Photo Fun

This photo fun post is a response to the advise to write about what you love doing. Well I just seem to be writing-challenged at the moment so I sort of twisted that advise a little and turned it into just ‘do what you love doing’. I love photo fun. By photo fun, I don’t mean taking pictures and asking friends to come around and have fun looking at them. I meant having fun with the photos. Photo-editing. I learned photo editing some years ago, as a hobby, using photoshop and some other free photoshop-like applications. Today, I just felt like having photo fun. So I gathered a few interesting images and threw them into the photo editing applications and out came the photo shown below.

I don’t know…probably, I just haven’t had enough of 2012. Besides, I didn’t see much of Italy being ravaged in the 2012 movie. (Sorry my Italian buddies :). No offense meant). So, here it is.

Photo Fun

Click on photo to see bigger photo size.

Now, that I have started this, this just might be the first of a series of photo fun posts that I’ll probably post every now and then, as the spirit leads. I think one could also showcase some talents besides writing in a blog; photo editing or photo art for instance. What d’ya think? Or, should blogging be considered as an exclusive estate only for those who can write? I am not a very good writer. So I had this idea to supplement whatever little writing skill I have with photo art / photo fun. Brian Hawkins has a photo-blog that he used to publish his pictures taken either from a cellphone camera or from his high-tech digital camera. Not much writing there. You don’t need to read for 5 minutes to be able to comment there. You just look at the picture, enjoy its art, and post a comment if you are moved to. BTW, the photo work in my previous post, WordPress Slideshow Plugin, is a photo fun work of mine too.

In the above photo fun picture, I think I should have included a picture of me diving off from the tower and into the raging chaos, with Brian’s button pinned on my swimming trunk.


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