Send Text Message From Computer

To send text message from computer is something I assumed everyone in the planet knows how to do. But of course, like most assumptions, mine proved to be wrong. My own mother, although she knows her way around friendster, still has no clue that she could send text messages from a computer to any cellphone. Thus, for anyone out there who sees no interconnection between your laptop and mobile phone, it’s time for unlearning wrong assumptions.

Send-Text-Message-From-Computer Standalone Applications

For starters, there are standalone applications that allow you to send text message from computer. Two of the most common ones are Chikka and your old Yahoo Messenger. These two have become fixed virtual appendages in my desktop ever since the first time I used them. Since I spend most of my time in front of the desktop, these two applications connect me to friends and family all the time. I have now become text-finger-lazy since it’s way faster and easier to type my messages on the keyboard than on the space-challenged mobile phone keypad.

For first-timers on Chikka, follow this link to their online manual that will guide you from downloading the application up to how to get your way around it and send text message from computer to any cellphone.

With regard to Yahoo Messenger, I think it’s fairly near correct to (again) assume that there are more people who know and use Yahoo Messenger than Chikka. But there are also a lot of them who didn’t know that you can send text message from computer using it. I for one knew about it only recently (a year ago I think) when my Chikka application failed and I ranted about not being able to send messages. Then an officemate suggested I use Yahoo Messenger instead. Only then did I realize that clicking ‘Action -> Send an SMS Message…’ on the YM menu, or pressing Ctrl-T, will do the trick.

Send-Text-Message-From-Computer Service Sites

If you are like some people who choose not to trust installing standalone applications that connect to the internet on their computers, you can still send text message from computer through online service sites that offer to send messages you type in their online text forms to any cellphone for free. Some of these sites have geo-specific limitations while others have none and thus can serve globally.

Try to visit the following sites and see for yourself. You might eventually find a favorite among these after trying them all out.


Send Text Message From Computer Using Email

Using your email application, you can also send text messages. The difference between a regular email and a text message is the address you send it to. Instead of sending to, say, ‘’ you type in ‘’. Some specific service providers are as follows:

In some of the above methods, the receiving phone may be billed by the service provider. Or, the reply from the mobile phone to the computer may cost a little bit more than regular mobile to mobile text messaging.

Yes, you can indeed send text message from computer.


  1. I never really thought of sending text messages online thats a pretty sweet idea right from the desktop. I am going to check these out and see how they work, I wonder if they have a way to send Blackberry Messenger messages from desktop.

    1. Hi John, nice to see your comment. Unfortunately, I still don’t have a Blackberry. ๐Ÿ™ But it would be worthwhile to check out later if there are apps or online services out there that serve to send text from computer for Blackberry units.

  2. Another great one is http :// www. textsendr. com

    They don’t put ads in the message, or log your IP like some of the ones above. As a neat feature, it can even translate text into sms slang.

  3. Yeah, textsendr is a great service, been using it for a while now. Of course it’s way faster and practical to answer text messages via your computer. I’m doing that for 3 years now since I discovered services that allow me to.

    1. One thing I don’t like about Chikka is the limit they put on the number of text messages you can send to a particular number (if that cellphone doesn’t text back). I know though that it’s actually a good anti-spam measure. But, I don’t spam. Gonna have to try this textsendr service and see how they fare. Thanks.

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