Revisiting Binaural-Isochronic

I remembered that after a few weeks of tinkering with my then brand-new blog (this blog) and after learning about subdomains, I immediately created binaural-isochronic. Binaural-Isochronic is a sub-blog on which I spent most of my time during the first six months of obtaining this blog, to the point that it received more traffic than the main blog, In fact, it got PR1 first while the main blog remained without PR for quiet some time afterwards.

It was only natural for me to spend more time on it because I was, and still am, interested in its subject matter. It deals with binaural and isochronic entrainment. In a nutshell, entrainment is a science that deals with the synchronization of the brainwaves of both hemispheres of the brain which leads to optimization of its functions. People who are into meditation, yoga and any field related to the mind takes interest in this subject matter.

While I was inspecting my blog today, I happen to scroll down to the footer area and saw the binaural-isochronic section and realized that it’s been a long time since I last saw this subdomain’s dashboard. When I started this sub-blog, I was still ignorant about a lot of seo matters like keyword and on-page optimization, etc. Thus, I quickly headed over to it and did a quick inspection. It indeed needed a lot of tweakings for optimization purposes. The first thing I did is to deactivate the adsense injection plugin which is planting adsense at random places within the posts and sometimes breaking the formats of the paragraphs and images.

In case you’re interested, you’ll find the following posts at binaural-isochronic:

In the next few weeks, I’ll be doing some much-needed adjustments and tweakings to binaural-isochronic and see if I can jumpstart it again and increase traffic to it using whatever seo I’ve learned so far.


    1. Hi Anne, thanks for dropping by. I’m glad you learned something new from this post. 🙂

      As to the dancing lady, you could, with a little practice, make it turn where you want it to.

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