My Western Digital External USB Hard Drive

I remembered having posted something about the western digital external usb hard drive as one more gadget in my wishlist sometime in August. Well, look here, I just got one.  No, it’s not the exact model nor is it the 500 GB unit. I got the WD Passport Essential 250 GB.


I thought this thingy is just like the plug and play ease-of-use as regular USB flash drives. The first time I plugged it, I got a flurry of errors. I had to restart my computer to make sure everything’s good before attempting another re-install. When the wizard popped up, I clicked ‘cancel’ as directed in the manual and it just installed itself automatically. The next thing that baffled me is that there are now  2 drives added when I checked the directory. The first one is the ‘WD SmartWare (G:)’ drive, and the other is the ‘My Passport (H:)’ drive. I got even more baffled when I found that the ‘WD SmartWare (G:)’ drive is untouchable. It contains  pre-existing SmartWare files. When I tried to create a new folder, it popped an ‘Unable to create folder’ – ‘Access Denied’ messagebox in front of my face.  So, I instintively went to google to search for ‘unbafflement’.  After 15 minutes of not finding the right answers, I almost resigned myself to thinking that I may have gotten a defective unit. Then I remembered that other directory. The ‘My Passport (H:)’ directory. There’s my answer. It is here where I could create folders, add files, etc.  Turns out that the first directory, the (G:) one, contains system files that one shouldn’t touch with a 10 foot pole. Confusion solved.

I’m now enjoying my 250GB Western Digital External USB Hard Drive, knowing that it’s gonna take some considerable time before I could fully use up the whole capacity. By the time I use it up, or grow tired of it, whichever comes first, there will already be 2 TB (or greater) capacity external hard drives. By that time, the internal hard drive capacities of notebooks would be even way more than that and there will actually be be no more need for portable external hard drives.


Currently, there are 500GB, 750 GB and 1TB Western Digital External USB Hard Drives available.