about bio-rhythm, you’d know what I mean. Or, it probably just meant I have recovered from the disappointment brought by the Farmer, Panda and Penguin algorithm changes that meshed up the whole web this past couple of years. Now, I am on a quest to start anew, to learn the ropes as if I’ve never held it in the palm of my hands before and to either learn to befriend Google by playing by their rules, or to completely do away with them and just blog for the fun and heck of it.

This past few weeks brought me some fresh sources of inspiration and awe. Although these sites are not necessarily new, I just stumbled upon them lately and they stuck with me, and I’m finding it hard to call a day complete without dropping by these sites. I’m enumerating them hereunder in no particular order.


Blogging With Amy is giving me the heads up on better self organization and time management, sticking with new year’s resolutions and recognizing some guidelines to living life better. I like her videos of herself expressing her ideas in a natural, honest and down-to-earth manner. She’s a writer and her ebooks are available in Amazon although she sometimes offers her work ebooks for free at certain times.

One of the tips that I physically took action with is printing out a phrase that says: “Is what I’m doing right now getting me closer to my goal?
” and pasting it on my desk so that it is always in view all the time.

Photobucket is a website that delves on every online technique to help your business prosper. One of its recent posts featured how to maximize the use of facebook timeline to promote your business. Though I don’t necessarily have some big business to promote, I did get some nuggets from that post one; of which is a clever manipulation of the facebook cover image in relation to the smaller profile image. I’ve got to try that one very soon.

I’m particularly anticipating the next posts in growmap about best blogging and social media practices.

Photobucket This is Ileane’s blog where she shares all she knows about blogging and social media optimization. Here, I get to re-educate myself, after getting very disappointed with the fall of SEO as I knew it. It’s the blog that I get back to when I feel that what I’m doing is not exactly working right.


The four hour work week blog of Tim Ferris, the cool Who doesn’t know Tim Ferris. Ever since I’ve read some of his work about the four hour workweek, I was hooked. And who doesn’t want to live the kind of life he’s living. Who doesn’t want to become of the ‘new rich’?

The above mentioned websites are, to me, some of the best sites I’ve just discovered at the dawn of 2013. Made me wonder really how on earth did I miss these blogs before.

Of course, I still love to come back to and converse with some blogs that I’ve grown attached to since the beginning of my blogging days, one of them being Peter’s wassupblog. Wassupblog has gotten better and better with time. I especially like the sense of humor that he injects into all of his posts, be he sharing a funny joke or seriously promoting a plugin that actually beats [wpPopWizard item_id=kswppw_in1ine clickthru= newwindow=yes inltext=”<p>A Way to Beat Ad Blindness</p>” ]ad blindness[/wpPopWizard].

As I continue to awaken myself from my blogging siesta, and while I’m exploring new sources of information and connections, I also am looking back and rediscovering the blogs that served to help me during the beginning of my blogging venture.

Thus, I’ll be updating this post every now and then as I plod ahead towards a better 2013.

Screen fades, and credits begin rolling…

Complete Solution for Undefined Function curl_init Error

I tried activating a script on a test wordpress blog hosted on localhost to see how the script works and I was met with this error:

Call to undefined function curl_init()

Naturally, I fired up Google and searched for solutions. If you try searching Google using the phrase “call to undefined function curl_init()“, you’ll notice the first page filled with pages containing the exact phrase. You’ll also notice that not a single one of these pages gave a complete solution to your problem.

The most helpful suggestion you’ll get is about uncommenting from your php.ini the line that contains this: “extension=php_curl.dll“. But this alone won’t necessarily solve your problem.

I realized that I had to use another search phrase if I ever expect to find the answer that would work. I finally tried “mowes portable curl”. I use MoWeS Portable in my localhost server. Had I used Wamp, I’d have phrased it thus: “Wamp curl”. I finally got lucky with this phrase as I got myself into a page* that provided the following solution which, as far as I’m concerned, is complete. It straightened things out, got rid of the errors, and got the script working.

The Complete Solution

Requirement: Full PHP package. (SE versions do not work!)

  1. Stop your Apache server.
  2. Open your php.ini file. Uncomment the line “;extension=php_curl.dll” so that it becomes “extension=php_curl.dll” (this means you just remove the semicolon character “;”) and then save the file. My php.ini is located in D:\mowes_portable\php5. If you use XAMP or WAMP, etc., just locate the php.ini somewhere inside these directories. Check this page to see suggestions regarding where php.ini is in your webhost server.
  3. Find the following files from the same php5 directory.
    • ssleay32.dll
    • libeay32.dll
  4. Copy both of these files to the apache2\bin directory.
  5. Start Apache

If you are not just working with your localhost server, meaning you’re using your webhost’s server and you meet the undefined function curl_init() error, and you cringe at making changes to your php files, you may have to contact your webhost’s admin and ask that their curl functionality be enabled.

*You can check out the source of my solution here.