AVG 2011 Update Crashes Windows 7?

I received an email from James about the AVG 2011 Update glitch that causes Windows 7 – 64 bit machines to crash. The glitch supposedly renders the windows 7 operating system unbootable. This warning made all kinds of hair in my whole body threaten to stand on end as I realized that I have just updated my AVG some 3 or 4 days ago. Whatever fun I had today (the whole family went mall-hopping and we just bought a Lenovo netbook for the wifey) almost fizzled out into thin air. But of course, no crash or OS disability has occurred so far. Is my Win 7 exempt from the crash-threat then?

Just the same, there’s no harm in heeding a warning. I read the advised quick fix and found out about the AVG Rescue CD which is supposed to get you out of trouble should a crash happen and blocks your OS from functioning properly. The trick, should your OS finds difficulty in starting your computer and you’re sure it has never happened before until you updated your AVG protection, is to firstly disable AVG. And you do this via the AVG Rescue CD. You can find the procedures for this here. The link, an AVG forum page, enumerates the following steps:


  1. Use AVG Rescue CD to boot your computer.
  2. When the AVG Rescue CD is launched, select the Utilities -> File Manager menu item.
  3. Navigate to the mounted system drive. This will be /mnt/sda1/ in most cases
  4. Within this drive, navigate to the /Windows/system32/drivers/ folder.
    – Rename (using the F6 key) all files starting with avg (e.g. avgldx86.sys, avgtdix.sys, etc.) to back them up. You can change their extension from .sys to .bak, for example.
  5. Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE and reboot the system (make sure to remove the AVG Rescue CD from your optical drive before doing so).
    – Your system will boot without AVG being involved in the process.


The AVG Rescue CD can be downloaded here. The cool thing is you can create the AVG Rescue using a CD or a USB.

Almost a week into the updated version, I still have not met any crashing or funny behavior of my OS. Hopefully, it’ll never happen. But should it, I know what to do.

December 4, 2010 is my brother Neil‘s birthday. Happy birthday bro!

One more thing: Just want to show some cool numbers which I found around 11 pm today.