An SEO Myth: Don’t Use LSI

Just a quick post on some seo ‘rule’ I stumbled today somewhere in the WWW.

Don’t include all the (LSI) related terms in your article because Google is good and will see through this and penalize you“.

In my unending quest to become better and better at on-page seo, I read up on any post that preaches something related to the subject. I stumbled on one that states the above “DON’T” rule. I’ve probably met one like it before but only now have I the idea to react after having done some swimming in the www for a year.

It is rules like these that give me reason to doubt other seo preachers as well. Are these rules born out of their experiences? Or, are these born out of their desire to fool us newbies into buying their WSOs, their seo ebooks, their seo courses, etc.

Firstly, if Google does see through the intentional inclusion of all LSI terms in the content, wouldn’t Google also see through all other established and much used SEO techniques such as:

  • Use a domain name related to the keyword
  • Putting the title (with the keywords in it e.g. ‘wireless‘) in h1 tags
  • Making sure your keywords are in the first 50 or so words in the first paragraph.
  • Make sure to repeat the keywords at least three times in the whole article
  • etc.

Google is good, I think I can assume that to be true. If what the gurus are saying is true (about Google seeing through oft-used seo techniques), all these established SEO techniques which the ‘gurus’ have been preaching, and abused by money-hungry marketers, all these years would have been considered by Google and given the proper snob action too.

Lastly, they probably have some legitimate experiences that led them to float this “don’t” (among their other many don’ts). Thing is I’ve seen this “Don’t” being used as a “Do” by one webmaster (well, I know at least one, there might be more) and nothing of the doom scenario happened to her site. In fact, it’s happily swaying in the cool breeze up there at the top of the Google serp. And what’s more, she learned this technique from another ‘guru’. See, even gurus themselves contradict each other. 🙂

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