Stephenie Meyer’s New Moon

The movie ‘New Moon‘ written by Stephenie Meyer is yet to come, so I of course am not gonna ruin anybody’s forthcoming movie experience by telling the story here. The novel was published way back in 2006, so a lot of people definitely have read it already. When my wife handed me a paperback edition of ‘New Moon‘ a few days ago, I debated with myself whether to read it or not. But November (the New Moon’s scheduled movie release) is still way too far in the future and the temptation to read is overwhelming. I yielded on the second day. I can imagine Carlisle shaking his head in dismay; but I can also see Jasper smiling in understanding.

After reading the book, I went back to view the teaser clip in youtube. Of course, like most movie versions of any story, they have to make little revisions to some portions that could be made more dramatic. And it is evident in this particular New Moon clip. I like the revision in the scene where Bella (Edward’s beloved human) was about to be Laurent’s dinner. I have yet to see the rest of the movie, so I could not tell how the revelation of Jacob’s new secret to Bella was handled. The clip implied that it was revealed to Bella just a little too early (or was it?). Then again, you can’t blame the director or the scriptwriter for that. After all, it’s not easy to condense a story that spans senior high school into a mere 2 audio-visual hours.


Inspite of the almost always overcast weather of Forks, Washington, Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight did not fully whet my appetite for a regular vampire movie setting. I have seen and read all of Anne Rice’s vampire chronicles and also seen the Underworld saga series. So henceforth, for every vampire movie I watch, I always expect to see at least a few scenes of the cold, ancient, grim and dark interiors of vampire abodes. Twilight did not offer such a scene. But considering that this vampire family is not the regular human-blood-sucking type, it’s understandable and proper that they should live in a modern and all too regular human-architectured residence.


In New Moon, however, Stephenie Meyer finally shows us some old school vampire scenes and I am itching to see how the director and his designers will render a ‘regular vampire abode’ and how the ancient ones would look. Darn, I can’t wait. Can they possible hurry it up a bit and release it sooner?

Some sources in the internet say that digital versions of Stephenie Meyer’s novels are available. This saga is told in 4 books in the following order:

  1. Twilight (The Twilight Saga, Book 1)
  2. New Moon (The Twilight Saga, Book 2)
  3. Eclipse (The Twilight Saga, Book 3)
  4. Breaking Dawn (The Twilight Saga, Book 4)

Even if I get signed copies of ‘Eclipse’ and ‘Breaking Dawn’ from Stephenie Meyer herself right now, I vow to never touch them until after I’ve seen ‘New Moon’. How’s that for self control Dr. Cullen?

The Official New Moon Trailer:


  1. When the trailer first started I almost closed it out right away figuring it wasn’t my kind of movie, I FF a little bit and than it seemed more interesting. Maybe a rental for me at best.

  2. Well, we all differ in the kind of movies we like, just as we differ in the types of women we get attracted to. 🙂

    It just happens that I kinda like movies that’s got vampires and werewolves in them. I particularly like the ‘Blade’ series that starred Snipes, though I think he is not the perfect actor for the role. Anyway, Snipes delivered well enough to make the movie interesting.

    Thanks John for dropping by my humble blog. It never fails to give me some sorta high when some veteran blogger with high PR blogs visit my blog.

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