Photo Fun

Photo Fun

This photo fun post is a response to the advise to write about what you love doing. Well I just seem to be writing-challenged at the moment so I sort of twisted that advise a little and turned it into just ‘do what you love doing’. I love photo fun. By photo fun, I don’t mean taking pictures and asking friends to come around and have fun looking at them. I meant having fun with the photos. Photo-editing. I learned photo editing some years ago, as a hobby, using photoshop and some other free photoshop-like applications. Today, I just felt like having photo fun. So I gathered a few interesting images and threw them into the photo editing applications and out came the photo shown below.

I don’t know…probably, I just haven’t had enough of 2012. Besides, I didn’t see much of Italy being ravaged in the 2012 movie. (Sorry my Italian buddies :). No offense meant). So, here it is.

Photo Fun

Click on photo to see bigger photo size.

Now, that I have started this, this just might be the first of a series of photo fun posts that I’ll probably post every now and then, as the spirit leads. I think one could also showcase some talents besides writing in a blog; photo editing or photo art for instance. What d’ya think? Or, should blogging be considered as an exclusive estate only for those who can write? I am not a very good writer. So I had this idea to supplement whatever little writing skill I have with photo art / photo fun. Brian Hawkins has a photo-blog that he used to publish his pictures taken either from a cellphone camera or from his high-tech digital camera. Not much writing there. You don’t need to read for 5 minutes to be able to comment there. You just look at the picture, enjoy its art, and post a comment if you are moved to. BTW, the photo work in my previous post, WordPress Slideshow Plugin, is a photo fun work of mine too.

In the above photo fun picture, I think I should have included a picture of me diving off from the tower and into the raging chaos, with Brian’s button pinned on my swimming trunk.


  1. Hi James, I love the ‘photo fun’ concept. Great keyword phrase too 😉 Thanks for the link luv, I need to get to work on that photo blog, it’s been neglected for a while. I do love playing with photography a little. I’m not that great at graphics programs like that. That brings a new meaning to the leaning tower 🙂 Very cool.
    .-= Brian D. Hawkins´s latest blog ..The Keyword Academy – My Highest Recommendation =-.

  2. Hi James, it seems that you really haven’t gotten over 2012 yet. I haven’t watched the movie though but the “film-making” scenes I’ve seen on Yahoo are just amazing.

    If there’s one program that I wanted to get my hands on and learn it, it’s Photoshop. Honestly, I really don’t know how to use it, I just depend on some similar editing software that are much simpler to use (or just for me, I guess).
    .-= Mathdelane ´s latest blog ..Keystroke Encryption Tool for Identity Theft Prevention =-.

    1. Looks that way, yeah Math. Most of the effects are cool in 2012.

      I learned photoshop little by little and with a lot of help from online tutorials. Our local Informatics school here offered a short term course about Photoshop and other applications but I preferred to save the few bucks I’d have spent if I enrolled and instead opt to use the limitless tutorials in the net. Now, I’m also setting my sights on Illustrator, a sister application of Photoshop.

  3. I’ve actually got two photo blogs and I always write something about each photo. This is a must because the photos themselves won’t help your SERPs at all.

    Love what you did with Pisa. I think this will make a brilliant series, especially if you could explain how you do those effects.
    .-= Sire´s latest blog ..Wassup’s With The November’s Statistics =-.

    1. Hey Sire, I’d love to see those 2 photo blogs of yours. Wait… oh I see, its these two blogs:

      OMG, looks like I’m actually sidebar-blind. I just read the posts and never looked at the sidebars. And wow, thanks a million for including me in your ‘Blogs I Like’ box there. 🙂

      Your suggestion of explaining how I do the effects is cool. I’d probably first show the untouched pics so that the transitions can be seen. Nice idea. Thanks.

  4. Looks like the 2012 fever has caught many. The editing has been done superbly…….. very neat……..but I saw some written content in it when I had enlarged the pic……. 🙂
    Hope to see some of such edited photos in coming days…….. 🙂

    1. I just expressed the things I am fond of doing. It makes blogging more fun than ever, especially when there are friends who appreciate it. 🙂

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