Possible Facebook Trojan Effect: Probable Free Trojan Removal Solution?

I just came from Mathdelane’s SoftwareCriticsInfo site where he was discussing about a Virus Alert: Facebook Password Reset Confirmation which one can contract from an email that tries to pass itself as coming from Facebook Support. Unfortunately, Mathdelane only promised to show how he removed the trojan infection on his next post. And I can’t wait because I believed my laptop and my computer at home has been compromised.

So, like always, I went to Big Bro Google for some possible answers. Firstly, I am not sure if whatever is lurking around my computers is the trojan from facebook. What I remember is that I recently received an email from facebook support. I opened the email but never clicked on the attachment. But soon after, I began to see a blazing red popup that says AVG has blocked an unsafe site. This happens once everytime I open firefox after booting up. Thing is, it pops up even on sites I’m sure I can trust. What is more alarming however is that on both computers, I no longer see the svchost.exe entries in the task manager. The task manager says there are 35 processes running but the processes tab displays only 17! Also, my home computer seems to run at an average of 89% cpu usage. Are these some of the yet undiscovered effects of the new facebook trojan? Again, I’m no expert on this matter. Probably, my computers are indeed infected with the facebook trojan, or probably also infected with some other freaking trojan, etc. What matters is that these trojans must be removed at once. How did these pests pass through AVG or Avast anyway?

How to Get Rid of Trojan Virus

My search from google only showed a lot of posts describing the latest facebook fake email and its possible effects and no solutions (or perhaps I did not search long enough). So I have to generalize my search in the trojan removal terms e.g. ‘how to get rid of trojan virus’, ‘free trojan removal’, ‘trojan horse remover’, etc. I stumbled on an old youtube video that doesn’t even mention facebook. It just described and pointed to me a (trial) trojan remover software called ‘Trojan Remover‘ from Simply Super Soft.

Long story short, I downloaded and run it. Lo and behold, on checking afterwards, the task manager at my home computer repopulated the process list with all the usual svchost exes and all other previously hidden processes. It also lowered down its cpu usage to believable levels. It however did not find anything wrong with my laptop. The svchost exes are still not visible in the laptop’s task manager.

I still am waiting for Math’s update on the facebook trojan removal technique he employed. The move I did above were born out of my haste to take counter-action on a menace that is threatening to wreck havoc on my computers. I didn’t even do any further research. I just pounced on the first possible solution I met (and hoping I won’t be regretting this later). And like I said, the facebook trojan may or may not have something to do with it. I’d still be closely monitoring things again to check for any other signs of infection.

How to Remove Trojan Virus

The link he meant is: Trojan Remover

Update: There’s also this a-squared free software that I tried at the office computer which was also supposed to be protected by AVG. It found 9 ‘high risk’ files that got through AVG’s fingers(!) like Trojan-Clicker.HTML.IFrame!IK and the Virus.Win32.De4lf.FTK!IK.


  1. Hi James,
    I appreciate the mention. My follow-up post was entitled HOW TO: Remove Fake Antivirus Software, http://bit.ly/azp3Yy.

    I wish it could help you and your readers. Regarding the post you linked from my blog, I actually left you a response. If that doesn’t help, I’d suggest that you try the software I’ve mentioned in the follow-up post.

    Let me know of any developments.
    .-= Mathdelane´s latest blog ..HOW TO: Remove Fake Antivirus Software =-.

    1. Hi Math, yeah I’ve read the follow up post. Wow, you’re curiosity really got the best of you as you did download the attachment and run it. Which I think is good for us since you were able to find an immediate solution to it and shared it with rest of us non-techie guys. Thanks Math.

  2. Yep, had that come to my work email that isn’t even used with Facebook. The junk filter caught it, and I deleted it without opening. You know, like a smart person should.

  3. Don’t you hate it when that sort of stuff happens? I remember Mathdelanes post and like I commented there I never open those types of emails. I’ve now purchased an email scanner that lets me scan emails before I even download them onto my computer. it even filters all the spam for me.
    .-= Sire´s latest blog ..The Lighter Side Of Blogging =-.

    1. Well, it seems I always learn things the hard way. Now I know better not to open anything I’m not sure about. But like Mathdelane, my curiosity sometimes gets the best of me. 🙂 That email scanner must cost a lot, eh?

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