Hello Cyber World!

Hello cyber-world!!!

Greetings earthlings! Your planet is beautiful, but I see you do not appreciate it enough. 🙂

Greetings to the most significant people on Earth:

  • Erlinda
  • Jennifer
  • James Lionel
  • Shaniah Niles
  • Neil
    • Cha-cha
    • Lance
    • Bobet
  • Lynnelove’ll
    • Bebong
    • Fritz Leonyl
    • Boping
    • Badong
  • Leolynne
    • Richmund
    • Lady Sophia
  • James & Carmen Borja
  • Menchie
  • Jonathan, Ethel and the Kids

Greetings also to the other people and entities who have made me who I am now. The people and entities I grew up with, played with, had fun with, fought against, worked with, worked for, loved, hated, prayed for, prayed to, looked up to.

This site’s layout, contents, direction will change as it grows.

See you.

[Author: Noel Moralde]