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Dummy Duped By Super Affiliate Internet Marketing

super affiliate internet marketing

I just got ‘duped’ into buying a junk product from the internet. Its those sort of products which is targetted for bloggers, especially the newbie and intermediate ones. The cash out however was small since it happens to be one of those dime sale sort of marketing. But that exactly is one advantage wily marketers have in dime sales. We, victimized buyers, tend to just shrug it out, even if we feel we were duped, because we say “we’ll, it’s just a dollar and 10 cents anyway”. We don’t waste our time raising a complaint to paypal asking for a $1.10 refund. Thus the marketer gets away with your $1.10. Multiply that with 10,000 duped buyers. Don’t you just envy this super affiliate internet marketing expert?

Actually, I was more interested in the bonus that came with the product. And thus I learned never to trust a product that is thrown in as a bonus. The bonus was a tutorial on maximizing Adsense earnings with ‘secret’, ‘never before revealed’ tricks. The sales page was so persuasive, I’ve got to study it and see if I can make one myself so I, too, (in some vague future time) can make a buck out of an intricate play with words and formatting alone. This is not the first time I bought products from marketers and thus I can safely say that most, if not all, bonuses are generally worthless junk. Most information you get there are something you know already, or can be freely found in the internet. The bonus’ product by the way is an ebook (with short videos) that contain old information and was probably produced way before I was born. Imagine yourself being advised to place images right beside your adsense block to increase click rate! A newbie could fall for this and get himself banned.

And the actual product? A set of ready made site materials (complete with several articles) needing only to be uploaded to your site. And the niche? A niche with several hundred thousand monthly searches! Your chances against the competition? You have a 98% chance of getting on Google’s first page! That is, if you started doing SEO work for this niche, say, 67 years ago. Oh, ok, 38 years ago will do too.

Like I said, I was really interested only in the bonus. I knew the main product was crap, but I didn’t count on finding the bonus to be even worse.

Again, I think the marketing method was magnificient. I usually google first to check for reviews and complaints against any product before making a final decision to buy or not. But the sales page must have employed some ninja-jedi mind trick of invoking a sense of urgency into the buyer’s mind. Of course, no one can resist anything priced at just $1.10 and which will increase (incrementally) many-fold if you dilly-dally, or decide to buy tomorrow. Darn, I fell for it I must learn this trick. I call this super affilitate internet marketing.

So far, I’ve already marked 3 marketers as “Crap Marketers”. The only reason I haven’t blacklisted them and unsubscribed from their list is because I’m studying their tactics and methods. Hopefully, when the time comes, when I take the plunge into internet marketing, I’ll not turn into one of them and thus also have to mark myself as a ‘Crap Marketer’ and blacklist myself.